Escada Celebrate N.O.W.



In a typical fun, lively and carefree style, fashion house Escada offers a completely new fragrance for this summer  – Celebrate N.O.W. With this scent Escada invites you to celebrate life, positive attitude and femininity.

Unexpected, upbeat, and uniquely feminine, Escada’s latest fragrance is a celebration of the Nature of Women.

Escada Celebrate N.O.W. is a new perfume for women with a playful, sensual, and seductive aroma ideal for daily use. The same as previous Escada perfumes, which have sweet, flirty aromas, Celebrate N.O.W. perfume is a sweet indulgence with a romantic nature.

Top notes: ginger
Heart notes: magnolia
Base notes: vanilla, tonka, cinnamon

The composition is supposedly a graceful and harmonious blend of fresh and spicy top notes, an opulent floral heart and a warm base of cinnamon and tonka with ‘earthy’ and ‘nostalgic’ characteristics. Escada Celebrate N.O.W. opens with the fresh spicy ginger note along with magnolia – which symbolizes persistence and generosity – floral accords calmed on a woody layer of tonka bean, sweet vanilla, and cinnamon notes. This perfume is soft and airy, a nice accessory for the hot sunny days.


Escada has chosen Swedish fashion reporter, novelist and social media sensation, Sofi Fahrman, to be the new face of the fragrance. Alongside her infectious energy and ability to radiate positivity to those around her, Sofi delights in seeking out and sharing joy and beauty with the world, truly abiding by her mantra of living in the moment.

Inspired by her signature sculpted blossom shapes, Brazilian ceramic installation artist, Valeria Nascimento, adorns the bottle with bespoke ceramic lantern motifs, an emblem of positivity and femininity, to reflect the celebration of the nature of women. Aside from decorating the flacon, lanterns, which are both literally and symbolically uplifting, also make an appearance in the campaign where they gracefully float along the horizon to frame Sofi and her radiant smile.

Celebrate N.O.W. It promises to be an energetic, optimistic and unique female fragrance that gives strength and confidence. Escada Celebrate N.O.W. is available as 30, 50 and 80ml Eau de Parfum with an additional shower gel and body lotion.