Two Premieres by L.Raphael at the 71st Cannes Film Festival



Festival guests will be the first to discover the two latest innovations by L.Raphael at the 900m² Beauty Spa of the Cannes Hôtel Martinez in Cannes: the ‘Collajet’ youth boosting treatment and the ‘Young’ program is welcoming teens and young adults to the L.Raphael universe.

The scientific knowledge of today has reached a stage, like never before, that enables us to influence the biological processes in the skin to give the aesthetic shape of younger skin. As a result, people look more youthful, giving them happiness and confidence.

It’s that time of the year again when celebrities take over the French Riviera for the most prestigious cinematic event. They will stunningly glow in front of the public while behind the scene L.Raphael will be getting red-carpet looks ready for the cameras.


Each year, the Swiss luxury beauty brand L.Raphael helps celebrity guests looking their best at the festival premieres and parties, offering the most effective anti-aging treatments as well as exclusive technological innovations that have catapulted the brand to the forefront of the beauty world. Moreover, every time the festival beauty savvy guests are invited to attend the L.Raphael’s premiere and be the first to try the new treatment of the year.

This year is special as there are two premieres: The Collajet youth boosting and the Young program.

L.Raphael Collajet

This ‘youth boosting’, multi-step treatment employs a pure oxygen jet technology and ampules containing the Argireline anti-wrinkle peptide and collagen.

The results can be noticed immediately after completing the treatment, with clients telling us about the improved radiance, even tone and elasticity of their skin as well as a reduction of wrinkles and restored volume in their face, neck, décolleté and arms.

Ronit Raphael, founder of L.Raphael


L.Raphael Young

A specifically designed the Program to provide solutions to many of the common concerns young people have today, including acne and skin complaints, weight and issues linked to nutrition, and excessive body hair.

Come into the beautiful world of L.Raphael.




Restore & Refresh at Spa Montage Beverly Hills with L.Raphael Geneve



Located in the vibrant epicenter of Los Angeles, Montage Beverly Hills is ideally situated for shopping and dining among Rodeo Drive’s collection of shops, restaurants and galleries. The hotel features 201 guestrooms, including 55 suites as well as 20 private Residences. Montage Beverly Hills begins the New Year with an exclusive partnership between the hotel’s award winning Spa Montage and Swiss premiere skincare brand, L.Raphael Geneve.

We look forward to building upon the continued success of Spa Montage with the addition of L.Raphael’s world class skincare programming, Spa Montage Beverly Hills featuring L.Raphael will offer highly effective, completely personalized facial and body treatments designed to accommodate the nuanced needs of our discerning international clientele. Together, we will provide memorable, uniquely designed spa experiences crafted to deliver visible results and revive optimal wellbeing for each guest.

Todd Orlich, General Manager of Montage Beverly Hills.

Spa Montage Beverly Hills is now the first and only West Coast destination for L.Raphael’s state-of-the-art facial and body treatments along with their high-performance products. This collaboration also establishes Spa Montage Beverly Hills as one of only two L.Raphael hotel spa locations in the United States. Together, the two renowned luxury brands have launched Spa Montage Beverly Hills featuring L.Raphael.


As the only Forbes Five Star spa in Beverly Hills, Spa Montage is designed to enhance personal wellbeing and will be further elevated with L.Raphael’s comprehensive range of revitalizing and restorative treatments. Spa Montage will complement the L.Raphael experience with its 20,000 square foot urban sanctuary that features resort-style amenities, a mosaic-tiled mineral pool and 17 tranquil treatment rooms.

Spa Montage Beverly Hills is an urban oasis with a private relaxation space, a mosaic-tiled mineral pool and 17 tranquil treatment rooms.

Beverly Hills serves as the ideal location to join L.Raphael’s exquisite portfolio of existing beauty institutes in premiere global destinations such as New York, Cannes and Geneva. In collaboration, Spa Montage Beverly Hills featuring L.Raphael will be the destination of choice on the West Coast for those seeking the most scientifically advanced wellness, beauty and anti-aging treatments available.


L.Raphael founder, Ronit Raphael, is a global leader in the beauty industry who, in collaboration with Professor Peir Shinitzky and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Raphael Gumener, brings more than 25 years of pioneering scientific research and experience. This dynamic team has developed L.Raphael’s ultra-luxury, unparalleled beauty and anti-aging therapies through the development and use of their premium products and technologically advanced devices that cater to the world’s most discerning clientele.

L.Raphael is very proud to partner with a prestigious hotel like Montage Beverly Hills and looks forward to opening its second hotel spa location in the United States. We first discovered Spa Montage Beverly Hills through our partnership with Chopard during the 2014 Academy Awards and are delighted that it will be our exclusive West Coast destination moving forward. We are very happy be able to provide our beauty spa treatments and famous skincare brand to our West Coast clientele on an ongoing basis.

Ronit Raphael, founder of L.Raphael Genève

The proprietary Oxygen, Ultrasound and Anti-gravity breakthrough technologies, coupled with exclusive superior product formulations, create the optimal L.Raphael treatment that penetrates beneath the surface of the skin and recapture a youthful glow.


Spa Montage Beverly Hills featuring L.Raphael has unveiled a series of scientifically advanced facial and body treatments just in time for Los Angeles’ biggest awards shows from The Golden Globes to The Academy Awards.

L.Raphael’s revolutionary beauty regiment will result in fresh-looking, radiant skin for those attending the season’s most glamorous parties and red carpet events. Spa Montage Beverly Hills featuring L.Raphael offers effective signature treatments including: the Oxy Star Anti-Pigmentation Treatment, the Perfection Anti-Aging Facial treatment, the Beauty Diamond Treatment, and the Secrets of the Dead Sea’ Tightening and Toning Body Treatment.


L.Raphael Oxy Star Anti-Pigmentation Treatment

The premiere oxygen facial is designed to even the skin tone and provide superior anti-aging benefits. White truffles disperse the melanin beneath the surface of the skin to fade existing sun and age spots. A specialty mask enhances collagen production to firm the skin and diminish lines and wrinkles. The result is younger looking, smoother skin. 60 Minutes, $1,100.

L.Raphael Beauty Diamond Treatment

A sophisticated device featuring diamond technology is used in combination with L.Raphael’s LEC-40 lipid complex and lecithin, omega proteins and vitamins to dramatically improve the appearance of the skin. The device’s dual action of diamond polish and the non-invasive diamond vacuum stimulates blood flow and exfoliates the skin for deeper penetration. This treatment promotes glowing skin and delivers significant anti-aging results. 60 minutes, $690.

L.Raphael Perfection Anti-Aging Facial with Vitamins and Anti-Oxidants

This highly effective anti-aging facial uses L.Raphael’s Perfection line featuring pure lecithin, omega 3 and vitamins A, C, and E. The active ingredients work in synergy to revive skin and reverse visible signs of aging. Skin looks and feels younger resulting in renewed radiance and elasticity. 60 Minutes, $345 / 90 Minutes, $425 / 120 Minutes, $505.

L.Raphael ‘Secrets of the Dead Sea’ Tightening and Toning Body Treatment

Begin with a full body resurfacing with the exclusive cherry blossom exfoliating scrub featuring a powerful blend of mineral-rich Dead Sea salts. Following the exfoliation, relax in the warmth of a slimming iso-thermal blanket. The treatment concludes with a 30-minute massage with the brand’s signature perfect body toning oil to stimulate detoxification, tightening and toning of the skin. 120 Minutes, $680.


In addition, Spa Montage Beverly Hills featuring L.Raphael also provides more targeted remedies such as the Oxy Emergency Eye, the Ultra-Lifting Face & Neck and the Ultra-Lifting Eyes therapies that incorporate proprietary technology and scientific formulas to deliver a visibly brighter, more youthful looking complexion. Traditional facials and body treatments will also be available in addition to L.Raphael’s series of device assisted, revolutionary facial and body therapies. Don’t forget to ask for the Perfect 10 Spa Package. Consisting of 10 treatments all in one day, the Perfect 10 Spa Package makes for the ultimate red-carpet-ready experience.

Discover the best in wellness and advanced skincare at Spa Montage Beverly Hills, the exclusive West Coast destination for world-renowned L.Raphael. Come into the wonderful world of Montage Beverly Hills, and the beautiful world of L.Raphael.

Daily 9:00am – 9:00pm
Treatments Available 9:00am – 8:00pm
Fitness Center 24 Hours Per Day

Montage Beverly Hills
225 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills – CA 90210




Ultimate L.Raphael Genève: How to take care of your skin during Winter time ?



L.Raphael Genève is the result of the collaboration between Ronit Raphael, Professor Meir Shinitzky and Dr. Raphaël Gumener, each a pioneer in their respective fields. With over 25 years of experience in the scientific research, cosmetics and medical aesthetics industries, L.Raphael has developed a comprehensive menu of ultra-luxe, high-performance face and body treatments.

Don’t let cold weather get in the way of your beauty standards.

L.Raphael Ultimate, an innovative skincare line designed to fight age signs, formulated to boost skin’s natural collagen production with visible lifting and firming effects. This high-end innovative skincare line is empowered with a wealth of plant extracts and minerals and combines the latest breakthrough technology in anti-aging, skin-rejuvenating and lifting care.


– An exclusive extract from algae with instant tightening effect to smooth away fine wrinkles and to help your skin maintain the natural collagen and elastin support that gives it strength and resilience.

– A combination of 3 types of ceramides (naturally found in the cell structure) to help restore and strengthen skin protective barrier and to hold moisture in the skin.

– Natural botanical extracts to help calm redness and irritation and to provide strong anti-oxidant and skin brightening benefits.

– Other incredible skin-pampering ingredients like horsetail extract, essential oil of german chamomile and olive oil to help skin feel softened and regenerated.

Every day, your skin looks and feels fresh and hydrated.

Come into the beautiful world of L.Raphael.