Hermessence Épice Marine


“Generous expressions of simple ingredients” is how Hermès describes the approach to its unisex line of fragrances Hermessence – the latest offering of which is an intriguing blend for ‘modern pirates’ of the sea, Épice Marine.

The creater of this fantastically spicy, yet fresh, scent is Jean-Claude Ellena, the in-house perfumer of Hermès, and Olivier Roellinger, the French chef. Roellinger has earned the nickname ‘le cuisinier corsair’ for his skill in incorporating intricate spice blends, inspired by the spice trade that once passed through the ports of his native Brittany. Together, they represent a formidable fragrance force.



Hermès Épice Marine1.jpg


Talking about their latest creation, Ellena laughs, “Olivier wanted the scent of mist! He said fog smelt to him like hawthorn blossom and buckwheat porridge; he talked about the mineral taste of wet pebbles, the smell of the rain on the sea, shamrock, peat and wet sand. So I tried to translate that into perfume”, And in our opinion, they did just that, and it reeks of class.

Épice Marine is the newest fragrance in the boutique collection of 11 Hermessence fragrances, available exclusively at Hermès boutiques worldwide.

Hermès Épice Marine