Chaumet’s Taille Impératrice, a never seen before radiance

French Maison Chaumet unveils a new exclusive diamond cut, the Taille Impératrice. A true innovation. The Taille Impératrice diamonds-aka ‘Empress-cut’ diamonds in French-combine a hexagonal-cut, 88 facets and a star pavilion for a never seen before radiance. This innovation intensifies the fire in the diamond, enhancing the precious Bee My Love creations. Discover an extraordinary brilliance…

Taille Impératrice, 88 facets for an unrivalled brilliance

Discover these extraordinary stones set on new precious ‘Bee My Love’ creations set in 18k gold. Chaumet jewellery and watches are available at Chaumet boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Chaumet.