Universal Shaving System Designed for Both Men and Women Debuts on Kickstarter

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Canada-based startup Trazorworld is introducing their latest product, Trazor. The revolutionary grooming system is designed to work universally with more than 25 shaving blade styles, giving users the ultimate choice of selecting their own razor blades. Today, Trazor launches on Kickstarter in the hopes of raising $34,000 in order to bring their product to fruition.

We will completely revolutionize the way people shave around the world. My team and I have designed a luxury wet-shaving experience at an affordable price with the convenience of an all-in-one-shaving system that will work equally well for men and women. With Trazor, users will never run out of blades no matter where they are in the world.

Samar Anjun, Founder Trazorworld

The Trazor family is comprised of two different systems, Trazor Gel and Trazor Trim. Both versions not only accept multiple shaving blades but additionally offer their signature five edged stainless steel razor blade for a smooth and comfortable shave.

The Trazor Gel comes complete with its own advanced shaving gel built right into the handle. The dual-purpose gel, which can be used both before and after shaving, is made with clove oil, ginger root oil, manuka essential oil and eucalyptus leaf oil – all known to be extremely beneficial for the skin with powerful antiseptic and cleansing properties to help fight razor burn.

Made for delicate hair, each ultra-precise Trazor Trim grooming system comes with a built-in advanced hair trimmer that makes it fast and safe to trim nose, ear, or eyebrow hair for 360-degree facial grooming. The advanced guard system prevents pulling, nicks and cuts, while the stainless-steel blade makes it easy to shave smoothly at highly efficient rotation speeds.

Trazorworld’s design engineers consultants worked for years perfecting a longer curvaceous handle and that, with its power grip and ergonomic shape, guarantees a smoother shave irrespective of the blade used with fewer nicks and cuts. Trazor’s thick, ergonomic handle gives the user a firm grip and the angle that the razor blade touches the skin provides a smoother shave.

All Trazors come with a razor stand and a compact travel case that keeps the blade safe from bacteria at all times. The Trazor Gel and Trazor Trim are currently available on Kickstarter starting at just $25 and $33, respectively. To learn more or to pre-order, visit http://pr.go2.fund/trazor.