The Terry De Gunzburg fragrance collection


The Terry De Gunzburg fragrance collection

Since founding her signature label in 1998, make-up artist Terry de Gunzberg has long held a reputation for quality and creativity in the beauty world. With the aim of bringing the artistic flair and perfectionism of Haute Couture to make-up, each of her creations is bold yet perfectly balanced. Applying this philosophy to fragrance, Terry de Gunzberg launched her first collection of eau de parfums in 2012. The luxurious range is ten years in the making ensuring nothing but the purest of notes and rarest of blends is achieved and resulting in five scents built from a strong palette of aromas that aim to be the perfect fragrance ‘fit’.


The Terry De Gunzburg fragrance collection

Terry de Gunzburg Flagrant Délice

This fragrance is a love at first sight scent that strikes women and intoxicates men.

Thrillingly tempting, Flagrant Délice is infused with almond milk and sun-ripened fig; this alluring combination of modern materials with natural ingredients creates a rich blend.

Terry de Gunzberg Flagrant Délice - HDTerry De Gunzburg Flagrant Délice Eau de Parfum, 100ml.

Instantly, the bitter almond essence gives a carnal hint with notes of bergamot and mandarin giving balance. In the heart, Mediterranean fig with red currants, tonka beans and white musk creates an enveloping magnetism.

Terry De Gunzburg Parti Pris

This fragrance delivers its ‘Haute Féminité’ in seconds. Instantly recognisable, tuberose reveals the power of seduction, whilst sweet, absolute orange melts in to Turkish rose and a hint of ylang ylang.

Terry de Gunzberg Parti Pris - HDTerry De Gunzburg Parti Pris Eau de Parfum, 100ml.

At the base, smoked vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla and Tolu balm come together to create a surprising vintage blend. Finally, incense, Turkish tobacco absolute, rockrose and labdanum echo ancient perfume accords.

Terry De Gunzburg Rêve Opulent

This fragrance is the absolute expression of luxury, with an opulent touch that brings out a rich, floral heart in this tenacious floral assemble.

Terry de Gunzberg Rêve Opulent - HDTerry De Gunzburg Rêve Opulent Eau de Parfum, 100ml

Featuring jasmine, together with rose, a touch of orange blossom, a trail of ylang ylang and a hint of Sri Lanka cinnamon become a dream of gardenia.

Terry De Gunzburg Lumières D’épices

This fragrance evokes Mediterranean jasmine: a bud ready to open, almost green and nourished with citrus fruits, spices and honey.

Terry de Gunzberg Lumiere D'Épices - HDTerry De Gunzburg Lumières D’épices Eau de Parfum, 100ml

Vibrant and sparkling, the fragrance opens a refreshing symphony of citrus notes, while the bitterness of grapefruit, the blood orange zest and bergamot awaken the heart. With facets of roses and orange blossoms, it seems oxygenated, like fresh air. Indian sambac jasmine, with honeyed tones gives warmth together with orange blossom absolute, spices and dry woods. Muscat, clove and cedarwood bring this contemporary composition to life. A distinctively elegant fragrance with a luminously vibrant bouquet.

Terry De Gunzburg

This fragrance is pure seduction, an enchanting blend of iris and violet, which plunges us into the darkness of the night.

Noble, powdery, feminine and rare, the scent unveils all the facets of a delicious woody iris. Formulated with the purest iris ‘butter’, this olfactive treat flirts furtively with a few petals of rose, ylang ylang and jasmine. This subtle blending gives it softness with the darkness of the patchouli forming the spine of this fragrant composition.

Terry de Gunzberg Terryfic Oud - Packshots - HDTerry De Gunzburg Ombre Mercury Eau de Parfum, 100ml

Vanilla, with a base of spicy benzoin reveals more femininity. This blended with accents of violet, reminiscent of loose powder, red lipstick and of the classic chypre, is especially designed for passionate characters.