The History and Art of Comme des Garçons in Taschen’s Rei Kawakubo Archive

Another new Taschen addition, this fashion hardcover examines the history and art behind Rei Kawakubo’s brand. Japanese fashion house Comme des Garçons has a special vision when it comes to design that extends beyond clothing to furniture, architecture and graphic design.

Rei Kawakubo, the enigmatic head of innovative Japanese fashion house Comme des Garçons, has a special vision which extends beyond clothing to furniture, architecture, and graphic design, always defying conventional thinking. i-D examines Kawakubo’s complex and conceptual world, digging through the magazines archive and revisiting interviews which explore how the fashion house continues to challenge the Western ideals of body shape and garment construction. Breaking the conventional rules, Kawakubo continues to push boundaries, perfectly marrying fashion with art in the most unexpected of ways.

i-D examines Kawakubo’s complex conceptual world in this piece, digging through its archives and revisiting interviews with Jamie Huckbody, Josh Sims and Terry Jones. Also packed into the 120-page book are biographical and personal information, as well as images from photographers including Paolo Roversi, David Bailey and Emma Summerton.

Taschen’s Rei Kawakubo is available at your favorite bookstore. Come into the beautiful world of Taschen.