Sisley Emulsion Ecologique by Elzbieta Radziwill

For the third year in a row, French Maison Sisley dedicated a limited edition to Emulsion Ecologique, and teamed up with Polish painter Elzbieta Radziwill to dress her up with an exceptional look that draws on the artist’s world. Elzbieta Radziwill makes nature an important theme of her artistic universe and her pictorial activity, but rereading it, in a dreamlike vision with intense, bright and precious tones.

This multi-vitamin formula strengthens the skin’s own defence system and protects skin from external aggression. The skin is revitalised, toned and supple.

Thus, the glass flacon and the packaging of the Emulsion Ecologique are adorned with shrubs and ethereal leaves with a golden and scarlet red color, as brought by a light breeze that lays here and there touches of light. The soin formula is unchanged, a complete treatment that revitalizes, moisturizes and nourishes the skin daily, strengthening its natural defenses thanks to an exclusive complex of natural plant extracts including Asian centella, ginseng, rosemary, hops and horsetail.

Sisley Emulsion Ecologique by Elzbieta Radziwill is available as limited edition at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Sisley.