Vita Liberata Body Blur

Vita Liberata Body Blur Banner

Luxury tan brand, Vita Liberata, not only has great self-tanning products, but it also offers you the possibility of a temporary tan that makes your skin look great. Think of it like body makeup!

Body Blur is just that – it’s transfer resistant, slightly shimmery formula for body and face that makes skin look flawless through the use of pigments and light reflective particles. It adds glow and radiance to your skin without look too obvious. – I used it n a friends skin while she was wearing white dress, and as long as we wait for it to set, we’ve found no transferring on to her clothes. It does seem to come off on our hands if we rub them on her body, but only slightly, and if it wasn’t for the shimmer on our hands, we might not have noticed.

Body Blur comes in three colours: Latte Light (for fair skins), Latte (for medium skin tones), and Mocha (for darker skin tones).


Vita-Liberata-Body-Blur-323I identify as medium most days, and I found Latte to be slightly pink on me, but it still made my skin look so good!  I put it on one leg, stepped back to see how it looked, and it was so flawless that I proceeded to use this all over. It’s hard to mess up with a colour since you can put a little or a lot to get the perfect effect. It actually helps increase the look of muscle definition too which is a nice perk.

The ingredients include glycerine, shea butter, and silicone, so it’s moisturizing as well. There’s no self-tanner in this, so it’s purely to be used like body makeup.





Clarins Men Booster Bronzant Selftanning Booster

Clarins Men Booster Bronzant Selftanning Booster Visual

When Maison Clarins introduced Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster, from day one it was, and still is, a huge succes!! Not only because the very easy way how to use, but because of the most beautiful ‘natural’ result. No matter what skintype, no matter women or men….

Self-tanning for men? Is that even considered acceptable? Well, the answer is a simple one: yes, Why not? In the decades I work in cosmetics (also for the Clarins company) I sold 65% of selftannings to women and around 25% to men! So if you want to improve your looks and get that masculine, bronzed glow, then YES, you should definitely self-tan. There’s nothing bad about taking care of your skin. Safer, faster and more affordable than ever, faking the tan has become the way to get bronzed. With this in mind, French skincare specialist Clarins extends its range of Boosters to include the Tanning Booster for men, a product that could, hopefully, stop guys from stealing their girlfriends’ skincare products!

Clarins Men Booster Bronzant Selftanning Booster Bottle

The brand new product, launching March 2017, named ClarinsMen Booster Bronzant Selftanning Booster, promises to help you look like just came back from holiday, every day, all year long. This is the first ClarinsMen self-tanner designed to work with any facial moisturizer. The energizing, invigorating formula is composed of no less than 99.8% of natural ingredients, including energizing Sweet Grass, refreshing and moisturizing Aloe Vera, and calming Gymnema Sylvestre, also known as Miracle Fruit. The tanning complex is made of optimal concentrations of DHA and Erythrulose, offering a natural finish that adapts to all skin tones and can be intensified as desired.

A super-simple application is specifically tailored to the needs of men. The Tanning Booster is used the same way as any other Clarins Booster – a couple of drops of the serum combined with your regular moisturizing product is all it takes to get that sexy bronzed complexion. Initially, you’ll need about 3 drops of the booster to rekindle the glow. Just before reaching your desired tan, reduce the dosage to 2 drops, and then maintain the look with just one drop daily.

Clarins Men Booster Bronzant Selftanning Booster Bottle Open.pngTo get the best results, exfoliate your skin with the Exfoliating Cleanser before application of the Booster. This will remove dead skin cells and promote an even, luminous tan. Don’t forget to gently wipe your beard and eyebrows with a damp tissue and wash your hands after each application! Proven effective 12 hours after application.

The Clarins Men Booster Bronzant Selftanning Booster is available in certain European countries, where it retails at 26.50 €26.50 for a 15ml bottle.






St. Tropez Self Tan Luze Dry Oil for Body.gif

There are a few things in this world that never mix well: diets and French fries, happy hour and texting your ex, and until now, oil and self-tanner. Although oil usually breaks down DHA (the coloring agent in self-tanner), St. Tropez, the gold (er, bronze) standard of sunless tanning, has done the unthinkable by combining the two notoriously incompatible ingredients in a cutting-edge new body bronzer. With the latest technology, this elixir conditions skin, leaving it hydrated and supple, while delivering a healthy tan. Below we break down the breakthrough self-tanner.


St. Tropez Self Tan Luze Dry Oil for Body

A lightweight self tan oil formulated specifically for the face. this brazilian inspired, non greasy luxe facial oil is the most luxurious tan yet for the ultimate natural looking sunkissed glow. it lasts up to seven days, contains a 100 percent natural tanning agent suitable for all skintones, and features a 100 percent natural fragrance for no telltale self tan aroma. ultra hydrating and easy to apply.

St-Tropez-Self-Tan-Luxe-Facial-OilSt. Tropez Self Tan Luze Dry Oil for Face

The Formula,

This refined dry oil—which took two years to perfect—sinks into skin without a trace of greasy residue. With a unique emulsification process that blends oil and water in a single phase, this self-tanner formula ensures an even distribution of DHA and hydrating oils for a uniform glow.

The Benefits,

Packed with conditioning Brazilian nut oil, this advanced bronzing elixir quenches thirsty skin for up to a week. The paraben, sulphate, and phthalate-free solution is also loaded with protective antioxidants like vitamin A and E that shield skin from free radical damage.

The Scent,

Spiked with a trio of essential oils, this self-tanner leaves behind the fresh fragrance of neroli, lemongrass, and grapefruit.

The Tan,

With a 100-percent natural DHA, this lavish formula produces natural-looking color that lasts up to ten days. Plus, the formula is flecked with bronze pigments for an instant sheen that helps guide color application.

The Aplication,

After exfoliating, buff this luxurious oil into skin with the St. Tropez Tan Applicator Mitt for lasting moisture and streak-free color.

The Tip-Off,

Accentuate your tan by dabbing a shimmery highlighter onto your cheekbones, collarbone, and shoulders for a dewy, back-from-the-beach radiance.



Happy Tanning!!


For all seasons: Clarins Golden Radiance Plus Glow Booster For Body

Yes, yes, yes! I’m an huge Clarins fan! But that doesn’t change anything. I would like to show you the body version of the highly successful Golden Glow for Face which was thè hit of summer 2014. It actually came in as the No.1 selling self-tan product in the premium market for that year, and even Clarins will admit that they were taken by surprise! I think we could easily expect that Clarins Golden Radiance Plus Glow Booster For Body will be an equal runaway success!

IMG_1983-copy-1024x683Clarins Golden Radiance Plus Glow Booster duo, for face and body

Wants to know how it works? You simply add a couple of drops into your regular face product – or body, with the new product – which means that you can tailor your tan far more carefully than just going with someone else’s choice of brown. For the body, you’ll need 4-6 drops, but you can play around with quantities and intensity just as you please by mixing it with your favourite body lotion. The Clarins Golden Radiance Plus Glow Booster For Body is an absolute boon for the pale toned who often need so little colour before it all goes wrong.

I used the Clarins Golden Radiance Plus Glow Booster For Face last year, and I loved it, but I haven’t given the body version a test-run yet. I found the facial version to be even and natural looking which is just about all you need. Many selftannings are not that beautiful on a men’s skin. This one is absolutly beautiful. Natural, you can’t see the differance. So no little brown spots around hairs from your beard or so! The ‘body’ version wouldn’t be different I suspect. I know in some shops they sell 70% to women and 30% to men!! Now you know why!

But still: If you do want to get started with Clarins Golden Radiance Plus Glow Booster (Face or Body), or any other selftanning, then always(!) exfoliats (peeling/srub) your skin before use, on a regular base, once, twice a week, because these products colors your dead skincells. And that layer has not everywhere the same thicknes! So think especially about elbows, knies, feet etc…

When it’s as succesfull as the Clarins Golden Radiance Plus Glow Booster for Face, I strongly suggest that you get it as soon as you can, this one is likely to be an absolute sell out because it’s riding on the back of last year’s face product reputation.

Rating: Clarins Golden Radiance Plus Glow Booster for Face 9.5/10  (‘for Body’ will be rated soon!)

Ingredients: Aqua/Water, Dihydroxyacetone, Alcohol, Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Erythrulose, Xantham Gum, Caramel, Citric Acid, Athylene Brassylate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate [S1390A]

by Jean Amr