Colette taps Mad Paris for a ‘Who Cares’ edition of the Rolex Milgauss

Famous Parisian boutique colette has teamed up with Mad Paris, the firm that specializes in the customization of luxury watches, to create a limited edition of Rolex Milgauss timepiece. Dubbed ‘Who Cares’, the stainless steel Rolex has a white dial with handwritten text in Colette’s famous royal blue color.

Colette is following up  Snoopy-featured Datejust from Bamford Watch Department with yet another collaborative Rolex, this time tapping Mad Paris for a whimsical take on the Milgauss. 

The famous Rolex crown has also been changed to the same color. The text “Who cares I’m already late” is written on the dial. The numbers have shifted across the plane as if they have fallen off their positions. The number hand is also shown in the same blue color, with two kinks in the hand.

The Rolex Milgauss is a true classic, the watch was introduced in 1956. It borrowed its name from the Latin mille, which means one-thousand, and gauss, the unit of a magnetic field. The timepiece was designed to meet the demands of the scientific community and is capable of withstanding magnetic fields of up to 1,000 gauss. The major innovation at the heart of the Milgauss’ incredible resistance to magnetic interferences is the shield protecting the movement.

The Milgauss is only available in 904L polished stainless steel, an alloy that is extremely resistant to scratches and corrosion. Aside from its resistance to magnetic fields, the Milgauss’ most extraordinary feature is its lightning-bolt second hand, a unique feature in the Rolex lineup that was originally introduced with the 6541 Milgauss model. In a similar way, the second hand of Mad Paris X colette ‘Who Cares’ watch has been replaced by a lightning bolt.

Colette x Mad Paris ‘Who Cares’ is limited to just five individually-numbered pieces and is available for $18,200, but of course, it was immediately sold out. The standard Rolex Milgauss, of which these watches are made, costs about $ 7,000.

Come into the beautiful and timeless worlds of Rolex, Colette and Mad Paris.