Summer Perfect: Therme Zen White Lotus Body Scrub

The last few days we have already briefly enjoyed the sun, and although it is still just a bit too cold for summer dresses, it seems to me to be the ideal time to make your legs summer-proof.


Therme Zen White Lotus Rice Shower Scrub and Shower Gel, 200ml

Nice legs start at ‘exfoliating’! So, for years, I was really hooked on the Clarins body scrub which is super soft, works perfect and smells delicious (very subtle). Now recently a friend visit me, and she gave me a set of Therme Zen White Lotus Showergel and body scrub. A lovely present. I was pretty curious how it should feel, and work, and….. how it should smell. But he smell was very good!

People who know me (a bit), they know that I mostly don’t like ‘budget’ skincare products (like showergels, schrubs, lotions etc). Not because they are cheap or so (yeah, alright. I’m a bit of a snob sometimes! I admit!). No serious, the reason why I do’t like them, is because of there smell. For me it’s to ‘synthetic’!! Working for Houses like Guerlain, Hermes, Jean Patou, and Clarins makes you ‘spoiled’, and yes, I am spoiled! (I admit that to! wink). For me the most delicious bodyscrub èver was the one from Guerlain, ‘Shalimar’. Sadly a one off….. I’ve got only one left, still sealed in it’s blue velvet box… My friend was right, she new I would like this one!


I also admit, that this Therme Zen White Lotus Body Scrub smells wonderful!! A smell you don’t find often in ‘cheap’ skincare products: White Lotus. It must be synthetic (otherwise it was in a total different price range), but hé…. it’s great! Using them, it gives you a real relaxing ‘spa’ feeling. Feeling ‘Zen’, a great way to relax when you come home after a day hard work! It is a creamy substance with rice extraict, with very fine scrub particles, makes your skin smooth and makes it feel soft and silk. And because the particles are so small, and the ‘cream’ so soft, this scrub is suitable for any skin type.

But how to use: When you take a shower, wet your skin. Put some of the scrub in your handpalm, and put (for example) on your legs, and massage it softly with circular movements while you go up. Always in the direction to the heart, then you’ve got directly a perfect body massage!. Result, a very soft, clear and smooth, relaxed skin.

– I think it’s speaking for itself, that you don’t do this under streaming water. Then everything goes immediately down the drain!

Why? It removes (exfoliats) (to much) ‘dead’ skincells of your skin. Think about feet, knees, elbows, hands, fingers etc. When some of these skinparts get dryer, the ‘upper’ skinlayer gets thicker (and thicker), and drys out more…. With a peeling (scrub, exfoliant) you prevent your skin for drying out (much) more. Some skincare products you have to use for days (or even weeks) before you see any result. Using a scrub, you’ve got always result immediately! (Otherwise I will eat my shoes!)


  1. Some brands, or people say, you may use (some of them) every day. But even when it is, I would never advice it (especially not here on the Blog), because, and believe me, it doen’t work for most people!
  2. Some brands, or people say, you don’t have to use any bodylotion or other care product after using your bodyscrub or peeling, but please: always do!  You ‘open’ your skin, and it can loose more moist then. Using (for example) a bodylotion afterwords, will prevent your skin for drying out, and it will be absorbed much better, you need less, and can do it’s job perfect. For those who like this product, and specially the smell of it, you can combine it with the Shower Satin Shower Gel (like I did), and afterwards with the Body Butter (dry skin) or Body Serum (to hydrate) for extra care of your skin after your treatment.


  1. Before using a(ny) selftanning product, use always a scrub (peeling/exfoliant).
  2. Not only for summer, but perfect all year long. Think of winter dry skins! This is your perfect (cheap) quick home treatment!

Would I buy it? Oh yes!

Rating: 9/10

by Jean Amr