Pure DKNY A Drop of Rose


Soft and sensually romantic, one flower, one love, one scent-pure DKNY, A Drop Of Rose.

This autumn, American designer Donna Karan is surprising its wearers with a new flowery and fresh perfume for women, Pure DKNY A Drop of Rose. The new fragrance is the new flanker to Pure DKNY launched in 2010.



A Drop of Rose is more than just a rosy perfume; it is a romantic, lovely and delicate fragrance that lasts all day with a nice aroma of rosy accords. Pure DKNY A Drop of Rose blends the main ingredient Turkey rose that inspire a feminine, luminous and nice aroma.


Donna Karan’s Pure DKNY A Drop of Rose begins in Turkey’s Isparta Valley in the Anatolian flower fields, where the delicate pink blossoms of Damascene Rose variety are harvested early each summer. The harvest season takes place each year in June and each flower is hand-picked, one by one in the cool pre-dawn hours. By seasons end, 2500 tons of petals have been bagged, weighted, and transported by btruck to the distillery where they are gently rolled and processed through 26 stills. The end product is essential oil of Rose which is the vital ingrediënt in the newest Drop of Rose from Pure DKNY.

Just like the rest of the Pure DKNY line, the company supports international development organization called CARE helping local farmers in Turkey!


Pure DKNY A Drop of Rose Bottle

Pure DKNY A Drop of Rose comes in the same crystal design bottle made of 100% recyclable glass and an aluminum pale pink stopper, and is available as 30 and 50ml Eau de Parfum.