Burberry My Burberry Black Elixir de Parfum

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British fashion house of Burberry launches a new perfume for women that will simply warm any woman’s heart due to a lingering aroma, My Burberry Black Elixir de Parfum.

My Burberry Black Elixir de Parfum is the new edition to last year’s My Burberry Black perfume that comes in a more intense, elegant, and long-lasting aroma to beckon a woman’s heart. The new perfume is composed by famous perfumer Francis Kurkdjian as a sweet/floral perfume – an ideal accessory for the upcoming winter holidays.

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Burberry My Burberry Black Elixir de Parfum is a pleasant elixir that most women will find attractive due to opening refreshing lemon zest notes infused with floral accords of jasmine absolute and rose absolute.

Top notes: Lemon, Jasmin absolute
Heart: Rose absolute, Sugared almonds
Base: Sandalwood

The base deliciously calms with sweetened almonds and sandalwood accords. It has that ideal sweet/freshly aroma that is nicely associated with Christmas holiday.

Burberry My Burberry Black is available as 30ml Elixir de Parfum.


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Diana Ross Diamond Diana


Diana Ross is a diamond. She shines. And she has stood the test of time. Diana Ross is one of only a handful of performers who inspires generations of artists, lights up the mammoth screen and defines the fashion industry.

Not one to live in the past, Ross is still performing to sold-out audiences. She’s recently become the novel darling of the Las Vegas Strip after several recent triumphant residences. Ross will return to the Wynn in Las Vegas in February to perform nine shows.

It’s only fitting her latest album release is titled Diamond Diana: The Legacy Collection. The 15-song collection is now available and contains some of Ross’ biggest and most treasured songs in her iconic career. Whether she’s belting out an anthem like ‘I’m Coming Out’ or spreading worship and hope in ‘Reach Out and Touch (Somebody’s Hand)’ Ross’ music has been the soundtrack of our lives.


Diamond Diana: The Legacy Collection also includes a brand novel dance remix of Ross’ signature song, ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’. Producer extraordinaire Eric Kupper says he was ‘floored’ when he was asked to the remix.

What an honor, but fairly daunting as well. The original is só magical and timeless. I’ve loved it since I was a child. My goal was to preserve the integrity of the original while bringing it to a contemporary day dance floor, but without adhering to trends.

Eric Kupper

The whole new ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ remix has hit the clubs worldwide. It debuted in the Top 40 on Billboard’s Dance Club Chart. A whole new generation is discovering this timeless and enduring diva.


Now the famous American singer launches a new perfume for women with an elegant, sensual, and glamour aroma, Diamond Diana. Diana Ross Diamond Diana is a signature perfume, ultra-feminine, and very sensual. Diana Ross, who is one of the most famous and recognizable women in the world, said about her new perfume:

This personal fragrance is inspired by the powerful connection between music and sensual memories. Sensual scent vibrations are carried from heart to heart like music. Everyone should have a diamond.

Diana Ross Diamond Diana opens to impress with a fresh aroma made of mandarin, bergamot, lemon and sweet apricot nicely mixed with spices, coriander, floral accords of jasmine, and orange blossom. The woody base settles down with sandalwood, amber, cedar, incense, vetiver and sweet vanilla.

Top notes: Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin, Apricot
Heart: Orange blossom, Jasmine, Coriander, spices
Base: Black rose, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla, Cedar, Musk, Veytiver, Incense

The delighting and long-lasting aroma creates a new story each time a woman wears it. The bottle inspires an expensive accessory – a precious diamond with 60 facets creating an exquisite point cap with an internal Diamond Diana logo sealed in a black velvet jewellery box embossed with sparkling 24-karat gold dust.

Diana Ross Diamond Diana is available as 100ml Eau de Parfum for $74,95, and as a beautiful purse spray, exclusively at HSN.









Tommy Hilfiger Woman Candied Charms

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Tommy Hilfiger is one of my favorite brands, due to its cozy casual style, ready-to-wear clothing, and simple, yet nice designs. The same attitude I have with (some of) their perfumes – at the first smell they seem easy, fresh, and simple, but if sprayed on the body then you realize they are powerful, strong and stay long on the skin.

Hilfiger Woman Candied Charms blends sweet and delicious notes that are the perfect signature of a romantic and gentle woman. The charm and femininity of this perfume will convince you that it can be an ideal companion in any situation.

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Hilfiger Woman Candied Charms follows the original perfume launched in 2010 coming with the slogan ‘a simple/elegant American style’. The new version seems to be more delicious and irresistible due to a more sweetie/fruity composition. It opens with refreshing notes of mandarin and pear, yet quickly turns into a spice/woody aroma made of jasmine, fig, Tonka bean, sweet vanilla and honey notes.

Hilfiger Woman Candied Charms is available as 30 and 50ml Eau de Parfum.



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Lancôme Miracle Secret

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No more Secrets… You are your own Miracle! Miracle is a new fragrance which reveals the power hidden inside of you and gives you the secret to embody your own Miracle. Bigger than life, reveal yourself and make it happen.

Lancome launches a new perfume for women with a sensual aroma, Miracle Secret. The new perfume follows the original version Lancôme Miracle launched in 2000. Gorgeous and beautiful actress Lily Collins is the face of the new perfume, Lancôme Miracle Secret.


The new perfume is sensual, floral and charming. This perfume ideally portrays the purity and elegance of a woman. This enticing perfume is the mister of seduction due to its floral nuances infused in this fragrance. This aroma will simple seduce you and all around you with a gorgeous floral aroma.

Top notes: Bergamot, Pear
Heart: Peony, Jasmine sambac, Rose absolu
Base: Amber, Musk, Virginia cedar, Vanilla

Lancôme Miracle Secret is described as: ‘a fragrance to empower women and make Miracle happen in their everyday lives’. It is also described as a powerful, strong, and miraculous perfume to leave behind an unforgettable aroma. Lancôme Miracle Secret is a woody/amber perfume composed of fresh bergamot and pear along with floral accords of Sambac jasmine, peony, and rose absolute. The base calms on a woody layer made of Virginia cedar, amber, musk, and sweet vanilla.


Lancôme Miracle Secret Bottle Box

LancômeMiracle Secret preserves the original bottle, yet with a pale pink color – inspired by brand’s first creation perfume Lalique launched in 1930.

Lancôme Miracle Secret is available as 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum.

Watch is beautiful short Miracle Secret film by Lancome with Lily Collins below:






Avon Prima Noir

Avon Prima Noir-fragrance-header-2017-c25

When evening comes, you’re ready to let your hair down. Fun and playful yet always graceful, you know the nighttime is your time to shine.

Avon launches a new perfume for women Prima Noir – a flanker to last year’s Prima perfume. Their newest fragrance is inspired by the dedication, strength and alluring mystique of a prima ballerina with a bold edge.


Avon Prima Noir’s warm and feminine notes make it a sophisticated yet seductive fragrance that’s both addictive and delicately sensual – the perfect nighttime counterpart to the original Avon Prima. Avon Prima Noir is a mysterious, powerful and strong perfume made of creamy vanilla and floral accords of silky violet and opulent jasmine.

Top notes: Iris, Violet
Heart: Jasmine
Base: Vanilla Noir

Complement your beautiful strenght and graceful spirit. American Ballet Theatre’s Courtney Lavine is one of the country’s most accomplished young dancers. As the face of Avon Prima, her personality perfectly captures the fragrance – graceful, elegant, powerful and resilient.

Avon Prima Noir is available in 50 ml Eau de Parfum.

Avon Prima Noir






Bond No.9 Dubai Gold

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We’re in the middle of New York Fashion Week and gold is the favored accessory. This precious metal will always be at the forefront of fashion. Naturally, we’ve bottled it in liquid form with our newest fall scent, Dubai Gold.

Bond No.9 is always delighting its wearers with expensive, exclusive and luxurious perfumes. This autumn new perfume Dubai Gold by Bond No.9 shows up as an extravagant fragrance for most outrageous and demanding wearers. Also, Bond No.9 Dubai Gold is part of the Dubai Collection that includes Dubai Citrine, Dubai Amber, Dubai Amethyst, Dubai Indigo and others.



Bond No.9 Dubai Gold comes in a gorgeous golden shinning bottle composed of expensive brandy notes, spice saffron accords, bitter orange, ginger along with woody notes of cedar wood, guaiac wood, amber, sandalwood, patchouli, and musk. It is a strong, powerful, yet not overwhelming but an exciting fragrance that leaves behind an unbelievable aroma.

Bond No.9 Dubai Gold is available as 100ml Eau de Parfum.