Princesse Marina de Bourbon Sunshine Lys

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French perfume house Princesse Marina de Bourbon was founded by Marina Gacry, whos husband is Prince André de Bourbon-Parma, a member of te ancient Bourbon de Parma dynasty whose members ruled over France, Navarre, the kingdom of Napels, the Duchy of Parma and still to this day over the throne of Spain.

Surviving a very a difficult, childhood, she would become in just a few years a very pretty young woman determined to succeed and hungry for knowledge. In order to finance her studies, she accepted a position under the the famous hairdresser Alexandre de Paris, becoming his main assistant.

Prince André de Bourbon Parma and Princess Marina de Bourbon Parma

Prince André de Bourbon Parma and Marina Gacry

As an assistant of one of the most famous and prominent hairstylist, Marina rubbed elbows with some of Europe’s wealthies, most powerful and famous names, like the Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan, The Rothschilds, Bettina Graziani, Brigit Bardot, Audrey Hepburn and many more… Having conquered this social circle with her charm and intelligence, shewas invited to St. Tropez, While living there, she met er Prince: André de Bourbon Parma. After a while they returned to Paris where they married on May 9, 1960. – Sadly, Prince André de Bourbon Parma died last year in October at the age of 83.

Shortly after her marriage she began her career as interior designer, providing her clients with art objects for their homes and offices. Celebrities worldwide and European aristcrates relied on her for her impeccable taste. Longing for a new creative outlet, Princess Marina wished to create her own perfume and signed a licence with Gilles Pommereau, To support her new venture she opened her first concept store in Paris, on the Boulevard de Courcelles. The Princess can often be found in residence at the boutique, where she is happy to present her perfume line, along with other luxury products.

Princesse Marina de Bourbon Sunshine Lys Bottle.Now Princesse Marina de Bourbon presents its new luminous, sparkling and feminine perfume, Sunshine Lys. Princesse Marina de Bourbon Sunshine Lys is the new fragrance part of the Lys Collection featuring also; Lys (2005), Eau de Lys (2006), Paradise Lys (2009) and Fleur de Lys (2010). The new perfume offers a cheerful, playful and fresh aroma this time sealed in an attractive yellow bottle.

Princesse Marina de Bourbon Sunshine Lys opens with amazing fresh and lovely notes inspiring spring feelings of freshness and blossom. It is a fruity/flowery fragrance composed of aquatic hyacinth mixed with violet leaves and Calabrian lemon along with heart notes of juicy strawberry, Egyptian jasmine and lily of the valley. The base indulges and calms with vanilla orchid, frozen musk and amberwood accords.


Princesse Marina de Bourbon Sunshine Lys FlaconSunshine Lys by Princesse Marina de Bourbon is ideal for women loving freshness, pureness, the calm and pure smell of spring emotions.

Princesse Marina de Bourbon Sunshine Lys will be available as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum.