Aan de Poel is shining again after a devastating fire

On Friday morning, July 6, around 05.30 am, a short circuit in the meter cupboard caused a fire to break out in the renowned Dutch two-star Michelin restaurant Aan de Poel (at the pond). The hall at the back of the building burned down completely. In addition, there was a lot of smoke and soot damage everywhere. But those who love a snack and a drink at ‘Aan de Poel’ can breathe a sigh of relief again. The restaurant is open again and fully ready to welcome guests with the best service and the tastiest food.

The two-star restaurant in Amstelveen was closed for just 7 weeks after it was hit by a fire in the meter cupboard. In addition to the material damage, they had mainly lost that piece of history that they had all worked so hard on. “It is said that during moments like this you learn who your friends are and we have learned that over the past 10 years we have built something very beautiful that no one can take away from us”.

With the help of regular guest and crisis manager Xander Smit, they worked with all their might to repair the enormous damage to the restaurant of matre-sommelier and owner Robbert Veuger and co-owner and chef Stefan van Sprang. “We are very proud that we have succeeded in reopening after seven weeks,” says the assistant of the two owners, Rens Pielage. “The restaurant was declared a total loss due to the fire. But thanks to a great team of contractors and others, we made it.”

Restaurant Aan de Poel has been completely renovated. That has its advantages. “Because we had to move the wine room due to the fire, we rearranged the tables. This allows everyone at the window to enjoy a beautiful view. Everything else is really new. From front door to back door. The wine room, the bars, the chairs, the tables, the curtains. You name it. And we now have a nice private dining room in the new wine room”.

With the reopening, Aan de Poel has also received a new logo and house style designed by Maurice Franssen. In addition, a completely new website will be launched shortly. Last weekend it was already possible to test run in the restaurant with friends and acquaintances. “We all drank a nice glass of wine to toast the reopening,” Pielage says.

The renowned restaurant has always had an international clientele. From tonight, everyone is welcome again in the completely renovated restaurant. “We will skip lunch this week until Monday 10 September to put the very last dots on the i’s”, says Pielage. “But everyone is welcome again in the evening. And that’s a good thing. We have all been eager for weeks to be able to receive people again with good food and drinks. Finally it’s allowed again.”

Come into the beautiful and delicious world of Aan de Poel.