Pomellato Sabbia Mignon in the Sand

Consistency is everything: after the Nudo Petit, the Sabbia Mignon arrive. Mais oui, madame et monsieur: a subtle Parisian air blows in Pomellato. Thus the maison of Milan, the city that erected a triumphal arch in honor of Napoleon (L’Arco della Pace), does an encore with the collection that stands out for its irregular pavé (another French word).

It is no coincidence that the collection is called Sabbia: the precious diamond grains are black, white or brown. A bit like by the sea. Pomellato’s Sabbia’s (sand) iconic disc shape is recreated with a precious pavé, with bright black, brown and white diamond. With a twist on jewelry’s most classic shapes, the fine black, brown or white diamond pavé of Pomellato’s the new Sabbia’s Collection enriches the style with a touch of pure glamour. For unique splendour.

Sabbia by Pomellato: different shades of diamonds and irregular shapes of rose gold for one unique style.

Its inspiration is the soft glimmer of the sand. The Sabbia Collection by Pomellato is now smaller in size and easier to stack.

Combinations of elegance: Sabbia rings are perfect to mix and match colors and size and create your very own refined effect.

Pomellato’s new Sabbia: Sabbia’s bright black, brown and white diamond discs enhance these rose gold bracelets adding glimmer and light.

The unmistakable elegance of Sabbia’s uneven diamond pavé shimmers like grains of light, now on rose gold necklaces.

Find out more about the unique pavé of the Sabbia rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Pomellato’s Sabbia Collection is available at Pomellato boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Pomellato.