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Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin

It’s official: Christian Louboutin isn’t just for shoes and fancy nail polish anymore. Christian Louboutin has launged some amazing lipsticks. There’s nothing sexy about the word ‘products;’ call them ‘objets d’art’, on the other hand, and we must have them immediately. Louboutin knows this, after all, he’s made women lust after his creations for decades: First, with his red soles, then with nail polish and now, with 38 shades of lipstick in the most dramatic metal bullets (that double as necklaces) we’ve ever seen. There are three textures to choose from, Silky Satin, Velvet Matte and Sheer Voile, and all the shades are inspired by the brand’s iconic shoes and bags. At $90 each, they don’t come cheap, but the best things rarely do. Yes. That’s ‘a lot’ for one lipstick. But somehow, for some reason, we still want it. Come on! It’s a cheap way to wear an original Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Debuts New Lipstick Collection Fall 2015 GIF

Curse you, incredible packaging design geniuses and brilliant branding people. Louboutin’s first lipstick offering features three finishes; Silky Satin, Sheer Voile, and Velvet Matte, and there are 38 shades to choose from, each inspired by the fashion house’s most iconic shoes and handbags. Take your pick from bold pinks, rich wine shades, delicate nudes, and, of course,  the iconic and famous Louboutin red.

Inspired by Louboutin’s Egyptian roots, the packaging is ultra ostentatious too, with a pointed base, golden exterior and a crown-shaped cap. Plus, the most exciting part: each lipstick doubles up as a jewellery charm. Thread through a ribbon or chain to turn it into a necklace for speedy touch-ups and to feel kind of like a glamorous secret agent.


Offered in five nude shades, it defines and matches the actual tone of lip contour. The self-sharpening lip definer assists in perfecting the lip make up by defining and highlighting the wearer’s natural lip contour. Aesthetically inspired by Middle Easter antiquities and the Art Deco movement, the ergonomics of the tall slender body are rooted in calligraphy for a truly artistic experience (Click photo to enlarge).

Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin fall 2015

Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin, Matte, Satin and Sheer, fall 2015 (Click photo to enlarge).

Christian Louboutin Rouge Matte Louboutin fall 2015

Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin Matte, in it’s beautiful box, fall 2015 (Click photo to enlarge).

Christian Louboutin Rouge Matte Louboutin fall 2015

Always with you! Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin Matte, fall 2015 (Click photo to enlarge).

The Louboutin lip definer and lipstick collection is availble now, so clear some space in your make-up bag, or on your neck.

by Jean Amr