Living Lalique, soar skyward with their irresistible new femine fragrance

Lalique have truly reached for the skies with the latest offering in their fragrance line – taking the lead from the flight of swallows that is the noble symbol of the house, ‘Living Lalique’ manages to harmonise the romance and heritage their very name has become a byword for and the modern dreams of contemporary women, that lust for life that can take hold as you stare out the window at the cityscape beneath you and long for the freedom to explore every inch of it…


Living Lalique 100ml Eau de Parfum (Click photo to enlarge).


Living Lalique Body Cream, 200ml precious treatment for dry and sensitive skin with pure parfume extrait. Use a very little on a damped skin just after shower…! Make your skin feel comfortable again! For many people enough fragrance in the daytime (Click photo to enlarge).

The imagery of the ad campaigns is, unsurprisingly, sumptuously gorgeous, we see a woman standing in front of three René Lalique-inspired windows, in New York, London and Paris (and we’ll happily move in to each luxurious apartment, with Lalique lamps and vases, just give us the word and our bags will be packed), that open onto these iconic cities and invite the anticipation of adventures to begin.


We’ll get on to the bottles, how could we not, Lalique are renowned for creating some of the most stunning flacons in the world, but first let’s revel in the joy that is the fragrance itself. Using one of the most expensive and rare ingredients in the perfumer’s palette, Iris is allowed to fully reveal its sparkling, powdery splendour in the heart of Living Lalique.


Taking an incredible six years to fully process from planting the flower to extracting the precious orris butter, the woody accents are further enhanced by the rich smokiness of vetiver, softened by a silky layer of sandalwood and warmed to a skin-like blanket-softness with Cashmere wood. Living Lalique’s nose, Richard Ibanez, had us at the effusive opening of sparkling bergamot tempered with aromatic black pepper and sweet nutmeg, but it’s the heart that descends oh so gradually into the long-lasting sillage of a creamy vanilla and almond-scented tonka bean base that would have us following its trail around any city in the world…


Living Lalique perfume extrait in famous Lalique crystal (Click photo to enlarge).

Pausing for one moment to unlock our noses from our wrists, we can turn our gaze to the heavy glass bottle, the shape of which sort of puts us in mind of Cinderella’s horse-drawn coach but was actually inspired by the ribbed “Carnette fleur” Art Nouveau-style bottle first created by René Lalique in 1911, though this version is rounder than the original design. The stopper is decorated with the golden swallow pattern, echoing the flight of gold swallows silhouetted against the pure white of the box, and the neck is encircled by a gold ring which bears the name of the fragrance.


Most precious: Living Lalique perfume extrait crystal gold leaf in it’s unique box (Click photo to enlarge).

There’s no doubting this is one to proudly display on your dressing table, but if you’re feeling ultra-luxe, you can also plump for one of two heart-stoppingly beautiful crystal bottles. We thought the first we were shown was gorgeous enough, four master glassmakers having to work together to create each and every bottle, and – amazingly – five glassmakers just to work on the ‘pressed’ technique to make the stopper. Once the glass is cold, it’s cut and polished like a jewel – indeed the diamond-shaped design for these boxes are inspired by the René Lalique jewel boxes, and feature a concealed tray beneath in which to store your most precious gems…


Most precious: Living Lalique perfume extrait crystal gold leaf (Click photo to enlarge).

Lalique, as femine as always. A real must have!! Even if you don’t use it…(can’t imagine!) then It would be a piece of art on you’re dressing table…

Rating fragrace: 8/10

Rating bottle: 10/10

by Jean Amr

Jaguar Excellence, grrrrrrrrrr

jaguar_excellence banner small.jpg

Excellence – the new woody/spicy fragrance for men launched by the luxurious label Jaguar.  Jaguar Excellence would characterize a strong and confident man with a strong power of will. Even though it is a light and easy fragrance its notes are long lasting and impressive.

Jaguar Excellence is created by perfumer Richard Ibanez as a spicy/citrusy fragrance with luminous and nice notes. It opens with grapefruit and mandarin mixed with pink pepper accords along with lily of the valley, iris and orange blossom. The base is composed of vanilla, amber and Tonka. Be and look excellent with the new fragrance Excellence by Jaguar.

Excellence by Jaguar comes in a classic crystal bottle and a silver stopper. It will be available later this month as 100 ml Eau de Toilette as well as 100 ml Eau de Parfum.





Grès Cabotine Fleur de Passion & Fleur d’Ivoire, two new perfumes


French Maison Grès launches, not one, but two new limited-edition perfumes: Cabotine Fleur de Passion and Fleur d’Ivoire. Both perfumes are composed of floral notes that evoke feelings of blossom spring with a fresh and pure smell. Gres Cabotine Fleur de Passion is developed by perfumer Jean-Claude Delville, while Fleur d’Ivoire is created by perfumer Richard Ibanez – full of lovely fruit and flowery notes.

Grès Cabotine Fleur de Passion




Cabotine Fleur de Passion Perfume – describes a lady rather than a girl. Its classical and strong yet quirky and grandiose smell leaves a playful aroma behind. Cabotine Fleur de Passion opens with top notes of mandarin, peony and rise along with heart notes of black pepper, lily of the valley and iris notes. The fierce and tempting base is composed of amber, vetiver and musky accords. All these notes together create a passionate and hearty perfume that will delight any wearer all year round.

Cabotine Fleur de Passion will be available as 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette from December.

Grès Cabotine Fleur d’Ivoire




Cabotine Fleur d’Ivoire ~ is pure, fresh and delightful. It is more indulgent and less flowery than Cabotine Fleur de Passion, however, with an arresting pleasant smell. Cabotine Fleur d’Ivoire blends fruity notes of peach, almond and blackcurrant. Perfume starts to rise as vanilla, white flowers and salicylate become apparent. Tonka bean, sandalwood and musky notes add even more warmth and sensuality to the mid-phase of development.

Cabotine Fleur d’Ivoire will be available as 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette from December.



Gres Cabotine Fleur de Passion & Fleur d’Ivoire are two new wonderful perfumes with modern designs, elegant and eye-catching bottles and with red and white caps resembling a flower. This winter you will warm with flowers and passionate feelings from Gres Cabotine Fleur de Passion & Fleur d’Ivoire Perfumes.

The photo on top: supermodel Apollonia wearing Madame Grès, photographed in winter by Bart van Leeuwen for Avenue Magazine 1986.