Poiray’s precious winter wonderland

Maison Poiray is happy to unveil its new windows for the end of the year celebrations. A beautiful magical winter setting that highlights their most beautiful creations.

To discover in their stores :
17 rue de la Paix 75002, Paris
70 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré 75008, Paris
93 rue de Passy 75016, Paris
184 Boulevard Saint-Germain 75006, Paris
1 Place Gambetta 33000, Bordeaux

Come into the beautiful world of Poiray.

Poiray invites silk and gold leaf on his iconic Ma Première watch

Maison Poiray – as eye-catching as the glam of its watches and jewelry, and a friend to every woman’s beauty – has enlivened the Place Vendôme with its joie de vivre since 1975.

Poiray developed a credence shared by its founders, François Hérail and Michel Ermelin: whether its rings, bracelets, necklaces or earrings, precious jewelry should be elegant, creative, worn at any occasion and suit any mood. Poiray made this new femininity its own, embracing the edgy style of the early 1970s. It was an immediate success.

Nathalie Hocq stepped on the scene as artistic director of Poiray, setting things in motion. Her know-how of the ins and outs of the domain was exactly in line with Poiray’s essence. A true Parisian and acquaintance of street artists, she was a woman of her time whose legendary creations for the Maison reflected her concept of a more open-minded luxury brand: precious jewelry isn’t just for fancy occasions, but part of the everyday lives of women, who live a thousand days in one.

Ready with silk and yellow gold, My First Edition Precious Silk plays with light like a haute couture fabric.

To celebrate its 45th anniversary, French Maison Poiray revisits its iconic ‘Ma Première’ (My First) watch with a new dial, made of silk speckled with gold leaf.

In 1987, Poiray launched ‘Ma Première’, a jewel watch with a very Parisian elegance, whose pure lines borrow from Art Deco architecture. It was available in yellow gold, rose or steel, and donned with 2, 4, or 12 lines of diamonds or even the luxurious ‘full pavée’ option. But its special feature: an interchangeable bracelet – thanks to a ratchet opening system – that allows you to switch to the metal mesh to the neon calf, through pearls or satin. Declined since its creation in exceptional or more casual versions, ‘Ma Première’ is the watch icon of the Maison.

On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the house, the French Maison invites silk and gold leaf on his iconic watch. The dial of the ‘Ma Première’ watch is adorned with a white silk fabric speckled with yellow or white gold, an effect made with authentic gold leaf in collaboration with the French natural silk manufacturer Sericyne. Two models are available, in limited edition: one in tone-on-tone yellow gold with gold leaf, the other in steel combining the golden yellow gold leaf and the silvery white gold leaf.

Poiray Ma Première – Precious Sericyne 45th Anniversary Silk Edition, is available in Poiray boutiques from October. Come into the beautiful world of Poiray.

Discover Poiray’s latest watch straps


On the occasion of the end of the year celebrations, French Maison Poiray unveils two new watch straps. These goat leather bracelets, distinguished by an elegant metallic lizard print, enrich the collection of interchangeable bracelets designed for the ‘Ma Première’ and ‘Rive droite’ watches. These two new bracelets are available exclusively online and in Poiray boutiques, and online. Come into the beautiful world of Poiray.





Poiray stores unveil a new identity


Poiray’s Parisian stores are being transformed to embody the brand’s new spirit, in the image of the flagship store on the prestigious Rue de la Paix.

This concept, dreamt up in collaboration with interior designer Fabrizio Casiraghi, receives visitors behind an understated, uncluttered facade combining windows with the terracotta shades that mark the brand’s new visual identity. Screens set the tone for an intimate, cocooning atmosphere where the jewellery collections are naturally associated with the watch collections. The warm window colours contrast with the white interior furniture and marble floor to create a refined and inspiring space.



Come into the beautiful world of Poiray.





Maison Poiray’s new creative director Aurélie Bidermann to bring fresh vision


If French Maison Poiray was a letter, it would of course be P. The ‘P’ of Parisians, of Precious stones and the Prestigious rue de la Paix, where the Maison settled in 1975 and rattled the world, the ‘P’ of Place Vendome, with its convictions as in its traditions.

Poiray developed a credence shared by its founders, François Hérail and Michel Ermelin: whether its rings, bracelets, necklaces or earrings, precious jewelry should be elegant, creative, worn at any occasion and suit any mood. Poiray made this new femininity its own, embracing the edgy style of the early 1970s. It was an immediate success.

The ‘Ma Première’ watch, created in 1987 – a symbol of the Maisons’s watch expertise – put an Art Déco touch to the iconic range. Known for its easily interchangeable styles, it is available in yellow gold, rose or steel, and donned with 2, 4, or 12 lines of diamonds or even the luxurious ‘full pavée’ option.
It used Arabic numerals instead of Roman, played with colors and materials of different bands, which could be changed to suit any style (thanks to its unique clasp opening), from exotic animal skins to neon leather, metallic rice grains to pearls or satin.

In the early 90’s the heart, the emblem of Maison Poiray, made an appearance in many jewelry collections with Coeur Entrelacé. Always a favorite, it evolved to incorporate either gold or diamonds, as well as fine stones and ornaments. The first Maison in Place Vendôme to refuse to only use precious stones, Poiray infused its creations with a rich pallet, offering fine stones as well. With a touch of modernity, these fresh classics had instant success: Parisians loved them, and their popularity kept growing.

Today, the Maison is writing a new chapter, one that could also start with a P: a Paradise that every woman can invent with Poiray.

Today, Aurélie Bidermann has joined the French watchmaking and jewellery company as creative director. The Parisian Maison decided to hand its artistic direction to Aurélie Bidermann, a jewelry designer for more than fifteen years, Bidermann is a pure Parisian globetrotter. Living between the banks of the Seine, New York, and mysterious hiding places in the Mediterranean, she follows her pleasure-seeking flair and her taste for art. Bidermann will still continue to design jewellery for her own eponymous brand.

Poiray still embodies timeless Parisian chic, but with Aurélie Bidermann it will offer…a vision of  luxury that is young, happy and carefree.

Benjamin Lobel, Poiray general manager.

The Parisian jewellery designer founded her own label in 2003, and then launched a fully fledged line. Following disagreements among the partners, the label went into receivership last July.

The situation was resolved in the course of the following three months, after French private equity firm AMS Industries became a majority shareholder. AMS Industries also owns a majority stake in Poiray since 2003.

Come into the beautiful world of Poiray.

Ma Préférée means my favorite: its ours and from Poiray

Another Preference to the Poiray collection already full of exquisite pieces. Ma Première made them famous back in 1985 when they first launch their watch with interchangeable bracelet. Ma Préférée was born this year … a rounded version of the existing model – probably an excuse to please more women.

My Préférée is the latest Poiray watch to be added to your collection. And in case you haven’t noticed, the gadroons – or godronsas they call it – which are visible on the bezel of the case remain the Poiray DNA and impose themselves in a curvy style this time!

Indeed, French Maison Poiray, the seductive jewelry and watchmaking house on the Place Vendôme, and the prestigious rue de la Paix – where the Maison settled in 1975 – with its sparkling charm, launches its new watch. Inspired by the work and bold image of the couturier Paul Poiret, to whom it owes its name, Maison Poiray constantly reinvents, carried by the spirit of couture that distills its magic in every collection. ‘My Favorite’, between voluptuousness and strength of character, is destined to become the new preference of Poiray women, a watch that resembles them.

The case is round; the weight is light; soft to the touch, warm under the fingers, the bracelets can be changed; and you can pick a dial from a variety of options and change the bracelets upon your mood. ‘My Favorite’ imposes its forms and its irresistible look! Its full and generous curves make it comfortable and very pleasant to wear!

Discreet despite her strong personality, fulfilled, very feminine, with her sensual and voluptuous curves, she catches the eyes and even steals from ‘Ma Première’ her bracelets, adaptable on both watches. Its delicately designed godrons recall the French Maison’s attraction to Art Deco.

So chic and so Parisian, it adapts to the effervescent life of city dwellers and vibrates every day to the rhythm of their loves, desires and passions! It crosses the existence on the wrists of the elegant, runs with them from one appointment to another, between meeting, shopping, and friends.

Thanks to her good manners and her well-stocked wardrobe, she adapts in the blink of an eye to the atmospheres, the places, the atmospheres. Its curved shape, full of roundness and without asperity, makes it very simple to put bracelets or strips that are removed with a gesture and replace as easily.

From the beginning of the morning, she attacks her long day sheathed in a pretty red varnish bracelet, tuned to the lacted nails, the white blouse and the fitted trousers that she highlights.

First date, at the café: it is at the top, it is the most elegant. Meeting with the boss: a sober look is required, in a soft and refined steel strap, perfect for an accomplished working girl. To have lunch with her best friend, she shines with pleasure in a lovely purple ostrich bracelet. This afternoon in honor of her new blue suit, she wears a bright pink lizard bracelet. To go out with Jules! A romantic dinner, she dresses in a bracelet in quilted leather burgundy varnished, chic and pungent as usual, perfectly matched to a little black dress.

With its multiple bracelets and interchangeable straps, ‘My Favorite’ stands out as Poiray’s new steel reference and blows a wind of carelessness and modernity on the collections. Elegant and charming with its voluptuous, pebble and sensual shapes, it surprises by its size, its volume, its presence while discreet. Ideal for all women, active, independent, and bright.

As a reminder, the bracelets of ‘My First’, for those who would own one go on ‘My Favorite’. French chic in all its glory. Poiray’s My Favorite is available at Poiray boutiques. Come into the beautiful world of Poiray.

Poiray x Carven, a floral collab


The creative result of the meeting between French ‘Haute Joaillier’ Poiray and Maison Carven is blooming.

This is not surprising when you consider that flowers are among the favorite motifs of Carven’s fashion designer, Guillaume Henry. Thus, Poiray’s iconic Ma Première watch is enriched with an interchangeable double-turn black leather bracelet embroidered with flowers with a crystal ‘diamond cut’ heart.




Poiray Ma Première with stainless steel case, quartz movement. 1600 €, Carven bracelet, 250 €. available at Poiray Boutiques and online.





Two for one: The Bague Bracelet

A terrible child of jewellery, at the cutting edge of elegance and originality, Poiray imposes his freedom of tone and Parisian chic in a collection as playful as it is audacious. A virtuoso of inechangeability, it confirms its talent in its evolutionary pieces that, in the blink of an eye, change their face. The French Maison shakes up established codes and offers its ‘Bague Bracelet’ collection. An anecdotal piece of jewelry some would say. Found in the archives of the Maison, the Poiray team decided to create the Bague Bracelet and unveiled it for the first time in Paris at the Hotel Evreux during an event they organized in association with Action Enfance.

Two for one! That’s what you get thanks to the innovation process French Maison Poiray went through to develop a bracelet thats also wearable as a ring… to keep on the legacy of transformable and interchangeable pieces of jewelry. The Bague Bracelet was born from a drawing found in the archives of the Maison, imagined forty years ago, but never produced.

Inspired by the work and bold image of the couturier Paul Poiret, to whom she owes her name and her taste for the Art Deco style, Poiray, the young and seductive Maison de Joaillerie-Horlogerie, continues to shake up the codes established since its creation. With its ‘Bague Bracelet’ collection, a model with octagonal curves born in 1985, Poiray offers women timeless, innovative and sassy pieces that the Maison offers with new colored stones.

Thus, the The French Maison draws on its DNA and codes to tell its story, in which Art Deco and sewing occupy a privileged place. A true articulated jewel, this ring transforms into a beautiful vintage bracelet according to the desires of its owner. These new transformable rings, playful and precious, in yellow gold are equipped with three chopsticks of fine stones such as Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Pink Tourmaline or hard stone cabochons such as Coral, Turquoise, Tiger Eye and Malachite. They offer a bold style to modern women without straying from the spirit of jewelry in Place Vendôme.

Poiray unveiled the Bague Bracelet set with either emeralds, rubies, sapphires or diamonds for the first time during the 40th anniversary event of the Maison that took place at the Hotel Evreux at the Place Vendôme, Paris, early November.

The Poiray Bague Bracelet is available at Poiray boutiques, Come into the beautiful world of Poiray.


Poiray My Preference


Poiray Or Rose V2-copie

Being in the middle of the Cannes Film Festival, the big couture and jewelery houses are competing with each other in order to adorn the celebrities with the most beautiful dresses and the most beautiful jewels.

French Maison Poiray, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, offers many splendours that the stars can wear.

This Parisian Maison, is nicknamed ‘The girl of the Place Vendome’. It is a house that shakes established codes and launched since the beginning of the year a new collection of rings that metamorphose in a jiffy.

Or blanc.jpg

With ‘My Preference’, the brand innovates by transposing its art of metamorphosis on jewelery. This ring, luminous, voluminous with a softness in its lines, meets all the codes dear to Poiray. A colorful palette, not to mention the harmonious rigor of his godrons.

Easy to handle, ‘My Preference’, changes color in a flash and a click dresses the central stone of a paving with diamonds or a golden pattern according to the seasons, the taste of the day or desires.

Composed of three parts that are assembled, it combines a wide or thin ring body in pink gold, white or yellow, a fine faceted oval stone and a reversible ring that seals the system.

Poiray Or Jaune V2-Copie

Decorated with gadroons on the edge, the ring is available in two-tone or paved on one side for the most valuable model. ‘My Preference’ is a wide variety of fine stones from all over the world and severely cut: Citrine, amethyst, pink quartz, garnet, blue topaz, pink tourmaline, fine opal, etc.

Tailor-made specialist, Poiray also realizes ‘My Preference’ according to the desire of stones of each. Prices start from 2300 euros,




Tutti Frutti by Poiray, the newest collection special flower, special summer!

Since 1985, the Tresse ring by French Maison Poiray became a classic piece to be worn 24/7. Let’s introduce the new variation: the Tutti Frutti.

The Tutti Frutti braid ring will properly embellish an outfit by a great couturier. This ring is a new version of the braid ring that is since 1985, one of the iconic pieces of the house Poiray which is also nicknamed ‘The young woman of Place Vendôme’.

The Tutti Frutti collection comprises 3 rings set with precious and fine colored gemstones set on a tresse rounded ring intermingled with a polished gold iconic band.A beautiful jewel. This new reinterpretation dresses one of the rows of its ring with a multicolored paving, giving it a little quirky touch. It comes in three colorful versions.

Yellow 18k Gold with diamonds, orange mandarin garnets, spessartites and yellow sapphire stones: ~ 4’590 Euros

Red 18k Gold with diamonds, green tsavorites, violet amethystes and yellow sapphire stones: ~ 4’590 Euros

White 18k Gold with diamonds, blue sapphires, paraiba tourmaline stones: ~ 4’690 Euros

Reinterpreting over and over a timeless piece can be boring. Not when Poiray does it. And definitely not when they add color, beauty and style.

The Poiray Tutti Frutti rings are available at Poiray Boutiques. Come into the beautiful world of Poiray.