Poiray My Preference


Poiray Or Rose V2-copie

Being in the middle of the Cannes Film Festival, the big couture and jewelery houses are competing with each other in order to adorn the celebrities with the most beautiful dresses and the most beautiful jewels.

French Maison Poiray, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, offers many splendours that the stars can wear.

This Parisian Maison, is nicknamed ‘The girl of the Place Vendome’. It is a house that shakes established codes and launched since the beginning of the year a new collection of rings that metamorphose in a jiffy.

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With ‘My Preference’, the brand innovates by transposing its art of metamorphosis on jewelery. This ring, luminous, voluminous with a softness in its lines, meets all the codes dear to Poiray. A colorful palette, not to mention the harmonious rigor of his godrons.

Easy to handle, ‘My Preference’, changes color in a flash and a click dresses the central stone of a paving with diamonds or a golden pattern according to the seasons, the taste of the day or desires.

Composed of three parts that are assembled, it combines a wide or thin ring body in pink gold, white or yellow, a fine faceted oval stone and a reversible ring that seals the system.

Poiray Or Jaune V2-Copie

Decorated with gadroons on the edge, the ring is available in two-tone or paved on one side for the most valuable model. ‘My Preference’ is a wide variety of fine stones from all over the world and severely cut: Citrine, amethyst, pink quartz, garnet, blue topaz, pink tourmaline, fine opal, etc.

Tailor-made specialist, Poiray also realizes ‘My Preference’ according to the desire of stones of each. Prices start from 2300 euros,