Stella McCartney Stella Peony

Stella McCartney Stella Peony Visual

UK fashion designer Stella McCartney launches a new perfume for women with an arresting and beautiful aroma named Stella Peony. Stella McCartney Stella Peony is an elegant and truly sophisticated perfume made of elegant flowers to please women during the whole day.

Peonies are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Their scent has a rose-like quality, but with more greenness, more earthiness and an airy sensuality that I adore.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney Stella Peony is composed by famous French perfumer Alberto Morillas as a delicate and feminine fragrance that radiates a warm and sensual feeling. As the name of the perfume inspires, Stella Peony is all about a tempting perfume composed around peony note that cares a precious moment yet to be lived. Stella McCartney says is “feminine, delicate, luxurious and among the most beautiful flowers in the world”. American fashion model Arizona Muse is the face of this new perfume.

Top notes: Freesia, Lotus, Mandarin orange
Heart: Pink peony, Geranium
Base: Amber, Patchouli

Stella McCartney Stella Peony opens with fresh mandarin notes along with floral accords of lotus, freesia and gorgeous pink peony. The base calms on a woody layer made of amber and patchouli.

Stella McCartney Stella Peony is available as 30, 50 and 100ml. Eau de Toilette.

Stella McCartney Stella Peony Flacon




Stella McCartney Stella Summer

Stella McCartney Stella Summer Flacon Box

Famous English fashion designer Stella McCartney launches a summery new perfume for women, Stella Summer. Stella McCartney Stella Summer is the new flanker to 2003’s Stella McCartney Stella, and is more about a tastefully flowery perfume freshened with rosy notes. Despite its bright colorful design and stylish look, Stella Summer smells a pleasant, calm and soft aroma infused by roses and citrusy notes.

This years Stella McCartney Stella Summer edition is described to be a daily fragrance ideal for any occasion use, as it perfectly mixes flowers with fruity accords. It opens with cold notes of frozen lemon mixed with foamy aromas of fresh green apple along with base notes of rose, amber and peony.

Stella McCartney Stella Summer will be available this April as 100ml Eau de Toilette.





Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y Absolute

Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y Absolute GIF.gif

Famous English fashion designer, Stella McCartney, presents a new feminine perfume, L.I.L.Y Absolute – the new version to her last year perfume L.I.L.Y.  Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y Absolute provides an exciting contrast between hot and cold, fresh and intense, masculine yet feminine. This perfume will suit a confident, sexy and delicate woman with a good taste to luxurious things. L.I.L.Y Absolute has a more concentrated composition with a more intense and deeper aroma.

Top: Black truffle, Black pepper
Heart: Lily of the Valley, Pink pepper, Ambrette seed
Bottom: Oak moss, White Woods, Patchouli, Amber

Created by Jacques Cavallier, Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y Absolute opens with truffle flavored and black pepper notes along with accords of lily of the valley, pink pepper and ambrette seed. The base is made of oak moss, patchouli, dry blonde woods and amber notes. This perfume won’t leave anyone unnoticed, due to its sophisticated, mysterious and feminine charm.

Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y Absolute will be available as 50ml Eau de Parfum.


Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y Absolute bottle




Stella McCartney Stella Summer Rose

Stella McCartney Stella Summer Rose Visual

Successful British fashion designer Stella McCartney is introducing a new perfume for women, Stella Summer Rose. Stella McCartney Stella Summer Rose is a new flanker to 2003’s Stella McCartney Stella that earned a lot of compliments and acclaim from perfumer wearers.

Stella McCartney Stella Summer Rose blends fresh and pure notes of frosted lemon, green apple, rose, peony and amber.

It comes in a beautiful crystal bottle decorated with pale pink roses inspiring femininity and purity. Its design is eye-catching and ultra-feminine. Stella McCartney Stella Summer Rose will be available later April as 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

Stella McCartney Stella Summer Rose bottle_LI






Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y.

Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y..png

A girl becoming a woman. It’s an early spring morning, crisp air on the flesh – and discovery.

One of the most famous English fashion designers of this time, Stella McCartney, presents her second perfume for women L.I.L.Y as an ode to her mother Linda McCartney. Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y. is said to evoke Stella’s childhood feelings, memories and love.

It comes from my dad’s nickname for my mum: ‘Linda I love you’. The name is also from the lily of the valley ingredient – I love it as a flower, and so did my mum – it’s delicate, feminine, innocent. It was part of my bridal bouquet. But I also wanted to explore its darker, more masculine side. It’s a woodland flower and I wanted to capture the roots and the earthy side of it.

Stella McCartney

Due for early 2012, L.I.L.Y. will be opposite of Stella Perfume for women, which is known to be strong and feminine.  Created by Jacques Cavallier, Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y. was created as a very sensual and adorable perfume made of natural notes and small attention to the design. It comes in a very stylish and glowing bottle made of crystal resembling an old English vase. L.I.L.Y. blends truffle along with lily of the valley and oak moss in the base. These notes make this perfume being pure and innocent.



Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y.

Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y. is advertized by beautiful Polish model Malgosia Bela.  L.I.L.Y. will be available as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum as well as 10 ml roll-on.



Stella McCartney Limited Edition ‘Print Collection’ Perfumes


2011 Stella McCartney The Print Collection

For the first time, British fashion designer Stella McCartney matches her signature fragrance to the runway. Stella McCartney will launch limited edition ‘Print Collection’ Perfumes. Stella McCartney’s signature perfume Stella will be repackaged for the limited edition trio Print Collection.

Each facetted, the 30 ml bottle is dressed in a floral print from the Stella McCartney Spring Collection. Bold flowers, modern interpretations of vintage botanical prints, appear painted on each dress and bottle. Each is feminine and naturally seductive. Precious collector editions that go everywhere you go, to evoke the fresh radiance of spring. In the air, the captivating fragrance of Stella.



Stella McCartney’s first fragrance Stella, created by Jacques Cavallier, was inspired by a rose. A rose in full bloom, releasing an unforgettable scent. Stella captures all the beauty and fragility of this moment of perfection and gives it a bright, modern edge. Fresh rose essence and vibrant mandarin fuse with a natural, feminine heart of peony and rose absolute. Sensual amber creates the perfect contrast to the femininity of the rose. An iconic fragrance found in each exclusive Print Collection bottle.

2011 Stella McCartney The Print Collection1.jpg

I gave the perfumer an old picture of a rose. Imagine the most beautiful flower that is just on its way out, the flower head so heavy and its petals so loose that if you touch it, it collapses. I wanted to capture that beauty and fragility. That moment of perfection

2011 Stella McCartney The Print Collection2.jpg

Spring is my favourite time of year, everything is alive again and growing and I feel like the botanical prints really reflect that. I was inspired by painted portraits of flowers and wanted to contain them into botanical prints on fabrics; we used anemones, tulips, and a mixed group.

2011 Stella McCartney The Print Collection3.jpg

Stella McCartney Limited Edition ‘Print Collection’ will (sadly) only be presented in the UK, and will be available as 30 ml Eau de Parfum. Each bottle is decorated with lovely bright flowers and will surely warm any wearer’s heart.