‘Le Bal Oriental’

Baroness Marie-Hélène de Rothschild  married her distant cousin Guy de Rothschild. Her husband and his sisters, Jacqueline and Bethsabée, grew up in the castle of Ferrières in the countryside, just outside of Paris. The Castle remained empty until 1959, after the German troops during the occupation of France in World War II.

Afterwards the newly married Rothschilds made the decision, to live at the Castle. The Interior of the large Castle was by Marie-Hélène. The Castle grew into a place where European nobility, during exuberant parties, came into contact with musicians, artists, fashion designers and movie stars from Europe and Hollywood. The hip and inventive thematic evenings they organized, both in Paris and New York, were usually to raise money for charity, were much discussed.

Baroness Marie-Hélène de Rothschild  and her husband, baron Guy de Rothschild bought the Hôtel Lambert on the island of Saint-Louis, one of Paris ‘ most prestigious homes, where they involved the upper floors. Marie-Hélène became close friends with the in the ‘ society ‘ active baron Alexis de Redé who lived on the first floor of the Hôtel Lambert and who was a regular on their parties. In recognition of her importance for the international promotion of the French culture and fashion, Marie-Hélène de Rothschild was awarded the “Legion of honor” granted.

Digitalizar0001 (3) - Cópia - Cópia

Baroness Marie-Hélène de Rothschild

Alexis de Redé tells in ‘Alexis, the Memoirs of the Baron de Redé’:  “The Oriental Ball in 1969 has been described as one of the most fantastic parties of the twentieth century, and as a high point in my life. I am frequently asked what the reason was for giving it, and I have to say there was no special reason. I just decided to give a ball.
The Oriental Ball made me well known in Paris, that and my occasional racing successes. it attracted a huge amount of publicity. I began to plan it in March 1969, sent out the invitations in May and the ball itself took place on 5 December”.

Bal Oriental Rothschild Begum Aga Khan

Invitation ‘Le Bal Oriental’ at L’Hôtel Lambert, Paris

“There were about 400 guests at the ball. Nobody dined beforehand. The ball started at 10 o’clock and went on until about 5 in the morning”

Valerian Styx-Rybar and Jean-François Daigre

Valerian Styx-Rybar and Jean-François Daigre

“Jean-François Daigre, a discovery of Marie-Hélène’s, designed the evening. He had worked for Jacques Dupont. He had vivid imagination, but a terrible temper, and there were dreadful rows between him and Marie-Hélène. He would suddenly lose is head and shout. ‘Do it yourself,’ and then storm off. There were so many flare-ups that it became nerve-wracking but as ever, it was all right on the night. I did not have those problems working with him. Daigre transformed the Lambert into a Eastern fantasy”.

Bal Oriental Rothschild Begum Aga Khan

“There were two huge white life-sized elephants made of papier maché in the courtyard. These were ornately dressed and a rider sat on top, under a golden canopy. At the bottom of the stairs, there were two Hindu musicians, a zither player in red and gold and a beauty in a turquoise sari, clinking cymbals. All the way up the staircase to the apartment, at suitable intervals, stood sixteen half-naked muscular men, hired from Paris gymnasiums, dressed as Nubian slaves, holding torches to guide the guests”.


“At the top a figure in black tunic and long black turban announced the guests in a reverberanting voice. I greeted them as a Mogul prince, my costume designed by Pierre Cardin”.

Alexis de Redé

Alexis de Redé


Estée Lauder’s husband complained that his Fu Manchu moustache itched all evening.

“The Lambert itself was a fantasy reminiscent of the ‘Thousand and One Nights’. All about was the scent of jasmine and myrrh. The Hercules Gallery was filled with Turks, Arabs, Russians, Chinese and Japanese. Turbans and false beards abounded”.



Baroness Marie-Hélène and Baron Guy de Rothschild

Baroness Marie-Hélène and Baron Guy de Rothschild

“Marie-Hélène came as a Siamese dancer, Johannes von Thurn and Taxis as a Hussar, and my favourite guest was the Vicomtesse de Bonchamps, an American living in the Avenue Foch, who was born as Dale King”.

Viscountess of Bonchamps and Countess of Ribes

Viscountess of Bonchamps and Countess of Ribes

“She came as a pagoda. She Had to be brought to the ball in the back of a truck, as her costume was made out of metal. She could not sit down in the truck and she could not sit down at all until she took it off. You have to make a balance between enjoying the evening, or the impression you want to make, I am not sure she got it right”.

Serge Lifar and Patricia Lopez-Willshaw

Serge Lifar and Patricia Lopez-Willshaw

“Kenneth J. Lane, the jeweller, wore a turban of Russian sable skins, with wolf tails hanging from it and a huge cape made of Zorino skunk, trimmed with wolf. It was a warm night, so he may have suffered a bit”.

Prince Rupert zu Lowenstein and Madame Graham Mattison

Prince Rupert zu Lowenstein and Madame Graham Mattison.

“Other guests included the Prince Karin Aga Khan, his wife Begum Salimah Aga Khan and the Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan, Crown Princess Margrethe of Denmark and her husband Prince Henrik., Valerian Styx-Rybar, Jimmy Douglas, Clé-Clé de Maillé, Brigit Bardot, the Lowensteins, Salvador Dali, Amanda Lear and Bettina. One guest brought a baby panther in his arms”.

Amanda Lear Salvador DalíAmanda Lear, Salvador Dalí and ‘unknown’ guest.

Salvadore Dali, Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan, Amanda RearToday, fourty-six years ago, Salvador Dali, Amanda Lear and Her Highness The Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan III attend ‘Le Bal Oriental’ hosted by the Baron de Rédé and his friend the Baroness Marie-Hélène de Rothschild at the Hôtel Lambert, Paris, December 5, 1969.

Begum Om Habibeh Aga KhanThe Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan at ‘Le Bal Oriental’ (Click photo to enlarge).

Begum Om Habibeh Aga KhanThe Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan at ‘Le Bal Oriental’ (Click photo to enlarge).

Clé-Clé de Maillé came to this ball. It was her last appearance in public. The next day she went to the clinic, where she died two weeks later. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer, but did not want to have the breast removed sonce her greatest joy in life was to sunbathe naked. So instead she took chemotherapy with distressing results.

Madame Vincente-Minnelli and Madame Jean-Claude Abreu

Madame Vincente-Minnelli and Madame Jean-Claude Abreu

Brigitte Bardot was almost naked but for strings of coins and a little black chiffon, as was the recently widowed Odile Rubirosa, of whom the press wrotw, she arrived ‘all but nude, her bare bottom covered by a bit of silver chain mail (with great chinks in it) trough which Odile’s charms shone through. ‘Her costume was predictably audacious.”

“I have a wonderful memory of the evening nonetheless, and its full splendour is recorded in a vast album, bound in leather and encrusted with semi-precious stones. with watercolour images of the décor and guests by Serebriakoff.”

by Alexis de Redé in ALEXIS, the Memoirs of the Baron de Redé

Schiaparelli Le Roy Soleil

Schiaparelli Le Roy Soleil by Baccarat Salvador Dali photo by Muriel Oghard

Schiaparelli ‘Le Roy Soleil’ by Baccarat Salvador Dali (photo by Muriel Oghard) 

This beautiful perfume bottle was designed by Salvador Dali at the request of the fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, and made by Baccarat. In the year when World War II came to an end, Dali used the sun to symbolize the joy of peace regained and incorporated it into an image of Louis XIV, the Sun King, who represented the glory of France.

Schiaparelli Le Roy Soleil by Baccarat Salvador Dali

Schiaparelli ‘Le Roy Soleil’ by Baccarat Salvador Dali

Thus, the perfume bottle named ‘Le Roy Soleil’ came into existence. This is one of the most famous and valuable perfume bottles ever produced by an artist.

by Jean Amr




Francesco Scavullo: No End to Beauty

An outstanding archive of fashion and celebrity portraits by the photographer Francesco Scavullo from the collection of his partner, stylist Sean Byrnes, will hit Sotheby’s online auction block next month – without reserve.

Earlier this year, our hearts leapt at the thought of purchasing a piece of fashion history when one of Kate Moss’ earliest shoots hit the online auction block. But we’ve got a lot more saving up to do, because on November 2, Sotheby’s will auction over 80 intimate images of celebrities, drag queens, athletes, and icons from legendary portrait photographer Francesco Scavullo’s dynamic archive.

Titled ‘Francesco Scavullo: No End to Beauty’, the auction spans four decades of Scavullo’s studio portraits. Born in New York in 1921, Scavullo spent roughly 30 years shooting Cosmopolitan’s cover girls, and this effortless glamour is well represented. The lot includes jaw-dropping shots of supermodels Lauren Hutton, Jerry Hall, Linda Evangelista, and musical icons Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer (above) rocking only their natural curls.

Grace Jones by Francesco Scavullo

Kris Kristofferson and Barbra Streisand by Francesco Scavullo for ‘A Star Is Born’

Princess Grace of Monaco by Francesco Scavullo

But what’s refreshing about Scavullo and his longtime collaborator and partner Sean Byrnes’ curation is that this vision of beauty is much more diverse than bombshells and beauty queens. There’s Brook Shields as a child, Lou Reed with leopard spotted hair, painted nails, and shaved eyebrows. There’s Blitz Kids Mathieu and Zaldy posing only in fishnets. There’s a snap of Caitlyn as Olympic champion Bruce. And of course, there’s John Waters’ drag superstar, who looks as if she’s letting out her triumphant Female Troubles’ rallying cry: “I’m so fucking beautiful I can’t stand it myself!”

Divine by Francesco Scavullo

Rita Hayworth by Francesco Scavullo

Salvador Dali by Francesco Scavullo

Francesco Scavullo: No End to Beauty opens November 2 at 3 pm EST without reserve on Sotheby’s online auction portal and eBay. More information come into the beautiful world of Sotheby’

Salvador Dali Dali Wild


Babou, an ocelot, was Salvador Dali’s pet. Salvador Dali launches a new perfume for women, Dali Wild. Salvador Dali Dali Wild is all about a strong perfume ideal for elegant and truly feminine women. It is a sensual fragrance ideal for occasional wear due to its modern yet classical smell. Salvador Dali Dali Wild will awaken deep senses of a tempting and seductive perfume.

Salvador Dali Dali Wild has a delicate and nice aroma as it blends flowery ingredients with rare woody notes. It opens with tuberose and gardenia, green accords and citrusy yuzu along with Sambac jasmine, musk and magnolia. The base is made of rare species like mahogany, zebrano and okoume.  Dali Wild by Salvador Dali will add a little of wildness and freedom to any woman thanks to its fresh and intense smell composed of truly wonderful notes.

Salvador Dali Dali Wild Eau de Toilette.jpg

Salvador Dali Dali Wild will be available in 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette.




Salvador Dali Sun & Roses

Salvador Dali Sun & Roses Eau de Toilette

Salvador Dali launches a new perfume for women, Sun & Roses. What can be more thrilling and warmer than to purchase the new Salvador Dali Sun & Roses perfume? As the name inspires, it is a sunny, warm, fresh and romantic perfume with a nice, refreshing aroma. Sun & Roses by Salvador Dali will evoke women’s positive feeling, energy and the love for beauty.

Created by by perfumer Dorothee Piot, Salvador Dali Sun & Roses is composed as a fruity/flowery perfume ideal for this amazing spring time. It is composed of citrusy notes of pink grapefruit, bergamot and sweet apple along with flowery notes of roses, powdery violet and delicate lily of the valley. The base indulges and calms with white musk, sandalwood, cedar and vanilla accords. Sun & Roses comes in an intense pink/fuchsia color bottle with a transparent stopper.

Salvador Dali Sun & Roses will be available in two sizes, 30 and 50ml Eau de Toilette.




Salvador Dali Le Roy Soleil Extrême

Salvador Dali Snor GIF.gif

Le Roy Soleil Extrême is a new fragrance for men launched by the Spanish house of Salvador Dali. Salvador Dali Le Roy Soleil Extrême is described as an aromatic, classic and elegant fougere fragrance. This fragrance is a new and modern interpretation of Le Roy Soleil Homme launched in 1998.

In tribute to French ‘Sun King’ King Louis XIV, whose influence extended worldwide, Salvador Dali painted the Roy Soleil watercolor. Le Roy Soleil Extrême is directly inspired by that painting, a tribute to power, luxury and virility.

Salvador Dali Le Roy Soleil Extrême opens with fresh citrusy notes of bergamot, lemon and pineapple leaf along with cardamom, lavender and green apples. The base impresses and lasts long on the skin with notes of haitian vetiver, amber, moss and musk.

Salvador Dali Le Roy Soleil ExtrêmeSalvador Dali Le Roy Soleil Extrême, an Eau de Toilette with an elegant sillage, which is both opulent and extremely virile. A modern fragrance, contrasting freshness and intensity, matches the bottle design of matte black juxtaposed against brilliant gold. The embossed sun at the center of the bottle symbolizes the strength and triumphant spirit of this Eau de Toilette for men.

Salvador Dali Le Roy Soleil Extrême is available as 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette.




Salvador Dali ITISDREAM

Salvador Dali ITISDREAM visual

This month Salvador Dali will introduce its latest and romantic perfume ITISDREAM. Salvador Dali ITISDREAM is a new interpretation to its lovely fragrance ITISLOVE for Women, launched in 2008. ITISDREAM inspires dreaming emotions, tenderness, joy and romance. It is a fragrance full of optimism and inspiration to all women.

Crated by Michel Almairac, Salvador Dali ITISDREAM was developed as a fruity/floral fragrance with woody touches.

Top notes: Black currant, Grapefruit, Apple
Heart: Rose, Magnolia, Pink hyacinth
Base: Cedar, Amber, Musk.

The perfume opens with sparkling fruity notes of grapefruit, apple and black currant along with gentle and fresh flowery notes of rose, magnolia and pink hyacinth. The base, that makes this perfume deeply sensual and emotional, lies on woody notes of amber, cedar and musk.

Salvador Dali ITISDREAM is available as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette.


Salvador Dali Crazy Kiss

Salvador Dali Crazy GIF

Salvador Dali releases a new perfume for women romantically named Crazy Kiss. Salvador Dali Crazy Kiss is part of its ‘Kiss Collection’ and is said to be a youthful, modern, sensual and carefree fragrance with lively and fresh notes.

Crazy Kiss has an ultra modern design inspiring a vibrant, independent, colorful scent invoking feelings of risk and the exhilaration. This new perfume as if awakens a long desired, Crazy Kiss.


Salvador Dali Crazy Kiss is created by perfumer Dorothée Piot as a fruity/floral and musky perfume. It draws your attention with top notes of fresh grapefruit, bergamot and velvety wild peach along with light floral heart notes of lily of the valley, rose and Egyptian jasmine absolute. The sensual base is layered over musky base notes made of sandalwood musk and vanilla.

Salvador Dali Crazy Kiss comes in a crystal bottle decorated with red juicy lips and colorful ribbons spinning. Salvador Dali Crazy Kiss comes in 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

Salvador Dali Crazy Kiss Bottle Box





Salvador Dali Dalilight

Salvador Dali Dalilight ad

Even though the legendary figure Salvador Dali passed away years ago, his signature remained in our hearts till today. Since 1980, Jean-Pierre Grivory holds the license for all the Salvador Dali perfume line. Dali was always the person that gained public attention thanks to its eccentric and unusual manner. Salvador Dali was a versatile artist with exceptional skills which made him worldwide famous.


In 2011, Salvador Dali will introduce to the world his new ‘deliciously fresh’ fragrance Dalilight. Created by Michel Almairac and Sidonie Lancesseur, this fruity floral perfume designed for women has an alluring design, a grandiose and gracious power to seduce any men. Dalilight by Salvador Dali will inspire ladies of all ages to be dream about expensive accessories, like Dalilight – a priceless perfume in the hand of any woman. Salvador Dali Dalilight for Women will accentuate your attractiveness and feminine charm. This fresh fragrance features notes of lemon, apple, jasmine, amber and water lily.

Unlike the previous woody citrus perfume Salvador Dali Laguna Maravilla (2010), Dalilight will be more fresher – a fragrance with a constant whirlwind of emotion.


Salvador Dali Dalilight 100 ml 2

The bottle perfectly illustrates the softness and freshness of this new fragrance. Its color – transparent frosted blue – awakens a sensation of exquisite shivers. The sculpture-like bottle created for ‘Dalissime’, modeled after the famous Salvador Dali painting entitled ‘Navidad’ (Christmas), was chosen to contain this delicate fragrance.


Navidad, 1946. Salvador Dali ‘felicitacion de navidad’, vogue cover

This painting, through a stereoscopic effect produced by superimposing one side upon the other around a central column, depicts a woman’s face whose nose and mouth – emblematic themes in Salvador Dali’s art – form the bottle. The column’s capital forms the cap. Transparent and frosted effects impart freshness to the glass that is further enhanced by its overall pale blue hue.


Salvador Dali Dalilight 100 ml 1

Dalvador Dali Dalilight is availble in three sizes, 100 ml, 50 ml and 30 ml Eau de Toilette Spray.