Chanel Mediterranee Collection for Summer 2015

This summer you schould really look forward to the summer make up collection of Chanel.

What a wonderful items! Today I review a small portion of this. A coral red lipstick and a pink lip gloss and an intense purple nail polish.

Chanel Summer 2015 collection

Chanel Mediterranee Summer Look, 2015 (Click photo to enlarge).

Lumiere d’Ete  (Limited Edition)

Amazingly beautiful, embossed with a lush camellia blossom, this golden-bronze powder adds sun-kissed radiance to the complexion, eyes and décolleté

Stylo Eyeshadow  (Limited Edition)

  • Campanule (107) Purple
  • Azulejo (117) Teal
  • Laurier Rose (127) Rose
  • Olivine (137) Olive green
  • Caroube (147) Brown

The best-loved eyeshadow stick returns for the season in five shimmering, long-wearing shades. A lightweight, water-infused formula glides on effortlessly and cools lids at the touch for instant comfort.

Stylo Yeux Waterproof  (Limited Edition)

  • Orchidee (997) Purple

Le Vernis  (Limited Edition)

  • Terrana (697)Taupe
  • Lavanda (727) Purple
  • Mediterranee Teal
  • Coquelicot Red

An intense purple color is maybe not normally the first thing you think of a summer makeup collection from Chanel. But personally I think it’s great! Terrana (697) is my favorit, but I had to try Lavanda (727), I had to see it to! It covers with two thin layers (like all Chanel Le Vernis) and I guarantee you that your nails with this color definitely stand out in the summer!

Rouge Coco Shine

  • Aorosa (487) Beige (Limited Edition)
  • Reveuse (477) Beige rose
  • Insoumise (507) Coral
  • Intrepide (497) Pink

I was already crazy about the new Rouge Coco lipsticks, but honestly I had never tried the shine variant. I expected a light Tan with this lipstick with a lot of gloss, but that was not the case! The lipstick is so coloured, a thin layer is already more than sufficient. Insoumise (507), according to the description a coral red tint, but on the lips what I saw, it tends much more to coral to red. When it is your color: It is a perfect suitable summer lip color, which will be especially great if you have been sitting a day in the Sun!!

Levres Scintillantes

  • Rose Pardis (447) Pink-red
  • Allegria (457) Rose (Limited Edition)

Of course a gloss can not be missing at a Chanel summer collection! Rose Paradis (477) is a shade that is already in the assortment , but beautiful is in line with the rest of the products. The lip gloss has a great sponge tip applicator, making you very beautiful and can make accurate. The color is intense, covers well and what is also important is: it does not stick on your lips. Use it alone, on your lipstick, or with a base of lipliner.

Look raiting: 9/10

by Jean Amr