I found my new China!

Yes! I found my new China!! Timeless and classic! It would fit perfect with my black original Josef Hoffmann chairs and Giorgetti table… Minimalist and nonetheless opulent, made of the finest porcelain, and 24-carat gold applied by hand, with the beautiful name Ca’ d’Oro. Perfect for me!!

Furstenberg Sieger

Fürstenberg Ca’ d’Or by Sieger .

For someone who lives alone, I have a lot of different, beautiful Bernardaud, Cartier, Limoges, Hammersley Tiffany and Wedgwood porcelain. But drinking my Lapsang tea in the finest porcelain, with minimum thickness, with burnished gold refines pure black and white contrasts. must tast good! The geometric interplay gives rise to classic stripes, squares, circles and other architectonic patterns.

The renowned Sieger Design company from Germany and the world famous porcelain manufacturer Fuerstenberg have joined under the brand ‘Sieger by Fuerstenberg’ to create stylish dinnerware of utmost quality. Sieger Design is a household name in the international design scene. Duravit, Dornbrach, Alape, Ritzenhoff and WMF are all customers of the company, which is run by the architecture inspired brothers Christian and Michael Sieger. Together with the Fürstenberg porcelain manufactory, the company recently has brought out its own collection under the new brand Sieger by Fürstenberg.

The aim of the brand is “to create a successful symbiosis of function, passion and beauty – in a word: luxury”. Michael Sieger clearly had this maxim uppermost in his mind when he created objects and dinner services made of porcelain. These lines are completely handmade by Fürstenberg that shares the Sieger family’s high standards of quality and design. Handmade in Germany, dishwasher safe, but not suitable for the microwave. I Always prefer handwash for myself…

Around 40 different kind of items. Enough to fill an (extra) cupboard. Even vases and cache pots…. Oh my!