Dior Tie Dye Collection for Summer 2015

This summer is going to be much more beautiful with Dior!

Yesterday, you can read the review of the Chanel summer collection, today it is time for those of Dior called ‘Tie Dye!’. The ‘Tie Dye’ concept was already seen in the fashion collections of Christian Dior, but it is now also translated to make up.


Think of beautiful summer colors that blend together, replace and transform. I am very happy, and I’m incredibly curious what you find about the collection! Today I review the backstage Pro palette, a turquoise Khol, a bright pink Fluid Stick and a whole summer in Sunwashed Salin.

5 Couleurs Couture Eyeshadow Palette  (Limited Edition)

  • Contraste Horizon
  • Ambre Nuit

DiorSkin Nude Tan  (Limited Edition)

  • Pink Sunrise (001)
  • Coral Sunset (002)

Dior Addict Lipstick  (Limited Edition)

  • Red Bliss (001)
  • Coral Trip (002)
  • Fuchsia Utopia (005)
  • Nude Fever (006)

Dior Addict Fluid Stick  (Limited Edition)

  • Tropiques (379)
  • Ciel Rose (449)
  • Plaisir (779)

Christian Dior has the Dior Addict Fluid Sticks in their range for a while, but I had not yet tried them myself (I’m sorry!), I was so very curious if this liquid lipsticks where more a gloss, or would tend more to a lipstick. I used the Plaisir (779), which is a flamboyant fuchsia color. A perfect color for the summer and matches nicely in combination with the neutral eye look which I have made earlier with the Eye Reviver palette. The pigmentation is incredibly good and certainly like a lipstick, while the shiny texture is similar to a lip gloss. A thin layer is really more than enough.

DiorShow Khol  (Limited Edition)

  • Pearly Turquoise

Most of you know that I am quite a fan of the eye shadow sticks/khols. It is the ideal product to apply your eye shadow in an easy way. You just need one layer, a little mascara, and you are ready to go! Pearly Turquoise is a deep blue color with a metallic finish. The structure is really perfect: not too creamy, but not too dry.

Vernis  (Limited Edition)

  • Sunkissed (239) This is a nude pink crème shade.
  • Sunwashed (319) This is a pastel yellow crème shade.
  • Sundown (464) This is a hibiscus red crème shade (my favorite!)

For summer, Christian Dior presents three stylish, candy hues that are completely wearable to create a refined yet stylish manicure. The Dior Tye Dye Summer 2015 collection also includes a new top coat (limited edition!) that can be worn over other lacquers to create a cool ombre nail art effect.

Top Coat  (Limited Edition)

  • Tie Dye

This is a top coat that transforms each colour into an ombre effect. Buy some extra bottles!! Great to see what you can do with one little bottle!! Try it on all your nailpolish!!

The whole collection is currently availble in the shop!

Look rating: 8.5/10

by Jean Amr