Nobile 1942 La Danza delle Libellule

Famous Italian perfume house Nobile 1942 launches La Danza delle Libellule – a fruity/floral fragrance for women. It is a fresh perfume that will draw you into a world of seduction with captivating and luring notes. La Danza delle Libellule, which means the dance of the dragonflies, exemplifies pureness and femininity.

Nobile 1942 La Danza delle Libellule blends bergamot, red apple, cedar and cinnamon along with vanilla, coconut and musky notes. It is a beautiful, light and luminous fragrance with and indulgent aura.

Nobile 1942 La Danza delle Libellule is available as 75 ml Eau de Parfum.




Nobile 1942 Le Petit Chocolatier

Nobile 1942 Le Petit Chocolatier Coffret Closed

Nobile 1942 launches Le Petit Chocolatier three mouth-watering and delicious fragrances based on Cocoa for chocolate lovers. Nobile 1942 Le Petit Chocolatier will make any woman feel a dreaming world full of chocolate and a pleasant smell that addicts you to always try it. Le Petit Chocolatier sparkles with unique yet totally different notes as if inviting you to dare it.

Nobile 1942 Le Petit Chocolatier Coffret Open.jpg

Nobile 1942 Le Petit Chocolatier – Confiture

Confiture is considered the fruitiest and the sweetest of the Collection described as ‘like dipping a juicy orange slice into a pot of creamy chocolate fondue, then topping it off with a slice of peach and a dollop of honey. Vibrant and optimistic, it’s hard to be anything but gleeful after taking in this ambrosial composition’. Confiture ideally blends notes that balance the fruitiness of the perfume yet leaving it not too intense. It is composed of sandalwood, white moss, tangaerine, bergamot, honey, peach, candied orange, chocolate, vanilla and heliotrope notes.


Nobile 1942 Le Petit Chocolatier – Praline

Praline is described as the freshest and softest of the collection. This scent as is hugs you with its pure and cozy aroma. Pralineknows how to be loved right from the start’. It blends creamy notes of praline, chocolate, and a touch of coconut along with sultry notes of amber, Tonka bean and patchouli.


Nobile 1942 Le Petit Chocolatier – Noir Intense

Noir Intense describes the dark chocolate taste that makes a person to wrinkle but also to enjoy the pure, absolute chocolate flavor. This scent will hypnotize any men thanks to its chocolate notes that beckon a woman to follow her. Noir Intense blends yummy notes of chocolate, heliotrope, coconut, amber, vanilla, Tonka bean, white moss and sandalwood notes. It is an evening perfume with a fascinating aura.

Nobile 1942 Le Petit Chocolatier Coffret Bottles

For the real chocolat lovers, the Nobile 1942 Le Le Petit Chocolatier is available in a coffret of three 30 ml Eau de Toilettes.