East meets west: Valmont Zafferano I

Valmont has just launched Zafferano I, the seventh opus in the Swiss company’s Storie Veneziane collection. Zafferano I is an ambery-spicy scent with oud, composed by French perfumer Cécile Zarokian. A tribute to Venice’s San Polo Marketplace, the start of the spice trade where East meets West, Zafferano I reinterprets the opulence, generosity, and authenticity unique to the Moorish rites of sharing and camaraderie. The first merchants to arrive in Venice from the East, the Moors made the enveloping and joyful custom of a tea ceremony the centerpiece of the San Polo Marketplace.

Primary stage of the spice trade of which Venice once held a monopoly, the San Polo marketplace is the embodiment of the city’s oriental facets. An explosion of colours, an abundance of merchandise, a place where cultures converge and human warmth reigns, the spirit of goodwill sealed by the traditional tea ceremony.

This spicy floral extract is an illustration of this wealth of textures, scents, and sweet honey flavours. Its generous wake is an immediate invitation to visit lands afar and celebrate the authenticity of moments shared. Comprised of a warm spicy surge of saffron, the elegant bigaradier flower that marks the composition’s floral heart and oud essence, the noble signature of oriental scents, Zafferano I is a shared scent for both men and women that exudes a fiery spirit and joie de vivre!

Just like other scents in the Storie Veneziane collection, Zafferano I is characterized by a hand-blown Venetian mask that adorns the front of the flacon. Zafferano’s opulent golden flacon design of deep sienna Murano glass and dark caramel leather cap accentuate the rich variety of sumptuous materials overlapping in multiple textures.

Valmont Zafferano I is available as100ml in Extrait de Parfum concentration at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Valmont.

Anti-Wrinkle Neck Cream by Valmont

Your daily skin care routine shouldn’t end at your chin. Wrinkles on your neck can reveal your real age, even if your face looks younger. You need to firm the skin on your face, but also on your neck, because it loses collagen and elastin over time. Contrary to popular belief, neck creams aren’t just face creams disguised under a new name. They are often thicker than facial creams and contain ingredients that help to tighten the neck skin.

Lifted and compact neck and décolleté are the dream of all women. Thanks to Valmont research the dream becomes reality!

Swiss luxury skincare brand Valmont combines anti-wrinkle and firming technology in two AWF5 lines. V-Shape Filling restores the density of plump skin, while the V-Lifting line reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Two serum and cream duos combine sensory experiences with anti-aging efficacy.

V-Neck, the new anti-wrinkle neck cream by Valmont and latest addition to the AWF5 collection, includes the Swiss Maison’s signature duo Triple DNA and Liposomed RNA. Vitamin C protects the skin by stimulating the fibroblasts that produce collagen; the fibro-boost stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. A high concentration of active ingredients ensures visible improvement: it hydrates and plumps the skin and firms the skin’s texture. Moreover, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Valmont’s V-Neck Cream will be available from September in a 50 ml jar at Valmont beauty institutes and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Valmont.

Valmont’s Fortifying Probiotic Skincare


The growing obsession with wellness has mutated from what was once a craze to what we now consider as part of our daily lifestyle. From plant-based diets and beauty supplements to clean and green beauty brands, the unstoppable wellness train has done us good. And the word around town right now is probiotics – the gut-healthy factor has gone beyond the digestive system to our skincare.

Just as we’ve grown to embrace the benefits of good bacteria for ourgut, so have brands. And with that, more and more of them have adopted the same microbiome science (balancing the skin’s ecosystem) to better the quality of skin. A strong advocate of the cause is the Swiss luxury skincare specialist Valmont.

Valmont’s Primary line introduces prebiotic and probiotic skincare that’s packed with ingredients to stabilize the skin’s ecosystem. The Swiss Maison’s debut range of microbiome skincare products is focused on three main ingredients: lactobacillus pentosus, provitamin B5 and prebiotic sugars. Combined, these ingredients help to support the skin’s natural defenses against environmental aggressors.

Valmont’s latest future-facing collection leads the pack when it comes to microbiome advancement for beauty. It’s newly formulated product line, Primary is a collection designed to promote the stability of the skin’s ecosystem using pro and prebiotics.

Comprising five products to be used alone or together, Primary is food for the skin. Just as in traditional Chinese medicine or homeopathy, the concept is all about balance. For Valmont, that means infusing good bacteria into our routine. These peacekeeping elements maintain the skin’s pH at an optimal level by breaking down irritants and converting the molecules into healthy good bacteria byproducts that feed the skin.

Using ultra-high-temperature (UHT) sterilisation, every Primary product is contamination free. The process eliminates all microorganisms, leaving the product entirely natural and allowing us to reap maximum benefit.

Valmont Primary Veil


Valmont’s new collection covers all microbiome skin needs. Its Primary Veil is an everyday prepping mist that’s so light and airy the skin feels refreshed without any hint of residue. Considered the breakfast smoothie for the skin, the probiotic formula wakes it up with a boost of energy. Infused with jojoba esters to restore the intercellular cement skin damage and lithium-rich Swiss thermal-spring water to soothe inflammation, the skin is reinforced and ready to face the day.


Valmont Primary Serum


For the times when the skin is tired and the immune system is falling behind, the Primary Serum is here to the rescue. The anti-redness repairing serum regulates the microcirculation of the skin and re-tones dilated capillaries (so long, rosacea and flushed cheeks). While tending to the matte of redness, it also features restorative agents that strengthen the barrier function, meaning there’s only the slimmest possibility that reoccurring redness will return to haunt you.


Valmont Primary Cream


For mornings or afternoons, the Primary Cream protects and preserves. The next step from the Primary Serum, the Cream replaces irritation with calmness. When your skin feels sore, hot or tingly, even the gentlest caress can be torture, Primary Cream rapidly alleviates irritation thanks to Insta-Calm, an active ingredient that blunts sensory receptors. It provides a surge of provitamin B5 to the epidermis and ups the skin’s flora for even greater barrier defence. Its fine, emollient texture immediately provides well-being for demanding skin.


Valmont Primary Pomade


This next-generation balm plunges deep into the epidermis to deliver its myriad virtues. No matter how hard we try to avoid it, the skin inevitably has its dry, exhausted or vulnerable days when we need to handle it with care. Using passionfruit unsaponifiables, mimosa wax, shea butter, carrot and primrose oil, Valmont’s Primary Pomade is the extraindulgent TLC for when our skin feels helpless. The exact opposite of heavy skin butters, Primary Pomade is delightfully light yet powerfully hydrating. By mimicking the intercellular layers of the skin, it’s able to penetrate into the depths of the epidermis to comfort and nourish it from the inside out.


Valmont Primary Solution


Primary was so thoughtfully designed that it even has a product for the occasional spot. Sloughing away the dead skin cell buildup, Primary Solution treats special areas of concern. Dry patch or zit, treat targeted problem zones to reregulate the pH again.

While the luxury brand is known for its anti-aging treatments, its new skincare range applies its expertise to protection and fortification for all skin types.

Valmont’s Primary Collection is available at Valmont Institutes and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Valmont.





Maison Valmont Debuts a Skin-Care Atelier at Le Meurice in Paris

Already ensconced in some of the world’s most glamorous hotels, including Hôtel Plaza Athénée in New York and Four Seasons in Tokyo, La Maison Valmont is expanding its reach with a new flagship store at Paris’s Le Meurice, the famous palace and resort for kings and queens, artists, intellectuals and customers from all over the world, just across from the Tuileries Gardens.

Nestled in the heart of the emblematic rue de Castiglione, within the hotel Le Meurice, the boutique covers an area of 52 m2 and presents the subtle cosmetics and perfumes created by Sophie Vann-Guillon for the Valmont group, in a space designed by Didier Guillon.

“We wanted to offer to the Valmont brand a Parisian cradle that reflects our inspirations. This is why we have chosen to strengthen our collaboration with the Hotel Le Meurice by opening La Maison Valmont pour Le Meurice”, says Didier Guillon, president and artistic director of the Valmont Group.

“The space is elegant with its minimalism, reflecting the sobriety and clean lines of these immaculate white spaces”, says Didier Guillon, The design was conceived with Martine Courtault, an interior designer and longtime friend of Guillon, who shares, “For me, it is the perfect tandem in complete harmony.”

The focal point of the jewel-box like boutique, which complements the brand’s existing spa in the hotel, is a sculptural spiral staircase that ferries guests to a lower-level VIP room. Additionally, the space is punctuated by colorful artworks by Christy Lee Rogers, Aristide Najean, and David Tremlett, an extension of the Valmont Foundation’s mission of art patronage. “The selection of artworks that I wanted to represent, such as the imposing Murano glass chandelier created by the artist Aristide Najean, and David Tremlett’s painting, reflect my aesthetics”, Didier says.

The flagship, opening September 1, when the hotel reopens, is the continuation of a longstanding relationship between the luxury skin-care brand and the palace hotel, which chose Valmont for its Spa in 2008. Today, it’s the only Valmont Spa in Paris and just one of 35 in the world.

Here, a number of sensuous new fragrances and skin-care products will make their debuts, joining an already distinctive array heralded by leading beauty connoisseurs. “La Maison Valmont pour Le Meurice stands as a laboratory to feature Sophie Vann Guillon’s creations”, Didier Guillon tells Galerie. “The boutique will be among the first to present Storie Veneziane’s latest perfume, Mica d’Oro I. For this oriental gourmand extract, Sophie played with addictive ingredients such as rum, whipped cream, and vanilla to compose a decadent fragrance”.

Also being unveiled at the new Le Meurice location will be a limited-edition candle, the sale of which will contribute to Publicolor, a New York–based education and mentorship program, as well as an artistic new fragrance Didier has dubbed Scarface. In the future, the space will also be the launchpad for a larger redesign of La Maison Valmont’s iconic Prime Renewing Pack’s look.

The new format is upgraded with golden geometric patterns – a tribute to minimalist art. La Maison Valmont pour Le Meurice is so exciting, so Paris!

Didier Guillon

The new Parisian boutique has direct street access and connects directly to its renowned and highly lauded Valmont Spa within Le Meurice. This allows guests of the boutique to be welcomed with a personalised skin diagnosis and olfactory advice before being taken directly to the Spa for professional treatments.

Offering an exceptional service worthy of its five-star surroundings, guests can expect a personalised concierge service for the delivery of purchases in-room at the hotel or at home, a delivery service for replenishments requested by phone or online, complimentary skin diagnosis, bespoke fragrance consultations, pre-launch product discoveries and education, special events and beauty workshops, personalised gifts for birthdays, and much more.

Valmont Majestic Skincare Treatment

Yakymour’s favorite: The Majestic Skincare Treatment is a unique service that nourishes, sculpts and remodels, with pride of place for massage treatments: the face and neck enjoy a voluptuous 45-minute massage. This exclusive treatment combines three different massage protocols, such as the youth massage inspired by the Japanese Kobido massage technique. Kobido was created in Japan in 1472 for the Empress, and went on to become a traditional art of rejuvenation for Japanese women.

Spa Valmont pour Le Meurice, 228 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, +33 (0) 1-44-58-10-77

For more information and to book a treatment, visit the Spa’s website. Come into the beautiful worlds of Le Meurice and Valmont.

Valmont Collezione Privata & Palazzo Nobile

In 2018, Sophie and Didier Guillon, founders of Swiss luxury cosmetics brand Valmont, launched Storie Veneziane (Venetian Stories), a collection of five perfumes inspired by Venice. They paid tribute to the Serenissima’s artistic flamboyance present throughout its various neighborhoods. Didier designed the perfumes, while Sophie oversaw the creation of five distinguished fragrances.

Today, Sophie and Didier are presenting the second chapter of their olfactory tale under the Storie Veneziane Collezione, now housed in an iconic Venetian palace, Palazzo Bonvicini, or as Didier prefers to call it, Palazzo Nobile. Sophie elaborated Collezione Privata, a collection of three new perfumes.

The collection of three Eau de Parfums are a tribute to a sophisticated, cosmopolitan woman, lively, candid and spontaneous, who shines ostentation. A lover of contrasting materials, she pursues her quest for harmony by juxtaposing warm and cool notes.

Valmont Collezione Privata Private Mind

Private Mind leads us into the secret garden of a woman whose inner balance is focused on spirituality and reflection. Her mysterious character and her unique magnetism fascinate any Casanova. The floral and leathery notes of this fragrance exalt the rose and the secrets of seduction it holds. In its initial attack, the fragrance celebrates the spicy warmth of saffron, magnifying the Damask rose in its heart. Amplified by notes of leather, the fragrant rose expresses singular opulence.

Valmont Collezione Privata Jazzy Twist

Jazzy Twist symbolizes a free and elusive woman. This floral gourmand scent presents a magnolia and tuberose chord. A lively lead-in of Madagascar black pepper warms up the senses while intensifying this rich yet graceful floral surge. To conclude, a whiff of chocolate mingled with an essence of patchouli, vanilla extract and Tonka beans confers an exhilarating gourmandise to the composition.

Valmont Collezione Privata Lady Code

Lady Code portrays cool seduction and French elegance. A sensual blend of hot and cold is based on essences of jasmine. The spell emerges with noble notes of delicately spicy pink berries. Immediately honed by the fruity sweetness of Arabian jasmine. Heightened by the candied almond scent chosen as a base note, this chypre gourmand reflects the spirit of French chic.

Valmont Palazzo Nobile Casanova 2161

Palazzo Nobile, a collection of five Eau de Toilettes of ethereal delicacy, is an olfactive Venetian adventure, the second opus of Valmont’s fragrance collection Storie Veneziane. The leading figure is Casanova, one of the most famous lovers in history, who loved and desired many women. His magnetic charm comes out in a new men’s fragrance that is at once timeless, elegant and stylish, while bearing the palazzo’s sestiere number: Casanova 2161.

Vetiver makes an appearance in a lot of men’s fragrances because someone once decided that this resinous grass with a smoky punch is masculine. But it’s really for anyone who appreciates a subtly mossy scent with a sharper greenish bite than patchouli.

Casanova 2161 is an aromatic woody essence, a modern interpretation of the mythical vetiver. Spicy juniper berries amplify its freshness, while its fragrant heart beats with the elegance of precious iris, an imperial blossom chosen for its floral and woody accents.

For a lasting final impression, vetiver extract rounds out the woody and faintly smoky facets of this subtle Eau de Toilette. Casanova 2161 easily transports you to the stone patio of a grand cliffside Mediterranean hotel for drinks as the sun slowly sets.

The Palazzo Nobile collections also features the Eau de Toilettes Secret Bamboo, Sea Bliss, Satin Musk, Blooming Ballet and Bright Poppy

Valmont Collezione Privata & Palazzo Nobile are available at Valmont Institutes and selected stores worlldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Valmont.

Valmont’s DETO2X Cream


Valmont doesn’t come often with a new product, but when the do, its Always something special. Something great. Now they provides a new cutting-edge solution for skin exposed to urban lifestyle, worsening air quality and recurrent pollution which cause a dull complexion, excess sebum and a decline in antioxidant defenses. Moreover, lack of oxygen in the cells speeds up the aging process.

Valmont’s new DETO2X cream envelops the skin in a sensual cocoon and reinvigorates it with energy. The airy texture changes over time, recreating its delicate veil on the skin’s surface to offer the epidermis a healthy dose of oxygen.

The cream acts on three stages:

  1. Valmont’s oxygenating O2 Complex starts by regenerating cell life, injecting a dose of oxygen into the heart of the cells.
  2. It eliminates CO2 and promotes oxygen circulation.
  3. Swiss apple stem-cell extract activate cell reproduction. The Swiss Uttwiler Spätlauber apple is renowned for its remarkable qualities of preservation, defying the passing months by maintaining its smooth, plump, firm and rounded form. Valmont extracts the essence of the Swiss apple, using its stem cells to complement the effects of DETO2X Cream.

Get to know Valmont’s DETO2X Anti-Aging day Cream that detoxifies & oxygenates the skin by using the Atmospheric Oxygen. Leaves your skin deeply purified and glowing.
Immediate and long-term results that you will love!

Valmont’s DETO2X Cream will be available from mid-september 2016.

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