Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Pastel


Bonbon is a timeless sensation inviting a pure and absolute pursuit of pleasure.
Seduced by an auto-erotic sensory experience, she who wears Bonbon fragrance, dresses herself in perfume whilst creating her own story. This self-indulgent moment belongs exclusively to her. She is empowered, beautiful and complete.

Bonbon, the famous scent of sweets from fashion house of Viktor & Rolf is revealed in a new light with Bonbon Pastel. Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Pastel is announced as a delicate, fresh, and luminous interpretation of the scent of caramel.





Created by perfumers Cécile Matton and Serge Majoullier, the new fragrance presents itself as still deliciously gourmand, but now with a softer caramel accord, the signature of all the fragrances in the Bonbon collection.

Top: Bergamot, Cardamom, Mandarin, Aqual
Heart: Orange blossom, Neroliwood
Base: Caramel, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk.

Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Pastel opens with essential oils of bergamot spiced with  cardamom, essential oils of mandarin, and a sea accord called Aqual, followed by orange blossom and Neroliwood. The base notes bring a sweet, gourmand caramel note enriched with sandalwood, amber, and musk.



Master craftsmen from renowned Pochet du Courval realized the exceptional one-of-a-kind Bonbon flacon. In the face of extreme technical difficulty, the glass bow was successfully rendered through an uncompromising and groundbreaking patent process. Staying true to silhouette, the contours of the bow’s design were shaded in pink tones with a precise degradé technique. This time; starting dark in the center and becoming clearer towards the edges.

Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Pastel will be presented this summer, and would be available as 50 ml Eau de Toilette. Come into the beautiful world of Viktor & Rolf.





Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Limited Edition


Indulge in the sweet seduction of the Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Eau de Parfum Spray, a timeless gourmand scent for women with caramel facets. Created by Cecile Matton and Serge Majoullier, this decadent Eau de Parfum is for empowered women. Captivating in her presence, her beauty knows no bounds.

Sugar spun threads of caramel stick to each layer of the composition, enveloping the sparks of mandarin and peach in the introduction. Deep in the candy core, elegant petals of orange blossom intertwine with feminine notes of jasmine, revealing a decadent yet sophisticated twist to this gourmand Eau de Parfum. To form the evocative dry down, glowing amber sweetens the smokey nuances of guaiac wood and cedar. Viktor & Rolf Bonbon is a truly irresistible scent.

Adorning the Limited Edition sculpted bottle and sparkling-gem embellished bows, Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Eau de Parfum by Viktor & Rolf reflects an ageless sensation enticing a real and full love of enjoyment.

Come into the beautiful world of Viktor & Rolf.





Karl Lagerfeld reveals details of upcoming fragrances


Yakymour previously highlighted that Karl Lagerfeld had far more up his sleeve than fashion design, when we reported that the creative genius is set to release perfumes for both men and women in March. Now we can reveal the advertising campaign as well as details of the fragrances themselves.

Two of Karl’s favourite models, Kati Neischer and Baptiste Giabiconi, have been used to front the campaign telling a story of desire, irresistible attraction, magnetism, sensuality, between a seductive rock-and-roll duo. A renowned photographer, Karl shot the campaign, which he imagined in black and white, himself.

In the photos, Kati and Baptiste are shown embracing, their torsos bare and bodies becoming one, with Kati clinging to Baptiste with hands wearing studded gloves, exactly like the ones that Karl is never seen without.

I love perfume. I have worked with fragrances in the past and I’m thrilled to be launching new ones again today. I love women’s fragrances and I love men’s fragrances. They make life more beautiful. Perfume is like fashion for the nose…

Karl Lagerfeld

The scents are distinguished by the wake they leave behind, by their bottles, and by the images that embody them; with Karl’s signature being evident in the use only of high-quality raw materials, the use of black and white in the elegance of the design, the modernity of the metal used in the design, the aesthetic of the bottle’s body, and the fragrances’ attractiveness to men and women alike.

Karl is the edgiest designer in fashion and his two new fragrances echo this while conveying sophisticated elegance and classicism with a bold, modern twist.


Karl Lagerfeld Eau de Parfum for Women is an elegent green floral, the creation of perfumers Christine Nagel and Serge Majoullier. The fragrance thrives on contrasts, opening with a burst of fresh lemon, enhanced by a velvety peach before flourishing into a full bouquet of roses, immaculate magnolias, and plumeria. Karl Lagerfeld Eau de Parfum for Women takes a contemporary approach to traditional perfumes (another signature in Karl’s fashions) with the addition of musks and powerful, dark, ambery woody notes in the base.


Karl Lagerfeld Eau de Toilette for Men is a timeless, ultra modern aromatic, a creation of perfumer Jean-Christophe Hérault.  Featuring lavender and mandarin zest enhanced by crispy apple and violet leaves Karl Lagerfeld Eau de Toilette for Men is alluring and sensual. The scent ends with the woody, spicy notes of sandalwood and an amber blend, giving the fragrance a vibrant and elegant feel.

The bottle’s aesthetic is both high-tech and classic. I think now is the right time for it. A touch of high tech and a touch of classic glass for an exquisitely-formed bottle.

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl desired a perfume bottle that was a work of robust, streamlined art. The clear glass used for the women’s eau de parfum and the black glass bottle used for the men’s eau de toilette are both geometrically exact and feature Karl’s name stamped on the side in silver letters. This symmetry is only interrupted by graphic beveling at the base of the bottles. Like the collar of Karl’s favorite shirts, a large metal ring sits beneath the caps, which are engraved with the designer’s iconic silhouette. The etched steel ring is a nod to the brand’s accessories.



Unlike some modern scents Karl Lagerfeld Eau de Parfum for Women and Eau de Toilette for Men both have longevity and a scent that blooms as it warms to your skin, making it one of Yakymours Top 2014 New Launch Recommendations

Both fragrance come in three sizes. Karl Lagerfeld Eau de Parfum for Women as 85ml, 45ml and 25ml. Karl Lagerfeld Eau de Toilette for Men as 100ml, 50ml and 30ml.


Karl Lagerfeld

Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum



NUXE Prodigieux le Parfum Flacon sable

The famous and legendary French skincare & cosmetics Nuxe presents an unmistakable fragrance, Prodigieux Le Parfum. Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum is created by perfumer Serge Majoullier as an elegant, soft and luxurious fragrance for women. Its sparkling gold color bottle inspires sun, happiness and summer holidays.

Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum rekindles memories of summer hot days. Closing the eyes and breathing the smell of Prodigieux oil it will quickly transport you to the waterfront by the sea. It is composed of bergamot, mandarin, orange blossom, rose, gardenia, magnolia, mineral accord, vanilla and coconut milk, making this fragrance gently and beautiful.

Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum will be available in 50 ml.




Jacomo Silences Eau de Parfum Sublime

Jacomo Silences Eau de Parfum Sublime Visual.jpg

Jacomo has its origins in the late 1960s. American James Kaplan and Frenchman Gerard Courtin met eachother in New York, on 5th Avenue. Both men had a great love for art, music and design. Pooling their common interests, they created the fashion brand Jacomo (taking the ‘Ja’ from James, the ‘Co’ from Courtin, and the ‘Mo’ being added to give the name a musical touch) and opened a boutique where they offered their designs to the chic trendsetters of New York.

Their first fragrance launch, Eau Cendrée for Men, was launched in 1970, in a distinct geometric package, to great success. Eau Cendrée’s female companion, Chicane, was launched just one year later. Fragrances become the brand’s main stock in trade after Jacomo presented one of its famous and most successful perfumes Silences in 1978 (wich is still in production today), in the distinctive round black bottle, and followed by a new interpretation in 2004.

This year, Jacomo launches another modern version with more intense notes Silences Eau de Parfum Sublime. Unlike its dark and simple design Jacomo Silences Eau de Parfum Sublime is a pure indulgence fragrance.

jacomo-silences-eau-de-parfum-sublime-100ml.jpgJacomo Silences Eau de Parfum Sublime is created by perfumer Serge Majoullier of Mane as a green floral/woody perfume with a distinctive character. This perfume draws attention with fresh notes of green galbanum, blackcurrant bud, aldehydes and pear accords along with heart notes made of Damask rose, Morocco iris and narcissus. The base calms with woody, musky notes. Silences Eau de Parfum Sublime remains loyal to its original round bottle shape and black color updated with modern front characters.

Jacomo Silences Eau de Parfum Sublime is available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

Jacomo Silences Flacon




Giorgio Armani Privé La Femme Bleue

Giorgio Armani - La Femme Bleue Video.jpg

The fashion house of Giorgio Armani launches a new limited edition fragrance for women La Femme Bleue. The new sweet and sensual perfume symbolizes the passion and love for blue color. It will join the Armani Privé collection and will suit women during summer daytime.

Giorgio Armani La Femme Bleue is an elegant and luxurious perfume with a gorgeous look and with a graceful style. For this time Giorgio Armani crafted a fragrance that opens with royal blue flowery notes that is full of passion, love, emotions and happiness. La Femme Bleue continues to impress with sweet notes of chocolate, iris and vanilla. La Femme Bleue was created by perfumer Serge Majoullier as an oriental/floral fragrance for most audacious women.

armani privee la femme bleue perfume


Giorgio Armani La Femme Bleue is available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum and is sealed in an elegant dark blue bottle with an impressive long-lasting smell.