MyHeritage Photo Enhancer Brings Blurred Images Into Clear Focus



At MyHeritage, their passion is to help people connect with their family histories. Earlier this year, they introduced MyHeritage In Color™, a groundbreaking new technology to bring your old family photos to life through colorization. On June 12, they took it a step further by introducing the game-changing MyHeritage Photo Enhancer: a tool that enhances photos by bringing blurry faces into sharp focus. When combined, MyHeritage In Color™ and the MyHeritage Photo Enhancer can reveal your ancestors as you’ve never seen them before. Developed by creators of the Remini mobile application, intended to help enhance old family pictures, but it can obviously be used on just about any type of photo.

Photo Enhancer uses machine learning to upscale pixels that appear in blurred images, bringing them into clear focus. The technology gives its best guess on what the faded content looks like through algorithmic simulations. The results could sometimes end up inaccurate but they appear to function at a reasonable level for most of the time. It works on both color and black and white photos, with a rendering time of roughly four to six seconds. Those who have physical photos, can scan them with MyHeritage’s mobile app, which will allow users to upload photos and enhance them in a single tap.

MyHeritage’s Photo Enhancer is currently free to use on the company’s website.