Modus Vivendi releases Handcrafted Line

Modus Vivendi-Handcrafted-Line-Conseptual-Photos-With-Logo-0

With one more stunning new line, Modus Vivendi, continues to present the new lines of its Spring Summer 2017 collection. The line you are about to see is called Handcrafted Line and is a perfect example of meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The Handcrafted line comprises minimalistic designs in full black or white with gold accents. It is a luxurious looking collection of five styles of men’s underwear (two styles of briefs, two styles of boxers and jockstraps) and tank tops.

Modus Vivendi-Handcrafted-Line-Conseptual-Photos-With-Logo-1

The, yet again, highly artistic campaign released by the reek brand is inspired by the work of Italian painter Caravaggio. The shoot took place in Athens, Greece and was carried out by top Greek fashion photographer Vangelis Kyris. The model is Nikos Solis, a strong man in elegant and classy poses for the needs of the concept. Outstanding!!

Come into the world of Modus Vivendi and find the collection here: Handcrafted Line

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Modus Vivendi-Handcrafted-Line-Conseptual-Photos-With-Logo-4

Modus Vivendi-Handcrafted-Line-Conseptual-Photos-With-Logo-5a

Modus Vivendi-Handcrafted-Line-Conseptual-Photos-With-Logo-5



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Modus Vivendi-Handcrafted-Line-Conseptual-Photos-With-Logo-7

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Pietro Boselli for Bench/Body


tumblr_ol2botPGBx1qddj09o10_1280Hottest world Math teacher and Top Model Pietro Boselli now joins in new Bench/Body Underwear ad shots by Wong Sim.

Bench/Body has working before with River Viiperi, Eian Scully, just name a few. Now they asked Pietro Boselli, who traveled to the Philippines, to do a meet and greet with the brand and flew to Manila to work over this stunning new collection.

Just the right amount of chunk on our latest endorser, Pietro Boselli. Slowly slaying our hearts and making Manila melt this summer.

But we keep us with sexiest Math Teacher ever!


Pietro Boselli for Bench/Body. Relaxing in bed, Pietro Boselli sports grey Bench/Body underwear for the brand’s 2017 campaign.

Pietro Boselli puts his muscles and six-pack to work as the face of Bench/Body’s 2017 underwear campaign. The Italian model connects with photographer Wong Sim for the new outing. Relaxing in bed and posing for images, Pietro shows off Bench/Body’s latest underwear styles.








Come into the world of Bench/Body and Pietro Boselli. BENCH/ BODY documents Pietro’s travels on its official Instagram.








Denton Baxter by Csaba Borbély

After viewing firsthand the repetitive nature of the men’s underwear industry, Csaba Borbély decided to take his extensive experience as a photographer and fashion stylist and launch his own innovative brand of underwear. Beautiful, masculine underwear. Who better to show us the new collection then Denton Baxter, one of Borbély’s favorite models, and ours! Denton proves that being hairy is beautiful and hot!

DDX UNDRWR is the bold brand that caters to men that are secure in themselves both inside and outside.

Since launching in early 2016, DDX UNDRWR has cultivated a following producing high quality underwear in Hungary that use only the best materials available on the market. The brand stands apart as one that offers a fresh approach to its clientele: the calm, cool, and collected man that has a zest for life and strives for menswear that can keep up with his busy lifestyle. For a label that boasts expert quality and international appeal, DDX UNDRWR should top every discerning man’s lists.

Come into the beautiful world of DDX UNDRWR.

Modus Vivendi Antibacterial Line by Joan Crisol

Modus Vivendi – Antibacterial Line by Joan Crisol02.jpg

Famous Greek fashion label Modus Vivendi has just released a fresh new line of men’s underwear, tank tops and T-shirts made from pure cotton with a special antibacterial finish. This technology combats bacteria and so diminishes body odour, keeping you fresher for longer. The Antibacterial Line comprises super comfy low cut briefs, classic briefs and boxer briefs as well as tank tops and tees in three colours, black, white and beige, with pure, aesthetic designs that complement the male form and are yet plain and straightforward, bearing just a discreet Modus Vivendi label.












The new line from Modus Vivendi is launched with a striking photographic campaign. Visionary photographer Joan Crisol worked with acclaimed dancers Eduardo Fedriani and Julián Goméz to present the underwear and tops of the Antibacterial Line with images of the male form in movement. Intriguing, visually enchanting, Crisol’s images capture the fresh feel of the fabric and the super comfortable cuts. Enjoy the campaign and the backstage video and treat yourself to this great new underwear by Modus Vivendi!





Underwear, tank tops and t-shirts: Modus Vivendi, Antibacterial line
Photographer: Joan Crisol
Models: Eduardo Fedriani, Julián Goméz


Sunshine Boy


As Fall begins to creep in and temperatures begin to drop, The Underwear Expert Club thought they’d feature some undies in shades that will keep you thinking warm. Dancer, choreographer, teacher, model and dreamchaser Niels van den Heuvel shows off pairs in shades of orange from their Curated Underwear Club.



The experts of The Underwear Expert Club hand pick each and every pair we carry and carefully select which pairs you’ll get in your monthly shipment. If these pairs match with your style profile, they could be on their way to you now.





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Model Roberto Tamanaco by C-IN2 Scrimmage mens underwear collection

They say it will be a long hot summer! Robert Tamanaco this phenomenal and sexy Venezuelan model presents new Scrimmage from C-IN2 men’s underwear campaign. Scrimmage is inspired by American football games. C-IN2 has redesigned a new micro-fiber flexible version, athletic mesh eye beef used for practice shirts


Model Roberto Tamanaco gets stoked for C-IN2’s Scrimmage mens underwear collection;

Scrimmage is inspired by American football practice games. C-IN2 has reengineered a new flexible micro-fiber version of the porthole athletic mesh used for the practice jerseys.
This collection features team trend colors with style indicators traditionally found on team sporting items.

Get ready for game time with C-IN2’s original crossover brief. Part jock and part brief, made to show your assets.

Robert Tamanaco C-IN2 Scrimmage Underwear







Robert Tamanaco for C-IN2 Scrimmage

Photos and video by: Rick Day and Steve Benisty

Have a good night sleep with David Gandy


In collaboration with British top male model, David Gandy,  Marks & Spencer has developed for their Spring/Summer collection, a luxurious range of swimwear, underwear and sleepwear using the world’s finest fabrics. Classic underwear designs are combined with luxury Supima® cotton for a soft feel and premium Freefit Lycra® for support and ease of movement. The beautifully made swimwear, that we showed you in an earlier post, combines Quick Dry technology, All items have a detail-rich tailored but modern design. All for vèry good prices!

I was an immediate convert to David Gandy’s loungewear line. Not only is it cut from superb materials, but it’s also incredibly affordable, comfortable and offers much-needed variety to the underwear on offer on the high street (and this only looks set to get better with the houndstooth-heavy anniversary collection). Proof that if you’re looking for great underwear, you should leave it up to a man who’s made a living wearing it.

Nick Carvell, Associate Style Editor, GQ

From pyjamas to shorts, sleep easy in their luxurious nightwear,











Marks & Spencer and David Gandy’s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

These and other models and colors you can buy it here.

aussieBum Lightning


If you doubt yourself, wear something else

aussieBum is one famous brands of underwear in the world that can boast an e-commerce interactive and constantly updated. This Australian brand has managed to conquer the entire globe thanx to their always new, different, fun and original and their truly accessible to all creations.


The  Lightning Range strikes back with 3 brand new custom engineered prints across the popular brief and hipster underwear styles plus the brand new ankle length long-john cut and long sleeved shirt for the full look!

The masculine tartan printed underwear and long-johns are made from the softest Micro Modal which is also featured on the sleeves of the otherwise 100% organic cotton shirt. With three traditional color variations and our popular super-wide waistband this range truly represents masculinity and comfort in one. Strike now with Lightning!


Powerful like thunder this masculine yet energetic design uses luxury fabrics and the widest metallic high defintion waistband ever made. Were confident this style will make you feel like lightning.

More info at aussieBum