For Very Sensitive Skin – Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua Calm Cream & CC Cream


Skin being the largest organ in our body is naturally the frontline receptor of our being. External stimuli that touched our skin transmit sensations and at times leave marks on our skin. Revolutionizing the approach on squarely targeting the causes and signs of aging on our skin, Swiss line is taking another novel approach in their anti-aging science by counter-treating the skin’s sensitivity to reactions. Stinging, burning, redness or tightening of the skin, these are the symptoms that most of us have experienced which affect the condition of our skin.

Skin sensitivity is no longer only a concern for people with a medical condition, or believed to be caused by products we come in contact with.  It is now seen to be the response of our skin to urban stress, a cause-effect symptom of being under attack from a harsher, ever-more polluted environment; a part of the zeitgeist. It seems people feel their skin is more sensitive and reactive as a result of the stress that modern living puts us under.

Custodio D’Avo, Swiss Line International Brand Director.

Swiss Line has responded to the skin’s demand of our era, by formulating two products that destress, soothe, calm, counter redness and protect sensitive skin, and eventually lead to the vitality of the skin. The result of Swiss Line’s ingenious approach is unveiled with the launch of the innovative dual cream for sensitive skin – the Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua-Calm Cream and the Force Vitale Aqua-Calm CC Cream SPF 30.


In fact, it’s definitely a heavenly-scent angel calming Aqua Calm Cream send to me recently that managed to soothe my skin soothingly and plump-up the wrinkles on my face and neck marvellously with daily use at night only.

Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua Calm Cream

Botanical soothers and anti-redness ingredients come together in this specially formulated face cream to create a nurturing velvety soft, cocoon-like texture. It is thé SOS rescue solution for reactive skin.


Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua-Calm Cream contains Soothing Complex and Anti-Redness Complex, while bringing an improved barrier via functional ceramides to strengthen and improve the condition of fragile or stressed skin. Additionally it also incorporates the Force Vitale alpine plant extracts which deliver anti-oxidant and adaptive benefits.

The inclusion of aqua-green skin-friendly pigments in its formulation means that with each application, the skin will get a ‘no make-up make-up’ effect which can come close to a professional makeup result. The pigments create an optical correction of the redness without any masking residue; not a covering effect but rather a colour correction which makes redness less apparent.

How to use:

The Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua Calm Cream can be applied in the morning and/or at night. Alone or after applying any Swiss Line serum. For sun protection ad enhanced complexion correction, apply the Force Vitale Aqua Calm CC Cream SPF30.

Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua Calm Cream comes in a 50ml jar.


Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua Calm CC Cream SPF30

As sensitive skin is more likely to react to damaging sun exposure, the Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua-Calm CC Cream SPF30 counter acts this sensitivity with the ultimate CC cream. ‘CC’ stands for ‘color control’, which functions to correct color imperfections, e.g. redness or uneven tone, through optical effects, and not by coverage.


Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua-Calm CC Cream SPF30 corrects, primes, protects, brightens, moisturizes, energizes and soothes the skin, while it prevents oxidation and refines the pores. It helps to fortify sensitized skin suffering from a damaged barrier, helping to shield the skin from the negative environmental and internal triggers that cause skin stress with an adapted sun filter with a high percentage of skin-friendly mineral titanium dioxide.

How to use:

The Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua Calm CC Cream SPF30 can be used alone as a light day moisturizer, or applied after the Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua Calm Cream SPF30, or after applying any Swiss Line serum. Apply with soft touches using fingertips, giving particular attention to redness areas. The CC Cream can also be used as a make-up base before foundation for those seeking additional coverage.

Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua Calm CC Cream SPF30 comes is a 35ml tube.

Swiss line is founded by Prince Michael Massalsky in Switzerland more than 25 years ago. Extensive, ongoing research involving top Swiss skincare specialists leads to the advanced formulas based on botanical ingredients. Rigorous product development and formulation techniques guarantee that only those products delivering remarkable immediate and medium-term results carry the Swiss line name.

All Swiss Line by Dermalab products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with the highest Swiss quality standards. All treatment products are unisex and dermatologically and safety tested non comedogenic (does not block pores or cause acne) and screened for potential sensitizers and irritants. For more information on Swiss line, check out