Valmont’s Fortifying Probiotic Skincare


The growing obsession with wellness has mutated from what was once a craze to what we now consider as part of our daily lifestyle. From plant-based diets and beauty supplements to clean and green beauty brands, the unstoppable wellness train has done us good. And the word around town right now is probiotics – the gut-healthy factor has gone beyond the digestive system to our skincare.

Just as we’ve grown to embrace the benefits of good bacteria for ourgut, so have brands. And with that, more and more of them have adopted the same microbiome science (balancing the skin’s ecosystem) to better the quality of skin. A strong advocate of the cause is the Swiss luxury skincare specialist Valmont.

Valmont’s Primary line introduces prebiotic and probiotic skincare that’s packed with ingredients to stabilize the skin’s ecosystem. The Swiss Maison’s debut range of microbiome skincare products is focused on three main ingredients: lactobacillus pentosus, provitamin B5 and prebiotic sugars. Combined, these ingredients help to support the skin’s natural defenses against environmental aggressors.

Valmont’s latest future-facing collection leads the pack when it comes to microbiome advancement for beauty. It’s newly formulated product line, Primary is a collection designed to promote the stability of the skin’s ecosystem using pro and prebiotics.

Comprising five products to be used alone or together, Primary is food for the skin. Just as in traditional Chinese medicine or homeopathy, the concept is all about balance. For Valmont, that means infusing good bacteria into our routine. These peacekeeping elements maintain the skin’s pH at an optimal level by breaking down irritants and converting the molecules into healthy good bacteria byproducts that feed the skin.

Using ultra-high-temperature (UHT) sterilisation, every Primary product is contamination free. The process eliminates all microorganisms, leaving the product entirely natural and allowing us to reap maximum benefit.

Valmont Primary Veil


Valmont’s new collection covers all microbiome skin needs. Its Primary Veil is an everyday prepping mist that’s so light and airy the skin feels refreshed without any hint of residue. Considered the breakfast smoothie for the skin, the probiotic formula wakes it up with a boost of energy. Infused with jojoba esters to restore the intercellular cement skin damage and lithium-rich Swiss thermal-spring water to soothe inflammation, the skin is reinforced and ready to face the day.


Valmont Primary Serum


For the times when the skin is tired and the immune system is falling behind, the Primary Serum is here to the rescue. The anti-redness repairing serum regulates the microcirculation of the skin and re-tones dilated capillaries (so long, rosacea and flushed cheeks). While tending to the matte of redness, it also features restorative agents that strengthen the barrier function, meaning there’s only the slimmest possibility that reoccurring redness will return to haunt you.


Valmont Primary Cream


For mornings or afternoons, the Primary Cream protects and preserves. The next step from the Primary Serum, the Cream replaces irritation with calmness. When your skin feels sore, hot or tingly, even the gentlest caress can be torture, Primary Cream rapidly alleviates irritation thanks to Insta-Calm, an active ingredient that blunts sensory receptors. It provides a surge of provitamin B5 to the epidermis and ups the skin’s flora for even greater barrier defence. Its fine, emollient texture immediately provides well-being for demanding skin.


Valmont Primary Pomade


This next-generation balm plunges deep into the epidermis to deliver its myriad virtues. No matter how hard we try to avoid it, the skin inevitably has its dry, exhausted or vulnerable days when we need to handle it with care. Using passionfruit unsaponifiables, mimosa wax, shea butter, carrot and primrose oil, Valmont’s Primary Pomade is the extraindulgent TLC for when our skin feels helpless. The exact opposite of heavy skin butters, Primary Pomade is delightfully light yet powerfully hydrating. By mimicking the intercellular layers of the skin, it’s able to penetrate into the depths of the epidermis to comfort and nourish it from the inside out.


Valmont Primary Solution


Primary was so thoughtfully designed that it even has a product for the occasional spot. Sloughing away the dead skin cell buildup, Primary Solution treats special areas of concern. Dry patch or zit, treat targeted problem zones to reregulate the pH again.

While the luxury brand is known for its anti-aging treatments, its new skincare range applies its expertise to protection and fortification for all skin types.

Valmont’s Primary Collection is available at Valmont Institutes and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Valmont.