Mothersday: Nina Ricci ‘Coeur-Joie’ by Lalique

Coeur-Joie is a feminine perfume by Nina Ricci. The scent was launched in 1946 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Germaine Cellier. The bottle was designed by Marc Lalique.


Nina Ricci Coeur-Joie by Lalique

Launged in 1946, but still when people see the signed Lalique handmade crystal bottle for the first time… you hear a lot of Ohhhhh’s. A bottle in the shape of a heart, that looks great from every corner you look at it, designed by Marc Lalique. A true timeless classic, and for many people in the business the most romantic bottle ever designed. So that makes it a great present for mothersday (or weddings, birthdays etc)! Even if you don’t want to open it! It’s a precious item on every dressing table. Such a pitty it’s very hard to get. It’s still in production, but it’s what they call a Boutique fragrance, so you can find it in the Nina Ricci Boutiques and in some vèry selected stores.  It’s not only a perfume, it’s a piece of art, like many Lalique perfume bottles.

Coeur-Joie (1946)

Nina Ricci Coeur-Joie by Lalique

This scent is just perfect in my eyes, I own 3 vintage crystal bottles, and one new ‘expensive’ reissued version bottle. The lovely round bottles by Lalique look good in my Lalique collection, and I am lucky to own so much of this very rare and hard to find scent so I sometimes just open one of the bottles to smell what I think is a perfect perfume…

A precious item that goes from mother to daughter (or grandson…. when he is working in cosmetics…lol).

Rating Fragance: 8.5/10

by Jean Amr

Dior Les Extraits: Miss Dior, Miss Dior Original, Diorissimo, J’Adore, Poison parfum editions

Dior Les Extaits Christian Dior Les Extaits  Poison Parfum, Miss Dior Extrait de Parfum, J’Adore Parfum,  Diorissimo Parfum and Miss Dior Extrait Parfum Original.

This isn’t exactly new news, but because the bottles are so perfect in their Extrait de Parfum form that they needed to show off a bit for flacon fanatics who hide in the confines of Yakymour.

Dior-Les-Extraits-Miss-Dior-Extrait-De-Parfum-Original 1

Christian Dior Miss Dior Extrait de Parfum


Christian Dior Miss Dior Extrait de Parfum Original

Since Miss Dior, created by Christian Dior in 1947 to accompany the launch of his couture label, Dior fragrances have truly made their mark thanks to their scope of influence and the use of the noblest of materials. Over 60 years after creation, François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator since 2006, continues boldly and passionately.


Christian Dior Diorissimo Extrait de Parfum

François Demachy has revisited some of Dior‘s iconic fragrances to create a collection special editions. The collection named Dior Les Extraits is made up of five perfumes that are renowned for their rich feminine scents. The five J’Adore Extrait de Parfum, Poison Extrait de Parfum, Diorissimo Extrait de Parfum, Miss Dior Extrait de Parfum and Miss Dior Extrait de Parfum Original, are some of the best perfumes ever made in the world. The Extraits stands at the top of the fragrance pyramid as the primary expression.They are made from rich natural ingredients extremely high in concentration that reacts differently to each person’s skin. It takes three thousand Rose De Mai Absolute roses to obtain a kilogram of essence to create the extract used in this collection.

Dior-Les-Extraits-Poison-Parfum -

Christian Dior Extrait de Parfum

The compositions are re-arranged and overseen by in-house perfumer Francois Demachy, which means that fans of Miss Dior Le Parfum in particular, should give a side by side comparison between the recent (which won many fans) with the all too recent and let us know what they think. It means good news for both Diorissimo and Miss Dior Original which were attenuated in their last iteration in Extrait de Parfum.

Dior-Les-Extraits-J'Adore-Parfum -

Christian Dior J’Adore Extrait de Parfum

The five fragrances available as perfume extract are housed in extraordinary flacons created in Saint Jean de Braye, France, retaining the characteristic shape that made them famous and gaining additional decoration. All five editions from Dior Les Extaits:  Miss Dior Extrait de Parfum, Miss Dior Extrait de Parfum Original, Diorissimo Extrait de Parfum, Poison Extrait de Parfum and J’Adore Extrait de Parfum are are available as 0.5 oz (15 ml) priced at $175.

Soon more of these beautiful fragrances here on Yakymour…




Guerlain L’Eau de Parfum du 68


In 1914, the house of Guerlain opened its first boutique on 68 Avenue des Champs-Elysees in Paris. To mark the occasion, Jacques Guerlain created the fragrance ‘Parfum des Champs-Élysées’, presenting it in a curiously shaped bottle – a nod to the protracted scructure of the boutique.

In 2013, Thierry Wasser wants to reflect the rhythm of Parisian nightlife, and has created a spicy, woody scent  that is just as vibrant and bright. Its initial notes hit with the characteristic thick sweetness of mandarins spiced with cardamom. Then a bouquet of magnolia, orange blossom and and base notes of tonka bean, benzoin and citrus feature; making it all the more tender. The final touch? Mysterious notes of cedar and incense, which are perfectly suited to the je ne sais quoi mood of the night.


Guerlain L’Eau de Parfum du 68

Guerlain sure know how to make a pretty bottle don’t they? They are, after all the people who brought us iconic housings for fragrances such as Shalimar, Insolence and La Petite Robe Noire. This one, created to celebrate the grand re-opening of their newly renovated boutique at no. 68 on the Champs-Élysées is most certainly befitting of one of the city’s most famous and wonderfully fragrant addresses.

Housing ‘Le Parfum du 68’, a tweaked version of the brand’s respectable Cologne du 68 from 2006, the classic Baccarat crystal ‘turtle’ bottle is adorned with a gilded Parisian scene created by Ateliers Gohard. Unfortunately only 30 bottles will be produced and one dreads to even think how much it would cost, still it’s rather lovely to dream, isn’t it?


Guerlain Le Parfum du 68 Baccarat Gohard

Fortunately however, when one allows oneself to remember that it is in fact all about the juice, not the bottle, there will be the option of a more affordable EDP exclusively available at Maison Guerlain and housed within a decidedly less fancy bottle.