Guerlain Muguet, limited edition 2017

Guerlain Muguet Lily of the Valley.jpg

It is already a pleasant tradition that every year, on May 1st (traditionally the day when muguet – Lily of the Valley in French – is offered as a porte-bonheur, a good luck charm in France) the eponymous brand Guerlain, introduces a new version of Muguet Perfume on the market, starting with 2011. This priceless, elegant limited edition perfume offers a pleasant and delightful smell of gorgeous Lily of the Valley (muguet) flower aroma.




Guerlain Muguet, edition 2017 comes in a pale green color bottle adorned with beautiful muguet flowers around the neck. Lily of the Valley evokes those joyful spring feelings when everything around blossomed and got fresh color. Created by Thierry Wasser, the composition remains almost untouched made of precious notes like green notes, muguet, rose and jasmine. Muguet by Guerlain will definitely get a place among other spring perfumes that constantly provoke and awaken senses.

Guerlain Muguet, edition 2017 is available in 125ml Eau de Toilette, for €430.



Angelina Jolie is the new face of Guerlain




Maison Guerlain has announced that Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie will be the face of its new fragrance ‘Mon Guerlain’. Citing Jolie as its inspiration, the new fragrance created by master perfumer Thierry Wasser is a reflection of all the different facets of the contemporary woman, including her choices and emotions.

While the announcement was only just made, the collaboration between maison and icon began in 2015, specifically during the shooting of her film ‘First They Killed My Father’ in Cambodia.

Guerlain Prima Ballerina Le Bolshoï


Guerlain Prima Ballerina Le Bolshoï Theater.jpg

After brilliant creations such as Samsara and Shalimar, one of the most loved French perfume brands Guerlain now brings you its newest fragrance, the purple-outfitted, woody-aroma Prima Ballerina, created by the brand’s versatile in-house perfumer, Thierry Wasser. This new launch, exclusive to the Russian market, is a part of the brand’s endeavor to pay tribute to Russia’s famous Bolshoi theater by launching special edition fragrances.

Prima Ballerina Le Bolshoï is a re-release of Guerlain’s discontinued City series’ fragrance called Moscow, which had blended notes of tart fruit and pine needles.

Top: Wormwood, Pine needles, Red currant, Bergamot, Lemon
Heart: Jasmine
Base: Tonke beans, Sandelwood, Vanilla, Musk

Prima Ballerina Le Bolshoï has distinct fresh and citrusy notes of bergamot, red currant and lemon. Plum, jasmine and absinth are the other pleasant notes included. All of this is combined with the warmth, simplicity and sensuality of vanilla and pine needles. Finally, a powerful blend of a white musk and Tonka complete this unique Guerlain fragrance.

Guerlain Prima Ballerina Le Bolshoï bottte.jpg

Moscow’s TSUM department store has launched this latest Le Bolshoï edition by the celebrated French perfume house. The 60 ml Prima Ballerina Le Bolshoï Eau de Parfum comes with a price tag of around €360 ($ 400).

Guerlain Terracotta



In the 1980s, tanned skin was seen as a sign of idleness and abandon, but also of action, success and a relaxed nature. A healthy glow was synonymous with all the pleasure of living. It evoked sunshine, space, freedom and sensuality. By observing the reflections of the sun’s rays on the desert dunes, an idea was born: to bring together the sky and the earth, the sun and the sand.

From the earth, Guerlain Terracotta borrowed its warm and ochre tones. From the sun, it borrowed its golden rays as they shimmer on the joyful ripples of the desert. Close your eyes, breathe in the delicate scent of ylang-ylang, and take your senses on a journey….


Guerlain Terracotta. A unique, vèry fine and silky texture. A distinctive scent, like no other. An ultra-natural result, able to reproduce every nuance and intensity of a tan on th skin. From the moment it was launched, in 1984, Guerlain Terracotta immediately became a beauty essential, a must-have for many make-up artists and women around the world..

Often copied but never equalled, and enriched with a moisturising agent, the Terracotta formula doesn’t dry the skin and provides (vèry) long-lasting comfort. Its success has never faltered. Somewhere in the world, a Terracotta product is sold every… twenty-five seconds! Its name has become synonymous with bronzing powder, with an instant tan, and has slipped into everyday language. Incredibly easy to apply, for a perfectly natural make-up result, Terracotta reveals all the glory of a sun-kissed, healthy glow. Beauty enhancing, sheer, luxurious and gentle, true to values dear to Guerlain, it creates a stunning complexion.



03 NATUREL – BRUNETTESTerracotta, Guerlain’s legendary ‘Holy Grail’ bronzing powder. A sunny motif marked with the double G (more colors availble).

The palette of Terracotta shades is evolving. The shade 00 Clair Blondes is particularly suitable for very fair skin, while 04 Moyen Blondes, with its rosy hue, is ideal for blondes who already have a tan, to heighten their golden glow. The shade 07 Foncé Doré is beautiful on mixed-race skin, while 09 Intense gives a glow to darker skin tones.

I love the texture and colours very much. You may apply Terracotta with a thick brush alone or after your foundation, by sweeping a light veil all over the face in a 3-shape on the right side of the face and a mirrored 3 on the left side. It gives a healthy, but very natural color. It’s also perfect as a blusher, or even eyeshadow.

The Terracotta collection also features a Guerlain Terracotta brush, the Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint, a healthy glow fluid foundation. And: the Terracotta Perfume 

Guerlain Terracotta, the fragrance,

This is the third fragrance of this collection, following Voile d’Été (1999) and Eau Sous le Vent (2009).

Guerlain Terracotta Le Parfum

Terracotta Le Parfum – The Allure of the Sun, in a Bottle

Guerlain’s in-house perfumer Thierry Wasser interprets the legendary powder as a fragrance. An irresistibly sensual composition, exotic and luminous, inspired by the radiant realm of Terracotta.

The fragrance’s intricate harmony opens on captivatingly fresh notes of bergamot, before developing into a heart of tiaré flower and ylang – ylang. One of Guerlain’s emblematic ingredients, ylang – ylang infuses scents with its warmth. Its sweet, sensual signature finally reveals a delicious vanilla-tinged dry-down. Leaving now for an exotic paradise… and the promise of voluptuous sensations.


The composition comprises of solar floral tones. It opens with accords of bergamot, coconut and tiare flower. Its heart includes white florals such as jasmine, ylang-ylang and orange blossom, laid on the sultry base of musk and vanilla.

Enriched with a moisturising agent, so the Terracotta formula doesn’t dry the skin ot hair and provides long-lasting comfort.

Russian topmodel Natalia Vodianova features in Guerlain’s Terracotta 2016 ad campaign. She looks stunning, as always.


Muguet by Guerlain once again on 1st May in a luxurious…


Every year since 2006, Muguet by Guerlain blossoms once again on May 1st (traditionally the day when muguet is offered as a porte-bonheur, a good luck charm in France)  comes in a luxurious limited edition. This event within the Exclusive Collections gives the House the opportunity to celebrate spring.

Greener, pinker, even more cheerful… Muguet 2016 by Guerlain is being reinvented with a new Eau de Toilette, a bright, refreshing homage to the lucky little bell.

The lily of the valley flower does not reveal its secrets easily. Not lending itself to extraction, its delicate scent must be recreated by the perfumer according to his poetic vision: powdery iris by Jacques Guerlain from 1908, or tinged with sun-kissed notes by Jean-Paul Guerlain in 1998.


Today, Thierry Wasser offers it a radiantly natural and modern interpretation. Fine and exuberant green notes to bring out its springlike accents. Rose beaded with dew to enhance its freshness. Subtly sensual jasmine as a reminder that reawakening nature sends the senses into a spin… Muguet exudes all the poetic vitality of a spring landscape.
Every year, the best French artisans and master craftsmen are invited to express their vision of the good-luck flower through their expertise. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Muguet by Guerlain, a budding young Parisian jewellery house specialising in metalwork – Ambre & Louise – is offering Muguet by Guerlain its exceptional finery.

To decorate the precious 2016 Vintage, the House of Ambre & Louise has created a real jewel of a bottle: a fine chased silver-dipped plaque, which depicts a bucolic and botanical design beautifully enhancing delicate sprigs of lily of the valley. A bottle in pure and slender lines illuminates this elegant motif, against the background of a tender green fragrance.




The final touch of refinement is the lidadorned with a frosted drop bead inscribed with the House’s double Gand a neck decorated with a whit ribbon by Guerlain’s dames de table. The ultimate lucky charm, the Muguet by Guerlain plaque may also be engraved.




Guerlain reveals a new side to ‘L’Homme Idéal’ with an Eau de Parfum


The cult of Guerlain’s ideal man continues with a new ‘L’Homme Idéal’ fragrance, capturing the qualities that characterize the perfect gent: intelligence, beauty, charm, humor and kindness.

The new version was crafted for the French luxury brand by Guerlain master perfumer Thierry Wasser and Guerlain perfumer Delphine Jelk. Together they reinterpreted the signature ingredient of the original scent, the almond, to create the new Eau de Parfum.

Guerlain L'Homme Ideal Eau de Parfum, 2016.jpg

This more intensely captivating almond aroma is matched with bergamot and a selection of spices. This is complemented with notes of Bulgarian rose, incense and the vanilla tincture so dear to Guerlain. At its base, this woody oriental scent reveals coppery notes plus sandalwood and tonka bean.

The beveled shape of the original Art Deco style bottle remains unchanged, with its strong, square shoulders. However, the new version comes finished in a matte amber shade.

‘L’Homme Idéal’  is now available in three variations, with this Eau de Parfum adding to the existing Eau de Toilette and Cologne.

Guerlain ‘L’Homme Idéal Eau de Parfum’ is due out April 2016.



Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pera Granita

The Aqua Allegoria are today among Guerlain’s most iconic collections. Of the 34 perfumed poems that have followed in succession in the Aqua Allegoria treasury since 1999, three have become classics: two original creations, Herba Fresca (my favorite!) and Pamplelune, joined by Mandarine Basilic in 2007.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria

Every year, Aqua Allegoria takes up the challenge of seducing perfume lovers with a unique creation composed by Thierry Wasser. For 2016, Pera Granita is the new fresh fragrance.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pera Granita bottle

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pera Granita

In Pera Granita, Thierry Wasser has transformed the most thirst-quenching of summer desserts – granita – into a sweet and cheerful fragrance.

To evoke these sparkling flakes of perfumed ice, a radiant Calabrian bergamot exudes its zesty freshness, set off with grapefruit and lemon. Green, juicy and tangy pear blends its exhilarating notes, before revealing its silky smooth flesh.

At the heart, osmanthus’ surprising apricot accents enrich the fragrance with their velvety facets. A hint of cedar underscores a bed of moss and white musk.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pera Granita 2016

In the sillage of these delectable accords in which flower blends with fruit and fruit with skin, Pera Granita is tinted a fresh pale pink, while its embossed white cardboard pack is adorned in soft pink for the occasion. A bouquet of fruit and flowers serves as a showcase for the famous bee bottle in the collection’s new visual, creating a refreshingly fragrant impression.

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