Ritual of Sakura Candle

Just like these beautiful things, we now spend more time indoors, especially on Sundays. Make it the coziest place on the planet: light some scented candles, add some extra-comfy cushions, and snuggle up.

The ancient Hanami ceremony from Japan celebrates the fleeting beauty of the Sakura blossom. As with life itself, its beauty is short- lived and precious and should be enjoyed to the fullest. Discover the Ritual of Sakura and celebrate each day as a new beginning.

Make every day feel like a new beginning and rejuvenate mind, body & soul. Light your way to a new beginning with this luxurious scented candle from the Ritual of Sakura collection. Based on the renewing fragrance of cherry blossom and rice milk. The candle lasts for up to 50 hours.

Rice milk

Throughout Asia, rice is a symbol of abundance, happiness, and fertility. Rice Milk extract makes your skin soft and supple, and gives it a healthy glow.

Cherry Blossom

The fragile blossoms of the Sakura tree (Japanese cherry) are often described as spring snow by Japanese poets. For the Japanese, Cherry Blossom has symbolised the rebirth of nature and purity since ancient times. The delicate fragrance is wonderfully relaxing.

Let the candle burn for at least 3-4 hours for the first time to melt the top layer for an even burn. Meditation tip: Focus on the flickering flame and allow this single image to occupy your mind. Imagine you’re inhaling and exhaling the candlelight.

The Ritual of Sakura collection is available at Rituals boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Rituals.

New Rituals Fragrance: L’Eclat

Founded in the year 2000 by Raymond Cloosterman, Dutch cosmetics, home scents and fragrance company Rituals, offers a luxurious collection of high quality products, from body and facial care to scented candles, clothing, perfumes, make-up, and tea. The various Rituals collections have over the years found inspiration in Eastern traditions, for instance the ritualistic Persian tradition of Yalda, the ancient Chinese concept of Jing, or the Japanese legend of the Tsuru.

One of the perfume collections of this house is called Oriental Essences, it revolves around memories of journeys into the Orient, where the perfumers of this line uncovered a fragrant treasure box of exclusive spices and ingredients to compose a bespoke collection of Eau de Parfum.

Now the Oriental Essences Collection was expanded this Fall with a new perfume: L’Éclat, the nomad in their Eau de Parfum collection. The L’Éclat unisex perfume travels along different notes of a fragrant universe, leaving behind a uniquely scented footprint that is exlusive as well as captivating. Based on the clean, smooth undertones of neroli and enriched with sandalwood notes, l’Éclat can be layered or applied on its own to create an individual and bespoke bouquet.

Neroli is the name of the invigorating and stimulating essential oil distilled from the fragrant flowers of the bitter orange tree. The fresh, delicate, and sweet floral fragrance has an invigorating and energising effect. Mimosa, also known as the symbol of spring, has a floral and green scent, with powdery and honey notes. The mimosa flowers are mainly cultivated in Morocco, Egypt, India and Southern France.

The innovative fragrance can be layered with any Rituals perfume or used on its own. Rituals L’Éclat is offered in a travel size of 15 ml Eau de Parfum and a 50 ml flacon of Eau de Parfum and are available at Rituals boutiques and selected stores worldwide, and through the Rituals Website.

Rituals say Thank You!


When we cannot actually be together, nothing beats the wonderful feeling of working together on something good for someone else, however small it may be.


Rituals Cosmetics doneted 200.000 Rituals goodie bags with products as a small gesture of thanks to all the fabulous doctors, nurses and caretakers of all 80 of the hospitals in the Netherlands. Come into the beautiful world of Rituals.




The Ritual of Chadō



Dutch cosmetics and fragrance company Rituals, founded in the year 2000 by Raymond Cloosterman, offers a luxurious collection of high quality products, from body and facial care to scented candles, clothing, perfumes, make-up, and tea.

Discover a collection of luxury home and body products infused with energizing matcha and refreshing bamboo and find serenity and tranquility in all that you do.

The Rituals collections find inspiration in Eastern traditions, and this month a new, temporary line is launched, inspired by the ancient tea ceremony from Japan. It’s called The Ritual of Chadō and according to the brand it ’embraces the art of attention, awakening your soul and inspiring you to live each moment with renewed intent and harmony’.


Beside body care products and home fragrance, the line also brings two new perfumes, one aimed at women and one at men.

Rituals Chabana



Chabana to evoke a stroll through a Japanese tea garden, with the tranquil image of sun filtered through tree leaves, light and greenery all around you. The scent is built from notes of Green Tea and Kogomi Leaf, as well as the beautiful Tsubaki Flower.

Uncured green tea helps to remove toxins and boost the immune system. The unique aroma of unfermented green tea has purifying, soothing and stimulating properties.

Rituals Chabana Eau de Parfum is offered in a travel size of 10 ml flacon, and a full size of 50 ml flacon.


Rituals Chakai



With the same, peaceful Japanese tea garden in mind, Chakai pays homage to the meditative power of diffused sunlight touching the green moss creeping along the pond’s edge. Refreshing Cardamom and Hinoki Wood refresh your senses and invigorate your soul with the strong notes of Bamboo.

Cardamom is one of the world’s very ancient spices and was already used in incense and perfumes in ancient Egyptian times. Think woods, spices and sweetness and you touch the essence of Cardamom. A fresh, elusive and powerful burst of green.

Rituals Chakai Eau de Parfum is offered in a travel size of 10 ml flacon, and a full size of 50 ml flacon.


Rituals Chadõ Body Mist


Rituals-Chado-Body-MistFor those who prefer the light and refreshing jolt of a body mist over an Eau de Parfum, Rituals offers the option of the Chadõ Body Mist. This mist is made to bring harmony to all your senses featuring an energizing formula of bamboo and matcha.

A true multi-tasker, it helps you feel fresh, moisturizes your skin, and has the power to transform your surroundings into a tranquil Japanese garden. Suitable for use on your skin, on fabrics, in the yoga studio – anywhere you want to feel refreshed – it only takes a single spritz to feel its harmonizing effects.

Rituals Chadõ Body Mist is offered in a 50ml flacon. Other products in the range are the Body Scrub, Foaming Shower Gel, Body Cream, Foot Spa Package, Fragrance Sticks, Garden Scented Candle, Grean Tea with Matcha and a Matcha Tea Starter Set.

The-Ritual-of-Chado-1The products of the Ritual of Chadō Collection are available in Rituals stores and selected stores worldwide, as well as through the Rituals Website. To find a store near you, you can use the Find A Store feature of the website. Come into the beautiful world of Rituals.




Rituals The Ritual of Ayurveda Dry Oils


The collection, inspired by the Asian science of life, the ancient wisdom of attaining a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit, now welcomes three 100% natural dry oils, each formulated to cleanse a specific dosha, or type of energy, and keep them in balance. In addition, the whole collection is relaunched in a new design, featuring some new, luxurious products as well as beloved bestsellers – 16 products in total.

If you’re new to Ayurveda, let me note that dosha is the central concept of Ayurvedic medicine. There are three doshas – Vata (airy element), Pitta (fiery element), and Kapha (watery element) – and the state of health is defined as a balance between these three elements. Since doshas are found everywhere, but in different ratios, the aim of The Ritual of Ayurveda collection is to help restore their balance, and subsequently improve health and well-being.

Rituals The Ritual of Ayurveda Dry Oils


Three new dosha-balancing oils are formulated with 100% natural ingredients and Ayurvedic herbs, while all of the products of the range share the same base ingredients: Indian rose with Himalaya honey and sweet almond oil.

Rituals The Ritual of Ayurveda Vata Oil



The Ritual of Ayurveda Vata Oil is enriched with sweet almond oil and basil.

When Vata is balanced, you are joyful, creative and vital, but when Vata is imbalanced you are fearful and anxious.


Rituals The Ritual of Ayurveda Kapha Oil



The Ritual of Ayurveda Kapha Oil is formulated with invigorating ingredients such as ginger and cinnamon.

When Kapha is balanced, you are loving, forgiving and loyal, but when it is imbalanced, you can be insecure, envious and stubborn.


Rituals The Ritual of Ayurveda Pitta Oil 



The Ritual of Ayurveda Pitta Oil is based on soothing lavender and ylang ylang.

When Pitta is balanced, you are intelligent, content and a good leader, but when your Pitta is out of balance, you can be controlling, aggressive and demanding.

The rest of the product range includes shower foam, body scrub, hand lotion, bed & body mist and fragrance sticks. The collection is available for purchase at Rituals boutiques and selected stores.





Rituals Conquest of Paradise

Rituals started with the conquest of France. Dutch cosmetic house Rituals openend in Paris his very first boutique, in French territory. For the year end Paris gets there at least another two boutiques.


Rituals new shop at 24 Rue Vieille du Temple, Le Marais, Paris (Click photo to enlarge).

Now four weeks ago, the first French Rituals opened are doors in the Paris Le Marais district (photo). The boutique is 50 m² in size and let the Parisians meet the counting range with 400 credentials (for French) unusual-sounding names such as Laughing Buddha, Ancient Samurai, Sakura or Tao.

This year two boutiques, in the Paris Forum des Halles and the rue de Rivoli will come, possibly also one or more in the outskirts of Paris. Top Chief Executive Raymond Cloosterman, who founded Rituals in 2000, says: “there is a potential for 200 Rituals-boutiques in France within this and 10 years”, it sounds ambitious in the French newspaper Le Figaro.

The French openings are part of an ambitious expansion plan: after the first steps in the United States, Brazil, Switzerland and Norway last year, the Dutch cosmetics brand this year set his sights on Luxembourg (early February), the Middle East, Australia and France. All together the retailer wants to open 80 new boutiques, that brings the total to 420, and another 300 install sales corners in department stores (which is to bring the total to about 1,400).

Except their own boutiques wants Raymond Cloosterman, bring also the proven concept of the ‘Rituals shop-in-shop’ rolling out to the French (luxury) department stores and perfumeries, along the lines of what the group already does at ‘De Bijenkorf’ in Netherlands or at ‘Douglas’ in Germany.

So, you Rituals addicts, when you are on your trip to Paris, and you can’t sleep because you forgot your most favorite shower mouse,… don’t worry: take a run to Rue Vieille du Temple, and you are the happiest girl in town again!
by Jean Amr