Two for one: The Bague Bracelet

A terrible child of jewellery, at the cutting edge of elegance and originality, Poiray imposes his freedom of tone and Parisian chic in a collection as playful as it is audacious. A virtuoso of inechangeability, it confirms its talent in its evolutionary pieces that, in the blink of an eye, change their face. The French Maison shakes up established codes and offers its ‘Bague Bracelet’ collection. An anecdotal piece of jewelry some would say. Found in the archives of the Maison, the Poiray team decided to create the Bague Bracelet and unveiled it for the first time in Paris at the Hotel Evreux during an event they organized in association with Action Enfance.

Two for one! That’s what you get thanks to the innovation process French Maison Poiray went through to develop a bracelet thats also wearable as a ring… to keep on the legacy of transformable and interchangeable pieces of jewelry. The Bague Bracelet was born from a drawing found in the archives of the Maison, imagined forty years ago, but never produced.

Inspired by the work and bold image of the couturier Paul Poiret, to whom she owes her name and her taste for the Art Deco style, Poiray, the young and seductive Maison de Joaillerie-Horlogerie, continues to shake up the codes established since its creation. With its ‘Bague Bracelet’ collection, a model with octagonal curves born in 1985, Poiray offers women timeless, innovative and sassy pieces that the Maison offers with new colored stones.

Thus, the The French Maison draws on its DNA and codes to tell its story, in which Art Deco and sewing occupy a privileged place. A true articulated jewel, this ring transforms into a beautiful vintage bracelet according to the desires of its owner. These new transformable rings, playful and precious, in yellow gold are equipped with three chopsticks of fine stones such as Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Pink Tourmaline or hard stone cabochons such as Coral, Turquoise, Tiger Eye and Malachite. They offer a bold style to modern women without straying from the spirit of jewelry in Place Vendôme.

Poiray unveiled the Bague Bracelet set with either emeralds, rubies, sapphires or diamonds for the first time during the 40th anniversary event of the Maison that took place at the Hotel Evreux at the Place Vendôme, Paris, early November.

The Poiray Bague Bracelet is available at Poiray boutiques, Come into the beautiful world of Poiray.