Cartier Tea Caddy

People who know me a bit, they know that I am a real tea addict. I have màny different kinds off… Question is always: where to keep them? Well, you can keep your tea (bags) in their original package or put them together in a wooden box, it’s great to have them al together, for yourself, and for your visitors. But what to do with your loose tea? Loose tea, that you can buy in several specialist shops, like ‘Simon Levelt’ or one of the many small privat shops. Where do you keep it after buying? Do you keep it in its little bag where they put it in in the shop? It’s better to keep your tea in a so called ‘Tea Caddy’. It keeps your tea real dry and dark, so it can’t lose it’s taste. Tea Caddy’s are made in countles shapes and materials. Even now, because loose tea is vèry populair.

xx168lot1 Cartier Tea Caddy (Private collection)(Click photo to enlarge).

xx168lot4 Cartier Tea Caddy (Private collection)(Click photo to enlarge).

xx168lot8 Cartier Tea Caddy (Private collection)(Click photo to enlarge).

I have several Tea Caddy’s. Some from precious handpainted Herend porcelain, one from Rosenthal porcelain designed by Versace, and this one, an antique Cartier Tea Caddy with sterling stopper. Once a present from Begum Om Habibeh, after using it herself for a long time, to store my most favorit tea….. and I still do, ’till today…..

I love green and white tea (Royal Jasmin Snowflock Tea!), but I réaly love ‘my’ Lapsang tea. A ‘bit strange’ (for some people), dark tea with a smokey flovor, but I love it, especially, after dinner. This antique Cartier Tea Caddy is réal perfect to storage my Lapsang

by Jean Amr