Exclusive pre-launch of new Maison Lancôme perfumes collection



French Maison Lancome and Dubai Duty Free have partnered in an exclusive two-month pre-launch for the French beauty house’s new luxury private perfumes collection, Maison Lancôme, from 1 March to 30 April.

Ever wonder what your favorite garden would smell like if you could bottle it up? Would it be crisp or warm? Floral or woodsy?

Lancôme celebrates the ‘French art of living’ that has defined the rose-emblemed brand since it was created by perfumer Armand Petitjean in 1935. The collection features a range of fragrances composed, designed and produced in France. For 2019, Maison Lancôme draws inspiration from French gardens for its four new creations: Figues & Agrumes, Magnolia Rosae, Patchouli Aromatique and Pivoines Printemps.

Lancôme founder Armand Petitjean had a special love of French gardens, as evidenced by those he laid out at the Lancôme plantation in Chevilly, known at the time as the ‘Versailles of Perfumery’. His passion found its ultimate expression though in the garden of his country home, Les Vallières, described by Lancôme as ‘a bucolic and romantic haven of peace’. There, the perfumer and his wife grew rare flowers and hosted receptions for friends and family every Sunday.

The new collection merges the quintessentially French tradition of weekends in the countryside with the historical heritage of the brand. Maison Lancôme represents an ‘olfactory interpretation of the French country garden’.

Shoppers can discover that interpretation via an immersive and multi-sensory virtual reality in-store experience.

Maison Lancôme Figues & Agrumes Created by Alex Lee and Patricia Choux


We worked together on the fig, combining our two visions to create a unique interpretation of the fruit. Patricia was inspired by the fresh, green fig you can smell when you walk by the fig trees in southern France. Alex played on the mouth-watering and addictive facet of the fig.

Alex Lee and Patricia Choux

A bright Assemblage evoking the fragrances of a Mediterranean orchard.
The exhilarating freshness of sun-kissed green figs is bejewelled with sparkling citrus notes and sunny jasmine accents.


Maison Lancôme Magnolia Rosae Created by Mathilde Bijaoui


When I was a child, I would go to my maternal grandparents’ garden and sit on a bench beneath an enormous magnolia tree, which was spectacular when in bloom. I imagined a fragrance around the plump, velvety petals of the magnolia, a fragrance of skin and flowers.

Mathilde Bijaoui

A pastel floral blend where notes of magnolia petal heart, tinged with delicate roses, yields to a sensual, velvety cloud of white musks.


Maison Lancôme Patchouli Aromatique Created by Juliette Karageuzoglou


Patchouli is my favourite ingredient. I wanted to work this sublime plant into a comfortable creation. My objective was to tame it by blending it with a French garden.

Juliette Karageuzoglou

A woodland Assemblage where the opulence of patchouli is magnified, accompanied by the earthy accents of vetiver, in a striking contrast with the green notes of sage.


Maison Lancôme Pivoines Printemps Created by Nicolas Beaulieu


The dense whorl of peony petals makes me think of the smooth, creaminess of whipped cream.

Nicolas Beaulieu

The springtime sweetness of an Assemblage based on the fresh, rosy notes of a bouquet of peonies, enhanced by a spicy touch of pink peppercorns and enveloped in a delicious rose chantilly.

Precious flacons made of glass and gold, adorned with a golden plate on the back to discover the imprint of the ingredients, and on the side, revealing the secret of the Assemblage and its Signature.

Come into the beautiful world of Lancôme.





Carven Dans Ma Bulle



Since 1945, French Maison Carven has been making timeless, enchanting perfumes for women and men. Being inspired by the history of the brand and its DNA, Carven Parfums opens a new chapter based on elegance and simplicity.

More than 70 years after the iconic; ‘Ma Griffe’ and ‘Vétiver’ perfumes were released, fashion house Carven is impressing us once again with its intoxicating charm and stylish spirited perfumes. And the olfactive adventure continues with the new woman fragrance ‘Dans Ma Bulle’, a blend of freshness, fantasy and sensuality.


One hundred years ago, equality between men and women was a mythical idea, or simply utopian. The suffragist movement had just appeared, an irreversible tendency was revealed timidly. Today women are free, independent, confident. They are business women, political women. They are beautiful, famous and loved all over the world. Does anyone have any idea who is leading the world? In my Bubble is addressed to these women of today, to the free and emancipated girls, to the uninhibited and relaxed girls.

Sweet, elegant, modern, delicate, natural, sensual, fresh, joyful… The Carven girl is all this at once. That’s what makes her unforgettable. In her eyes, we dive into her world, her Carven bubble.

The new fragrance embodies all these values and invites to share them in its bubble, the Carven perfume bubble. French Maison Carven’s new perfume Dans Ma Bulle is an invitation to live and share in the world of the Carven girl. This fragrance offers a new addiction, a concentrate of freshness, fantasy and sensuality. For curious and daring girls, knowing how to mix Parisian chic and relaxation.


In my Bubble is the work of a trio of perfumers Patricia Choux, Violaine Collas and Véronique Nyberg for the French perfumery company Mane. While the original composition may surprise, it remains in the tradition of Carven perfumes, very feminine fragrances that move away from mainstream marketing.

Top notes: Peony, Litchi Rose
Heart notes: Sambac jasmine, Heliotrope, Almond
Base notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Patchouli

A floral, oriental and powdery bubble that starts with notes of lychee, rose, tangerine, orange and peony. The floral heart has the unique addictive quality of the sugared Almond Accord combined with solar Heliotrope enhances the ultra femininity of Jasmine sambac. Patchouli, mesmerizing Vanilla and Sandalwood enrich the floral heart note in an elegant sensuality and orientalise the fragrance.


Dans Ma Bulle is a bubble of glass that preciously guards a bubble of juice. By incorporating the brand’s iconic symbols, this perfume is the perfect example of the Carven signature: the blending of styles. The slightly disproportionate cap brings modernity to the clean, classic lines of the bottle.

The new Carven perfume is also perfectly embodied in its flacon, a fragrant cloud in a glass bowl surmounted by a bubble symbolizing a globe, the world of Carven girls.

Serge Ruffieux, artistic director of Maison Carven since 2017, trusted Marie Schuller, both photographer and director, to carry out the communication campaign. The Dutch supermodel Ammi Garritsen was chosen to embody the perfume In my Bubble. A sober and stylish communication.


Carven Dans Ma Bulle is available in three sizes, as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum and matching body products, like 200ml Shower gel, a perfumed gel that becomes a rich foam that cleanses and perfumes the skin gently. A 200ml bodylotion, applied after a bath or shower, it leaves the skin hydrated, smooth, supple and delicately scented. And a 100ml Deodorant Spray. Fresh and light, this deodorant deposits a fragrant mist on the skin. Associated with the Eau de Parfum, it helps to intensify and prolong the sillage of the fragrance.






Carven Pour Homme

Carven pour Homme

Carven is HOT! A sleek and elegant essence, Carven pour Homme could be the next scent embodying Parisian chic. As with the work of Guillaume Henri with the Maison‘s menswear, this fragrance follows the tradition of Carven fragrances for men, while providing the modernity to make it go through time.

Carven pour Homme

Carven pour Homme was created by perfumers Patricia Choux and Francis Kurkdjian. If the fragrance itself is very nice, the package matters – as often with perfumes. This one plays with the codes of menswear: the bottle reminds of a sleek silhouette with nice broad shoulders at the top, its lacquered black color shining like a pair of patent leather shoes – highlighted by the metal cap.

It’s a sophisticated fragrance . Some would say more gentlman’s drinking club than Sunday football dressing room. I don’t agree. I would love it in the lockerroom! I see it more suited to a man of class, maybe a slightly older, but certainly a man of confidance.

Underneath the heady and unsensored scent of violet you will find a complimentary fresh burst of grapefruit to bring a kint of sharpness to the proceedings, before you’re then plunged into it’s woody depths and the masculine and warming aspects of nutmeg, cedar , sage and sandelwood.

  • Top Notes: Violet Leaf, Grapefruit
  • Middle Notes: Nutmeg, Sage, Cedar
  • Basenotes: Vetiver, Sandelwood


Available as 30ml, 50ml and 100ml Eau de Toilette. There is also a range of products available for gents who want an all over smell such as Aftershave Balm, Deodorant Spray and Shower Gel.


A very nice and beautiful fragrance for men, coming in an immaculate, pristine white case for a sharp visual effect. A true new classic in the tradition of Ma Grife and Vertiver. Patricia and Francis did a wonderful job!

Bebe Wishes & Dreams

Bebe Wishes & Dreams Visual

Bebe created a new scent. After their first fragrance To Be from 1996 and second Bebe perfume from 2002 their – in the meantime – twelfth has planned to have a totally different approach to the market the new Bebe arrivés as a luxurious fragrance.

Wishes & Dreams is the new pure and fresh fragrance launched by Bebe. Its sensual, feminine and fine design is eye-catching. Bebe Wishes & Dreams, as the name inspires, is all about wishes and sweet dreams. What can be more ideal for a woman than to be gifted Wishes & Dreams? This perfume will please the especially younger audience thanks to its playful, flirty and sexy notes.

Timeless beauty, everlasting romance and eternal youth – what every woman wishes and dreams for – was the inspiration behind bebe’s new fragrance Wishes & Dreams.

Patricia Choux

Bebe Wishes & Dreams is created by perfumer Patricia Choux as a sexy, modern and youthful fragrance for flirty women. It opens to impress with juicy notes made of bergamot, coral freesia and soft French pear along with jasmine, wild violet and osmanthus. The exotic woody base is made of patchouli and musky notes.

Bebe Wishes & Dreams will be available in three sizes, as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.


Bebe Wishes & Dreams Bottle Box