Nina Ricci L’Air du Ciel



French Maison Nina Ricci launches a new limited edition perfume L’Air du Ciel new flanker to the fashion’s house iconic perfume L’Air du Temps. The new perfume has a gorgeous colorful perfume inspiring a rainbow and spring feelings.

Pink of orange tainted rays mingle in the blue sky and the soft whiteness of the clouds. The azure becomes metamorphoses while daytime gradually gives way to the night, The sparkle of the sun imperceptibly declines into a caress of light. The evening breeze tones down the heart of the afternoon.

For this exceptional edition, the famous L’Air du Temps flacon, originally designed by Lalique, has quite naturally taken the on the colors of a sunset. The glass doves have perched on a whirl of celestial tones; a shading of lacquered pink, yellow and blue shades evoke the final hours of the day. Meanwhile, a ring provides a final touch of luminosity.




Created by perfumers Louise Turner and Natalie Cetto, L’Air du Ciel expresses all the sensations of dusk, the freshness of the atmosphere, the softness of the ambient light, the warm caress of of the last rays of the sun.

Nina Ricci L’Air du Ciel opens to impress fresh bergamot, mandarin seasoned with orange blossom calmed with sweet notes of honey, bitter almond, tonka beans, and white musk. Finally ‘a cloud of cottony white musk is floating into the sillage of this perfume, which creates the feeling of touching the sky’.



I don’t know how many of you, but I am fed up with this winter – I am so eager for spring, for sunny days, for light outfits, and this perfume as if reminds me of fresh aromas and positive feelings.

Nina Ricci L’Air du Ciel is available in 50 and 100ml Limited Edition Eau de Toilette.