Faces, a hommage to femninility

Michael Sieger’s ‘Objects to a muse’ renders a very personal homage to femininity. It is dedicated to his wife who has over the years supported him in his creative work as his muse. He wanted to express his gratitude to her with an in part limited collection of valuable objects. Opulent, sensual, charming – and with a hint of irony. Vases with a distinctly feminine form, curvaceous torsos, candleholders and vessels with stylised women’s faces – all by SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG. The sensuality of the shapes may also be understood as a tongue-in-cheek request to the beholder to also make use of his or her sense of touch. Could there be a better declaration of love?

Fürstenberg Ca’ d’Or by Sieger Vase Cachepot Wine Cooler

Sieger by Fürstenberg ‘Objects to a muse’ Faces vase or champagne cooler (Click photo to enlarge).

The champagne cooler presents femininity through artistically crafted porcelain. Three facial reliefs blend seamlessly into one other; eyes, nose and mouth have been modelled on classical proportions. Faces is ideal for presenting sumptuous beverages and, together with the Sip of Gold champagne goblet, creates an altogether harmonious image. Used as a vase, lush flowers liberate the imagination, thus giving rise to thoughts of lavishly coiffed hair.

Fürstenberg Objects to a muse by Sieger Vase Cachepot Wine Cooler

Sieger by Fürstenberg ‘Objects to a muse’ Faces champagne cooler is available in glossy white, not just with a 99% platinum or 24k gold, but now also with a satin-matt  powdery finish surface, with the feel of cashmere (Click photo to enlarge).

Fürstenberg Objects to a muse by Sieger Mug

Sieger by Fürstenberg ‘Objects to a muse’ Faces mug (Click photo to enlarge).

Anyone who drinks from this mug will delight anyone who lays eyes on them. On two of its sides is the filigree form of a woman’s face with classic features. Its proportions, such as the softly contoured mouth, are in the form of a precise relief. The mug’s base fits precisely on the saucers of the MY CHINA! tableware range, ensuring practicality.

Material: porcelain
Handmade in Germany

by Jean Amr