OPI’s new Fiji Collection

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From lush flora and exotic birds to tranquil seas and soft palm-lined sands, Fiji is a picturesque dream destination like no other. The islands’ lush, unspoiled natural landscape filled with vibrant colors provides the inspiration for OPI’s spring 2017 collection.

Visiting Fiji is on everyone’s wish list, thanks to the islands’ relaxed, friendly culture, fine cuisine, and colorful vistas – three things that inspired the twelve shades in this collection. Through the Fiji Collection, women around the globe can take a journey to this dream destination, wearing the colors of Fiji on fingers and toes this spring/summer season.

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI co-founder and brand ambassador

The Fiji Collection by OPI features 12 new nail lacquers in Nail Lacquer, GelColor and Infinite Shine formulas, allowing consumers to live out their color fantasies with a variety of nail wear options. With colors ranging from rich ocean blues and pops of flora and fauna-inspired shades to eyecatching sunset hues and natural sandy-toned neutrals, the diverse palette reflects the islands’ ‘sieze the day’ spirit. Colors are ideal for wearing on both nails and toes while enjoying a taste of Fiji from anywhere in the world, whether sunning at the beach, visting a botanical garden, enjoying a sailboat cruise, or dining at a five-star restaurant under the stars.

Living on the Bula-vard! and Two-Timing the Zones evoke the welcoming spirit and uniqueness of the destination, while Do You Sea What I Sea? and I Can Never Hut Up showcase the beach and beautiful lagoons. Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet and Polly Want a Lacquer? draw inspiration from the islands’ beautiful wildlife.


Fiji Collection by OPI includes the below shades in Nail Lacquer, GelColor and Infinite Shine formulas:

OPI Fiji Spring Summer 2017 Collection

Two-timing the Zones
Why stop with just one? More zones mean more time to flaunt this vibrant pink.

Living On the Bula-vard!
It’s ‘Well Hello There!’ up and down when this punchy red pops in for a visit.

Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon
Not just for blushing brides, this pretty hibiscus pink has everyone feeling the heat.

Polly Want a Lacquer?
The paradise perfection of this lovely lavender has island birds all a chatter.

Do You Sea What I Sea?
It’s easy to sea why this shimmering ocean blue is the right color for you.

Is That a Spear in Your Pocket?
But of course everyone’s happy to see you in this lush, tropical teal.

I Can Never Hut Up
And why should you? You’re mesmerizing in this iridescent, edge-of-dawn grey

Super Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-istic
Take a day trip to get lost and found in this bottomless reflection of Sea and Sky.

Suzi Without a Paddle
Heart Who needs one when you’re up a creek with this cool and tranquil blue?

Coconuts Over OPI
Go native and do Fiji in the buff with our subtle and toasty taupe.

No Tan Lines
What better way to complement a flawless island tan, than a warm sunrise orange?

Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet
Heart They bask in their own golden glow, which is just what you’ll do in this radiant yellow.