Roberto Cavalli Exotica

Roberto Cavalli Exotica Visual

Color is life, joy, I can’t think in black & white.

Roberto Cavalli.

Italian fasion Roberto Cavalli launches a new perfume for women deliciously named, Exotica. Roberto Cavalli Exotica comes in an exotic and sweet fuchsia color bottle adorned with a gold stopper. This perfume is like the mystical spell of romance composed of mouth-watering fruity/flowery notes. Exotica by Roberto Cavalli will awake exciting and daring emotions, as well as it will create an air of romance.

A tribute to the designer’s iconic floral print, highlighting the Italian designer’s mastery of light and color.



Roberto Cavalli Exotica will take any wearer to mysterious and exotic places due to its fresh, delicious and very special aroma. It is composed of few yet prominent tropical notes like mango, frangipani flowers, and creamy sandalwood. Exotica perfume will fill the air with a tropical smell of the Pacific sea and beaches.

Roberto Cavalli Exotica will be available as 75ml Eau de Toilette.