L’Oreal Skin Expert Pure-Clay Cleansers


Literally, these are the most exciting cleansers I’ve seen in a while.  I think we’re all over the oil cleansing, the balm cleaners, the charcoal masks, but these are different.

L’Oreal took their immensely popular clay masks and turned them into cleansers.  Each cleanser has a significant amount of clay in it, but it’s in a formula that emulsifies easily with water and actually cleans your skin.

L’Oreal Skin Expert Pure-Clay Cleansers Open.png

There are three kinds: Exfoliating and Refining (the salmon-coloured one), Purifying and Mattifying (mint-coloured), and Energizing and Brightening (charcoal).

L’Oreal  Pure Clay Glow Scrub

the Pure Clay Glow Scrub is a thick scrub that helps to cleanse, brighten and exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin sells and sebum. It includes Red Algae which is known for its brightening properties and is better than the mask version as it has natural exfoliating micro-beads inside to really get into the pores and clean them.

L’Oreal Pure Clay Purity Wash

The Pure Clay Purity Wash aims to cleanse, purify and mattify the skin as it has the three pure clays inside plus Eucalyptus and is thick in texture to help gently clean the face and is easy to rinse off.

L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Wash

The Pure Clay Detox Wash had high expectations as the Detox Mask was my favourite out of the three. This includes Charcoal to help cleanse, clarify and detoxify the skin and is loose in texture to make it easy to use. Finally,

These are excellent options for summer cleansers simply because they have an ingredient that’s amazing at getting rid of oil – kaolin clay – and you don’t have to leave them on your skin for a long time to get the full benefit of the clay!

The L’Oreal Skin Expert Pure-Clay Cleansers are available in drugstores now.



Medik8 White Balance Cleanse

Medik8 White Balance Cleanse.png

The Medik8 White Balance Cleanse, doubled as a cleanser and micro-exfoliator, is designed to give skin that deep cleanse for brighter, refined and smoother skin finish.

Infused with potent key active ingredients (Oxy-R – Oxyresveratrol) and combined with micro-fine bamboo particles and volcanic perlite, this cleanser saves you time from having to do both cleansing and exfoliating steps.

What I like about it:

  • Unique powder texture that transforms into light foam when water is added to it
  • The flexibility to adapt the amount of powder to suit a daily gentle exfoliation or weekly deeper exfoliation
  • Appearance of pigmentation is reduced, balance out uneven skin tone and reduce blotchiness from dryness around skin
  • Overtime, with consistent use of this cleanser, it helps to inhibite tyrosinase activity and the production of melanin to prevent premature ageing
  • Suitable for all skin types and even those with pigmentation and sun damaged skin

Just add a level teaspoon amount of powder onto palm and mix with a few drops of warm water and rub hands together to activate powder to create a creamy texture and cleanse away. Perfect for face, neck and decolleté.

The only downside is that this cleanser is probably not suited to be use in shower as dry hands are required to handle and to mix with this cleanser.

Otherwise, if you want baby smooth and refined skin, this cleanser delivers just that!

Come into the world of Medik8.




Hunter Lab, the name you need to know for men’s skincare

Hunter Lab is the newest brand in town for the modern man who wants to look after their skin. The 100% Australian-owned, Melbourne-based company who have crafted a natural skincare range specifically for guys which will help your boyfriend/brother/father protect, hydrate and care for their skin. Made by men for men, it’s an interesting addition to the beauty scene.


Hunter Lab is a new approach to super natural skincare for the modern man. We call them super natural skincare tools because we craft the very best of nature specific to the needs of men’s thicker skin to deliver products of the highest efficacy which are an absolute pleasure to use. Hunter Lab hopes to remove the stigma and awkwardness surrounding using and buying skincare and present a brand men are excited to use daily, proud to display in their bathrooms and driven to advocate amongst their mates.

Hunter Lab is focused on encouraging their brethren into healthier, astute living through the development of a methodical, effortless daily skincare routine utilising these highly effective and addictive skincare tools. These skincare tools were fashioned out of a frustration with the current uninspired, chemical-intensive, sometimes repackaged-feminine products which pervade today’s male skincare market.

Handsome Hairy Bear

At Hunter Lab they have found a way to bottle their combined years of experience in marketing, cosmetic product development and packaging design into building a brand focused on outstanding craftsmanship which inspires and effects action and change in an under utilised every day necessity in men’s health – skin care. They aim to reinvigorate the marketplace by uniting the traditional grooming experience with the high quality, natural, scientifically formulated and environmentally sustainable expectation of today’s market, and provide skincare solutions which set the benchmark for men interested in healthy living.

They have crafted their skincare tools to remedy man’s unique skincare needs, to compliment his hectic lifestyle, and to add modern inspired design, provocative textures and hard working simplicity into his daily life.

For the record, men’s skin is significantly different to women’s – their skin produces more oil, as well as being thicker and having a tougher skin texture. This is why men sometimes need a little help when it comes to choosing skincare for themselves. And, the other obvious added bonus? You can stop them from raiding your treasured beauty cupboard and using your favourite products when you’re not looking.


Hunter Lab Hand & Body Wash is an addictive multi-purpose wash made up of a blend of tangerine and grapefruit essential oils, it’s also topped off with a subtle hint of caramel and vanilla. Delicious. His skin will feel instantly fresh and clean. Plus, the modern matte black packaging will look slick in any bathroom – his or hers.

The real cream of the crop is Hunter Lab Cleansing Facial Scrub. Packed full of skin-nourishing goodies like sugarcane and macrobiotic sea minerals, this exfoliant will remove dirt, restore moisture and stimulate cell renewal. Worth every darn penny.

But, the real work horse of this skincare range is Hunter Lab Anti-Aging Elixir, a potent, lightweight gel serum. This bad boy will kick start cell renewal and we guarantee he’ll be scoring compliment from the ladies and some dudes.

The perfect partner to this is Hunter Lab Daily Face Fuel Moisturiser (aka the perfect answer to your man’s dry, dull or damaged skin). The addition of macadamia and passionfruit seed oil will keep his skin’s moisture levels in check (without leaving any sticky or oily residue).

The fifth and final product of the range – and don’t be scared off by this one, fellas – is the Hunter Lab Matte Lip Balm (the key word here being matte). Whether he works in an air-conditioned office or outdoors rain, hail or shine, chances are his lips are dry, chapped or cracked (particularly during the cooler months). That’s where this salve comes in handy. There’s nothing florally or fruity about it – with just castor oil, beeswax and vitamin E – meaning he won’t just wear it, he’ll actually go back for more. The best part is it’s completely matte so no one, except for him, will none the wiser.

Instead of your man stealing skincare from you, you might even find yourself doing the same. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

For more information, you are welcome at Hunter Lab

Summer Perfect: Therme Zen White Lotus Body Scrub

The last few days we have already briefly enjoyed the sun, and although it is still just a bit too cold for summer dresses, it seems to me to be the ideal time to make your legs summer-proof.


Therme Zen White Lotus Rice Shower Scrub and Shower Gel, 200ml

Nice legs start at ‘exfoliating’! So, for years, I was really hooked on the Clarins body scrub which is super soft, works perfect and smells delicious (very subtle). Now recently a friend visit me, and she gave me a set of Therme Zen White Lotus Showergel and body scrub. A lovely present. I was pretty curious how it should feel, and work, and….. how it should smell. But he smell was very good!

People who know me (a bit), they know that I mostly don’t like ‘budget’ skincare products (like showergels, schrubs, lotions etc). Not because they are cheap or so (yeah, alright. I’m a bit of a snob sometimes! I admit!). No serious, the reason why I do’t like them, is because of there smell. For me it’s to ‘synthetic’!! Working for Houses like Guerlain, Hermes, Jean Patou, and Clarins makes you ‘spoiled’, and yes, I am spoiled! (I admit that to! wink). For me the most delicious bodyscrub èver was the one from Guerlain, ‘Shalimar’. Sadly a one off….. I’ve got only one left, still sealed in it’s blue velvet box… My friend was right, she new I would like this one!


I also admit, that this Therme Zen White Lotus Body Scrub smells wonderful!! A smell you don’t find often in ‘cheap’ skincare products: White Lotus. It must be synthetic (otherwise it was in a total different price range), but hé…. it’s great! Using them, it gives you a real relaxing ‘spa’ feeling. Feeling ‘Zen’, a great way to relax when you come home after a day hard work! It is a creamy substance with rice extraict, with very fine scrub particles, makes your skin smooth and makes it feel soft and silk. And because the particles are so small, and the ‘cream’ so soft, this scrub is suitable for any skin type.

But how to use: When you take a shower, wet your skin. Put some of the scrub in your handpalm, and put (for example) on your legs, and massage it softly with circular movements while you go up. Always in the direction to the heart, then you’ve got directly a perfect body massage!. Result, a very soft, clear and smooth, relaxed skin.

– I think it’s speaking for itself, that you don’t do this under streaming water. Then everything goes immediately down the drain!

Why? It removes (exfoliats) (to much) ‘dead’ skincells of your skin. Think about feet, knees, elbows, hands, fingers etc. When some of these skinparts get dryer, the ‘upper’ skinlayer gets thicker (and thicker), and drys out more…. With a peeling (scrub, exfoliant) you prevent your skin for drying out (much) more. Some skincare products you have to use for days (or even weeks) before you see any result. Using a scrub, you’ve got always result immediately! (Otherwise I will eat my shoes!)


  1. Some brands, or people say, you may use (some of them) every day. But even when it is, I would never advice it (especially not here on the Blog), because, and believe me, it doen’t work for most people!
  2. Some brands, or people say, you don’t have to use any bodylotion or other care product after using your bodyscrub or peeling, but please: always do!  You ‘open’ your skin, and it can loose more moist then. Using (for example) a bodylotion afterwords, will prevent your skin for drying out, and it will be absorbed much better, you need less, and can do it’s job perfect. For those who like this product, and specially the smell of it, you can combine it with the Shower Satin Shower Gel (like I did), and afterwards with the Body Butter (dry skin) or Body Serum (to hydrate) for extra care of your skin after your treatment.


  1. Before using a(ny) selftanning product, use always a scrub (peeling/exfoliant).
  2. Not only for summer, but perfect all year long. Think of winter dry skins! This is your perfect (cheap) quick home treatment!

Would I buy it? Oh yes!

Rating: 9/10

by Jean Amr

Skincare: What’s Acne? Can You Exfoliate Cystic Acne?

Before I can answer this question, it is importend to know what is acne.

Acne is a collective name of any, different skin conditions, which are to all to recognize the occurrence of pimples.

Acne Vulgaris (Latin name) or ‘youth pimples’ is most common on the face , neck, shoulders, upper arms, and is based on an excessive production of sebum, causing blackheads occur


Acne Pimplecause Yakymour

In this congested and dilated sebaceous glands is the bacterium Propionibacterium Acnes which evokes irritants produces and inflammatory symptoms caused. Red nodules, which appear after infection with Staphylococcus aureus purulent pustules and abscesses especially on face, neck and can also occur on the back and upper arms. Acne starts approximately at the onset of puberty. This is often worse for men than for women. The excessive sebum production is stimulated by the male hormones (androgens).

The Propionibacterium is a bacterium that is commensal and falls under the ‘ resident flora ‘ of the skin. It ‘joins’ us on and deep in our skin from birth. The bacteria lives on fatty acids in tallow. He is able to produce enzymes that can break down skin tissue, and thereby damages cells of sebaceous glands. This creates a path for other bacteria, such as Staphylococcus Epidermidis and Staphylococcus Aureus. At this moment Cystic Acne starts…


Shiseido Pureness Deep Cleansing Foam 100ml

Shiseido Purness Deep Cleansing Foam

Cystic Acne is notorious for causing scarring. In fact, we strongly suggest you avoid picking at or attempting to pop cystic acne outbreaks for this very reason. Staphylococcus bacteria can spread very easily and very quickly. Especially when resistance is reduced.

I would like to advise when you have ‘active acne’ go to a cosmetologist who is specialized in treating acne (once in 4 – 6 weeks). To visit a cosmetologist for treatment may be the best advise. But what for the rest of the period? Or the cost? Here some tips and ‘knows’ for at home…

Exfoliating F ace Skin Woman Yakymour

Exfoliating is a real holy grale, put please, not on a acitve acne skin (Click photo to enlarge).

You should also be careful about how you exfoliate. Generally speaking, you don’t want to use an exfoliating scrub (normally an excellent tool for refining the skin, is less pimpels) when you have an active acne breakout of any type. However, you should definitely exfoliate; this step is crucial in helping to prevent acne. But how?

Shiseido Pureness Pore Purifying Warming Scrub

Shiseido Pureness Pore Purifying Warming Scrub

Use a chemical exfoliant (ask your cosmetologist) to dissolve the sticky bonds between dead skin cells.

Many brands have special products in their range. Some of them, like Clarins, Shiseido, Clinique have a whole line where all products support each other. Many of them ‘fight’ the Propionibacterium, to bring them in balance again, and keep sebaceous thin, in order to prevent blockage of the pores. Some cleansers use Glycolic Acid, for example, its a natural alpha-hydroxy acid made from sugar cane.

shiseido pureness cleansing water

Shiseido Pureness Refreshing Water Oil-Free Alcohol-Free

Acne-prone and love a good granule scrub? Just hold off during breakouts, you can resume using your favorite scrub when things have cleared up!

Other tip: using hairgel? Wash it out, everyday! Every one or two days: a clean pillow case!

……if you have any questions, please ask!

by Jean Amr

ClarinsMen Exfoliating Cleanser

ClarinsMen Exfoliating Cleanser video

ClarinsMen Exfoliating Cleanser is an awesome product for men that leaves skin nice and soft.

Clarins is known for its natural ingredients, and this product is no different. It’s filled with bison grass, soap root extract and lava powder, and it’s not filled with soap which is why it’s perfect for daily use. It tingles as you use it, and leaves skin with a fresh-feeling but utterly moisturized. And though it’s soap-free, it smells like a wonderfully fresh soap which is a lovely touch.


ClarinsMen Exfoliating Cleanser.jpg

Follow these steps for the correct application method. When applying:

– Massage to lather
– Apply cleanser in a circular motion on the cheeks, forehead and neck
– Rinse with warm water and dry

ClarinsMen Exfoliating Cleanser2.png

Treat your skin well will the right exfoliator to make sure you’re left with skin that’s smooth, soft and well looked after. The Exfoliating Cleanser is probably one of the best men’s products that I’ve come across, so I think it would make a great gift for any man.




L’Occitane’s Mud Mask Brings in the Clean

L_Occitane Face Scrub Mud

I love multi-tasking products, and this one works quite well.  It’s a mask, a scrub, and best of all I can use it in the shower and still get the full benefits from using it.

L’Occitane’s Face Scrub Mud, is part of their Olive Oil range of products but that shouldn’t discourage those of you with oily skin from using it because it does absorb oil without drying out your skin.

  • A multi-functional facial scrub
  • Finely crushed Olive pits gently remove dead cells
  • Green clay absorbs excessive oil
  • Shea Butter, grape seed oil & Olive Oil soothes & comforts skin
  • Skin is softened, protected & revitalized
  • Restores its natural balance & healthy glow

The mask is clay-based but has fine grains in it so that while you’re washing it off, you can scrub your skin and give yourself a nice deep clean.

L_Occitane Face Scrub Mud openL’Occitane Olive Face Scrub Mud is available in a handy 100ml jar.