Turning boys into men since 1934. For gentlemen only, Caron Pour un Homme


Pour un Homme de Caron featuring Sebastien Chabal by Giampaolo Vimercati

Caron is HOT! Maison Caron, founded by Ernest Daltroff in 1904, created many beautiful precious perfumes. Think of Proivre, Tabac Blond, Infini, Fleurs de Rocaille, and for men: Pour un Homme.

Caron Pour un Homme is a timeless and a classical fragrance for elegant and confident men. This masculine fragrance blends natural and tantalizing notes. Its greenish design inspires peaceful emotions and calm feelings. Since 1934 Caron Pour un Homme has stood the test of time and became an iconic and legendary scent among others. Pour un Homme has successfully succeeded to capture attention of even the most pretentious wearers.

Pour un Homme has always refused to succumb to the dictates of fashion and shows of pretence. While the world around it changes, the power of seduction of Pour un Homme remains a stable value.


Authenticity and refinement abound in this fragrance with its inimitable harmonies that bespeak the finest natural lavender groves of the Haute Provence, combined with vanilla, lending it a naturally fresh sophistication. Pour un Homme comes encased in a no-frills, unpretentious bottle, displaying great purity of line and masculinity.

The nose behind Caron Pour un Homme is famous perfumer Ernest Daltroff. Pour un Homme blends the main ingredients lavender and vanilla, however, the composition also contains sensual notes of bergamot, lemon, rosemary, Tonka bean, cedar, rose, sage, rosewood, oak moss and musk.

Top Notes: Lavender
Heart Notes: Lavender, Vanilla
Base Notes: Amber, Musk

The use of a very manly (a beard, a black suit, as well as the running stance, are all traits stereotypical to the male gender) athlete is the highlight of this ad. French big, strong and masculair rugby player Sébastien Chabal, photographed by Giampaolo Vimercati, is the new face of Pour un Homme Eau de Toilette.

caron_pour_un_homme_16.9_edt_spl_menThe bottle was designed by Félicie Bergaud. Caron Pour un Homme Eau de Toilette can be found in a variety of sizes up to 750 ml.

Pour un Homme de Caron featuring Sebastien Chabal by Giampaulo Vimercati2