There is a new bear, Tous Love Me

Is it a jewel? Is it a fragrance?… It’s both! There is a new bear in the perfume line of the Spanish jewelry house, Tous. The new fragrance called Love Me, is a fruity floral composition signed by Master Perfumer, Olivier Cresp.

Tous Love Me, a symbol of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the brand!

Tous Love Me is a multifaceted Eau de Parfum that shifts from tender to dynamic, delicate to intense…. A fragrance that is not simply iconic, but also a jewel that embodies the woman of today. What’s its secret? It blends the intensity of Cedar with a variety of floral notes. All enlivened with the freshness of Pink Grapefruit, Pink Peppercorns and Lychee.

The most ‘Tous’ Eau de Parfum ever made has arrived in grand style to celebrate our Centenary. A jewel of a perfume.

Tous Love Me is already available as 30, 50, and 90ml Eau de Parfum at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Tous.

Oh! The Origin is the feminine half of its


Tous-Oh-The -Orgin-Banner

Spanish, Catalan, jewelry house was founded in 1920. Sinds then Tous always transmits emotions to us. With each of this creations the brand seeks to amaze us with details and in this case seduce us with a new fragrance.

With these fragrances we wanted to offer something to the men and women who value everything classic, but who have the personality to adapt this to our time, to turn it around, adding a personal touch, and update it.

Rosa Tous

Oh! The Origin is inspired by the seduction and flirting of getting dressed up to go out. It’s aimed at young, sophisticated women who are sensible but fun, and has a casual but elegant touch. A fragrance that will make you feel confident. Oh! The Origin is the feminine half of its masculine homonym.


Some examples? Men who wear traditional loafers, but in yellow; they reclaim the bow tie but wear it with an outdoor shirt or sports jacket, and hang out in classicstyle modern barbershops. Women who match their grandmothers’ embroidered tablecloths with designer cutlery; they handwrite elegant invitations to informal brunches at home, and customise family pearls with a fun brooch.

The woman who wears Oh! The Origin fragrance shows initiative and a strong character. She is creative and a dreamer, but she has very clear ideas: she knows what she wants and she works as hard as she can to achieve it. The TOUS woman is someone who is loving, fun and young at heart.

Rosa Tous

It’s the new classicism, the new dandy, the new lady. A return to the traditional, but with a highly crafted touch. Sophisticated-vintage, it was formulated from its masculine counterpart, Tous 1920 The Orgin created last year by the same perfumer, Daphné Bugey


Created by Daphné Bugey, the opening of Tous Oh! The Orgin is crowned by the vivid and spicy accords of pink pepper and sparkling and juicy notes of tangerines, lemons and blackcurrants, while the heart notes reveal the powdery elegance of rose and precious Iris. The base notes include musk, followed by tanka bean, ambrox and vanilla.

Top notes: Pink pepper, Lemon, Blackcurrant, Tagerine
Heart notes: Rose, Iris
Base notes: Tonka bean, Vanilla, Musk

The flacon is made from elegant and highquality glass, which makes the fragrance a luxurious addition to the dressing table. Its size, with smooth and rounded curves, gives it a feminine and sensual touch. The rose gold metallic lid is especially eyecatching and makes it stand out, as a trademark of the brand, bearing the emblem of the Tous fragrance house.

Tous-Oh-The Orgin-Flacon

Just like a piece of jewellery, the glass flacon comes in a matte box with a suggestive blush tone which has been created by adding a pink pigment to a nude base, which evokes the blush colour produced by the redness of the skin. It has a similar texture to that of linen paper, which gives it a hand-crafted touch and which is accentuated with a printed name, which seems to be engraved by hand, and once again reminds us of a jeweller’s since it has been created in a very popular tone; rose gold.

Tous Oh! The Orgin is available as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum.





Tous Kids by Tous


Spanish fashion house Tous launches two wonderful fragrances for kids with soft, amazing and sweet aromas simply named Tous Kids.

We are the same in different ways.

Lucky like a four-leaf clover, daring like a mandarin, lively like neroli. Sweet like a candy apple, refreshing like grass, like drops of water… Mysterious and profound like licorice, secret like a hidden cabin in the chestnut tree…

tous-kids-1Both fragrances have simply yet attractive and bright designs.

Tous Kids Girl



Tous Kids Girl is described as a pleasant juicy and delicious fragrance with a sweet taste of lemon candy, cupcakes and mandarin along with raspberry, tender musk and vanilla ice cream. “Fun like eating lemon candy, exquisite like the taste of a cupcake, tasty like fresh raspberries on vanilla ice cream.

Tous Kids Girl comes in a pink bottle with an intense pink stopper decorated with a girl.

Tous Kids Boy



Tous Kids Boy is a fresh fruity and pleasant fragrance with a citrusy/floral green aroma. It blends neroli, mandarin and four-leaf clover notes along with fresh herbs, candy apple and is refreshed with drops of water. The base leaves a nice aroma of chestnut wood, licorice and musky notes.

Tous Kids Boy comes in a blue bottle color, with a dark blue stopper decorated with a boy.





Tous Sensual Touch, the smell of sensuality!

Visual Tous Sensual Touch.jpg

Spanish house Tous presents a new fragrance Sensual Touch – the new version to 2006’s Tous Touch. Sensual Touch by Tous preserves the same bottle shape as the original scent updated with pale pink color and a pink-golden stopper. This perfume inspires glamour, wild and crazy life thanks to its simple yet modern, classy and glamour style. Tous Sensual Touch is a goddess of seduction and provocation through a bold and impudent mischief that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Tous Sensual Touch was created by perfumer Véronique Nyberg as a floral/oriental and woody fragrance with a pleasant aroma. It blends pink grapefruit, violet leaves, red berries, jasmine, tiare, sunset orchid, patchouli, vanilla and benzoin. It is a powerful fragrance because it is the elixir of sensuality.

Tous Sensual Touch, The Smell of Sensuality! will be available in 100 ml.

Tous Sensual Touch