S.T. Dupont Passenger Cruise


Passenger Cruise for Men and Passenger Cruise for Women are two luxurious, elegant and fruity-floral-musky fragrances from the famous house of S.T. Dupont.

S.T. Passenger Cruise perfumes are the flankers to 2008 Passenger for Women and Passenger for Men. The new fragrances , designed for ‘modern sailors’, are all about cruising down the French South and reflecting sporty elegance.

Cruise deck

S.T. Dupont Passenger Cruise for Women

S.T. Dupont Passenger Cruise for Women is an elegant, yet sporty feminine fragrance for modern and cosmopolitan women. This perfume is suitable for women who travel a lot or at least love to travel. Passenger Cruise for Women is a fresh and soft fragrance that blends exotic notes of pomegranate, lemon, cassis and grapefruit. Perfume continues to impress with heart notes of rose, jasmine and magnolia along with patchouli, raspberry and musk.


S.T. Dupont Passenger Cruise for Men

S.T. Dupont Passenger Cruise for Men exudes purity and energy of citruses, marine notes and woods. It opens with Italian mandarin, lemon, fresh greens and marine notes. White jasmine, nutmeg, cardamom and toffee are in the heart, followed by the base of cedar wood, sandalwood, patchouli and dry amber.


S.T. Dupont Passenger Cruise both perfumes are wrapped up in leather – white with gold leather for women while dark blue with silver for men.  Passenger Cruise for Women is available in three sizes 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum, while Passenger Cruise for Men is available in the same quantities Eau de Toilette.