Ralph Lauren Beyond Romance, a daring new fragrance that transforms the everyday into the extraordinary. .


American fashion designer Ralph Lauren strongly believes in Romance. The first Romance creation was launched in 1998, followed by a line of diverse yet elegant Romance flankers reflecting different romance fantasies. They are all sparkling celebrations of romance; intimate, passionate, sensual…

The newest creation Beyond Romance attracts us with the floral theme  present in all Romance creations, this time sweetened with tasty raspberries and a dark, seductive, and comfortable layer of vanilla.


Created by Honorine Blanc, Beyond Romance is a new adventure in Romance: mysterious, daring and wild. She turns the ordinary into extraordinary! The fragrance seduces with red raspberry aromas, sunny citrus juices, and an elegant floral bouquet layered on a bed of black vanilla, cashmeran, and white musk.

When I design, I create a world. I imagine every detail – the place, the man, the woman. What they are wearing, right down to the fragrance. A fragrance can make you feel alive and that what’s Beyond Romance is about, giving the sensation to live life fully. I wanted to go beyond the traditional floral archetype to give every woman a strong and individual aura.

Honorine Blanc

In the advertising campaign of the newest fragrance we find Taylor Hill and real-life boyfriend Michael Stephen Shank. Taylor Hill’s new Ralph Lauren fragrance campaign was ‘extra fun’ to shoot because she got to work with her boyfriend again.


The 23-year-old, who has a long-standing relationship with the designer, was tapped to front the imagery for the Romance fragrance alongside her longtime boyfriend Michael Stephen Shank in January, and the duo is now fronting the campaign for the brand’s new perfume, Beyond Romance.

It was comfortable. It was extra fun because it wasn’t just some random person I hadn’t met before.

Taylor Hill

The video shows Taylor and Michael partying in New York, where they live, embracing on a rooftop near the Empire State Building and setting off fireworks, and the Victoria’s Secret Angel told Us Weekly she felt at ease on the set because she didn’t have to fake chemistry with a stranger.

Taylor shared that the scent gives her “flashbacks of being a teenager and falling in love for the first time” and evokes the day of the photoshoot.

When I smell Romance, I think of the shoot day. It was a day where I got to be a tourist in my city and go to the top of the building with the Empire State Building right in front of me.

Taylor Hill

During the interview, the Ralph Lauren fragrance ambassador also revealed that fragrances would make her sneeze as a child, her first favourite scent growing up was the laundry detergent Tide, and she applies her perfume to her neck, the back of her ears and her wrist before leaving the house each day.


Ralph Lauren Beyond Romance preserves the same bottle shape as the original perfume, Beyond Romance is available as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum. Come into the beautiul world of Ralph Lauren.





Ralph Lauren Romance Rosé

Ralph Lauren Romance Rosé Banner.jpg

American fashion designer Ralph Lauren launches a new perfume for women Romance Rosé following the original Romance perfume launched in 1998.

Bask in the sparkling effervescence of Romance Rosé. This elegant fragrance embodies the vibrancy of spring. This new interpretation of Romance opens with the sparkling luminosity of bergamot blending with the juiciness of lychee, red apple and black currant, along with floral notes of jasmine, white violet, and roses.

Top notes: Black Currant, Red apple, Bergamot, Lychee 
Heart notes: Rose de Mai, Jasmine, White violet
Base notes: Benzoin, Musk, Patchouili  

Ralph Lauren Romance Rosé is a fruity/floral perfume. that is all about a nice pleasant spring aroma ideal for daily use. Wearers will find it really attractive due to a pleasant fresh aroma delicately infused with aromatic roses.


Ralph Lauren Romance Rosé Flacon Box

Even though Ralph Lauren Romance Rosé preserves the same bottle shape as the original perfume, it still has a more delicate, elegant and subtle aroma coming out as a limited edition. and is available as limited edition 100ml Eau de Parfum.






Ralph Lauren Romance Summer Blossom

Ralph Lauren Romance Summer Blossom visual.gif

American fashion house Ralph Lauren presents a new fragrance for women Romance Summer Blossom. Ralph Lauren Romance Summer Blossom is a new flanker to 1998’s Ralph Lauren Romance for women. The new perfume has a lovely pink rose adorned over its stopper inspiring a romantic scent with a tender and passionate aroma.

Ralph Lauren Romance Summer Blossom is described as a fresh and sensual perfume with a magnetic aura that emanates sunshine, romance and love. It is dreamier, more beautiful than the original perfume thanks to its unforgettable aura. Romance Summer Blossom blends mandarin, guava, jasmine, coconut water and vanilla notes.

Ralph Lauren Romance Summer Blossom is available as 100 ml Eau de Toilette.


Ralph Lauren Romance Summer Blossom Bottle