Secret de Rochas Rose Intense

Secret de Rochas Rose Intense 1

The new chapter of the modern fragrance history of the house of Rochas started with Secret de Rochas fragrance in 2013, almost 70 years after the introduction of the first perfume of this house. Secret de Rochas was created by in-house perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez. Secret de Rochas Oud Mystère was launched in 2014, and last year in 2015 we had a new edition called Secret de Rochas Rose Intense.

According to Jean-Michel Duriez, Rochas Secret de Rochas Rose Intense highlights sensuality of a woman and offers new insight into her indefinable allure, inspired by Parisian joie de vivre and audacity. “I wanted to create a boudoir atmosphere for this fragrance.  A woman’s boudoir is the one private room that is all her own, a place where she keeps all her secrets, fragrance, beauty and otherwise. It offers the perfect inspiration for Secret de Rochas Rose Intense as this special place is the quintessence of female sensuality and mystique”.

Jean-Michel Duriez continued, “I thought it could be quite interesting to touch upon a new and unexplored side of a woman’s beauty secrets, those things she might hesitate to reveal.  In keeping with the storied tradition of Rochas fragrance, Secret de Rochas Rose Intense is also inspired by the audacious and illusive Parisienne, but in a different, more sensual way”.

Rochas Secret de Rochas Rose Intense

The main note of the composition is May rose. “This special rose is indeed different than other roses; it has a fresher, more natural scent. The flower is a little bit fragile, but the elegant and delicate scent is unique in the world of perfumery”, said the perfumer. It is mixed with fruity accords of passion fruit and peach on the top. Red rose, rose leaf, osmanthus and a secret ingredient form the heart of the perfume. Amber, moss, patchouli and musk notes complete the base.

Top notes: Rose de Mai, Passion Fruit, Peach
Heart: Red Rose notes, Rose leaf notes, Osmanthus, Secret Ingrediënt.
Base: Amber, Moss Accord, Patchouli, Musky notes

Rochas Secret de Rochas Rose Intense shares the distinctive packaging of the original.  While the keyhole-shaped bottle remains the same, the round, hand-made coffret, is given a rose hue evoking the vibrant shade of the Rose de Mai. The juice is an intense rose color as well.

Rochas Secret de Rochas Rose Intense is available as 100 ml Eau de Parfum. Come into the world of Rochas.