Senté Launches Even Tone All Mineral Sunscreens with patented HSA

Senté, an innovative specialty dermatology company, announces the launch of its latest medical grade skin care innovation with the launch of new tinted sunscreen formulas that protect the skin from damage caused by visible light in addition to UV rays.

Even Tone Mineral Sunscreen is specifically designed to promote even skin tone in every complexion. Combining all-mineral sunscreen filters and patented breakthrough Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA) technology, Even Tone Mineral Sunscreen helps to protect against UV and visible light induced pigmentation. The lightweight, elegant formula is available in two adaptable shades that blend into the skin effortlessly to provide even coverage for a range of skin tones.

Sente Even Tone Mineral Tinted Suncreens, available in 2 shades.

Senté CEO Laurent Combredet is excited to add this to the company’s portfolio. “Daily sun protection is the most important step in any skin care regimen, particularly for those who struggle with skin discoloration which is exacerbated by sun exposure. That’s why we are launching this new range of all-mineral tinted sunscreens formulated with our proprietary technology, Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA), that provides extra defense from sun-induced discoloration”.

Senté products are available through its exclusive network of physicians and medically supervised spas and on its website. Come into the beautiful world of Senté.