La Prairie Anti-Aging Rapid Booster

La Prairie has launching its most advanced anti-aging product yet in the name of: ‘Anti-Aging Rapid Reponse Booster’ .Formulated with a target delivery system, it releases next generation ingredients  where your skin needs it the most, the cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastin from day one.
In just two weeks of treatment deep lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced and the appearance of skin is visibly improved.


La Prairie Anti-Aging  Rapid Reponse Booster (Click photo to enlarge).

The Serum is part of La Prairie’s Anti-aging collection and as all the other products in the collection the ‘Anti-Aging Rapid Booster’ is not a superficial treatment as it goes to work in the deep layers of the skin to fight wrinkles and lines but also smoothes skin’s surface and protects it against external aggressions.
La Prairie Anti-Aging Collection really goes to work on deep wrinkles deep down and tries to fight them at their source.
La Prairie scientists having in mind that 80% of signs of aging come from environmental factors, have developed a formula which fights against every aspect of lines and wrinkles by filling and plumbing skin’s surface and  smoothing it.


La Prairie Anti-Aging  Rapid Reponse Booster in front of its famous Ant-Aging family (Click photo to enlarge).

La Prairie ‘Anti-Aging  Rapid Reponse Booster’ thanks to its neuro-calming natural peptide it helps in controling skin aging and ehnancing the protective barrier of the skin to retain its moisture.

The serum cointains La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex combined with plankton extract which provides an exfoliating action and a herbal brightening complex with Silver vine extract to support tone and translucency.
It has a light, silky smooth formula which penetrates quickly into skin and you really feel an immediate response, skin appears immediately more tonic and healthier.
Every day counts in the fight against wrinkles, now La Prairie ‘Anti-Aging Rapid Reponse Booster’ offers a new dimension in terms of timeless beauty….even sensitive skin.

by Jean Amr